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School Principal X: Another Day I Will Never Forget

Principal X has another story to tell – relating to a son damaged by the vaccine he was coerced to take.  Many parents were tortured by the government propaganda.  How could one parent fight against millions of dollars of cleverly designed marketing – aimed at overriding parental knowledge and authority?  The coercion that teens and young adults, in particular, were under was significant.

To have one’s son suffer not just one, but three significant and potentially ongoing adverse events on top of losing a much-loved career is heart-breaking and an outrage.  And then, to add insult to injury, having the medical professionals ignore and refuse to discuss the obvious cause!

This situation aligns with the feedback we are getting from members of the public.  The treating doctors will not discuss the elephant, even when the issue is specifically raised and questioned.  Blank stares, downcast eyes, a change of topic, angry outbursts, uncomfortable silences…  anything not to talk about the obvious.  Have the doctors been threatened even beyond the MCNZ Guidance?  Where has their humanity and empathy for a suffering fellow human gone?

This young man appears potentially to have three auto-immune conditions – bullous pemphigoid, an inflammatory bowel condition and perhaps myo- or pericarditis. The latter two are well known to the general public, but in Pfizer’s own 170 page Appendix 2.1, Cumulative Number of Case Reports from Post-Marketing Data Sources, bullous pemphigoid appeared 210 times.

Principal X Bullous Pemphigoid
Principal X Bullous Pemphigoid

What was the outcome of condition 5 of the original provisional consent?  We have never been able to find out.  This specifically referred to the possibility of autoimmune conditions.  Are the doctors not aware of this?

5) Provide data to further characterise the truncated and modified mRNA species present in the finished product. Data are expected to cover batches used in clinical trials (for which the characterisation data could be available earlier) and the PPQ batches. These data should address results from ion pairing RP-HPLC addressing 5’cap levels and presence of the poly(A) tail. These data should also address the potential for translation into truncated S1S2 proteins/peptides or other proteins/peptides. Relevant protein/peptide characterisation data for predominant species should be provided. Any homology between translated proteins (other than the intended spike protein) and human proteins that may, due to molecular mimicry, potentially cause an autoimmune process should be evaluated. Due date: 9 August 2021.

We are greatly appreciative that, in the leadership role, Principal X did not resort to ‘practicing medicine without a licence’ – like so many other unqualified New Zealanders did –  in strongly encouraging their staff to receive a novel gene therapy.  Many employers are possibly now reaping the rewards with significant illness, absenteeism and death among staff who followed their medical advice.

This young man’s conditions were not reported to CARM and assistance from ACC has not been attempted. How many other New Zealanders are out there in similar situation – ignored, unaccounted for and not receiving the help they urgently need and deserve?  How can we trust the safety monitoring when things are not being reported?

We thank Principal X for sharing this sad story.

Another Day I Will Never Forget: Principal X Part 2

My concern escalated significantly regarding the potential implications of harm from the vaccine, for my own children.

In the midst of navigating the profound heartbreak that accompanied the loss of my vocation, the cherished bonds within my school community, and the sense of purpose that once fueled my days, another layer of heartbreak consumed my journey. (See A Day I Will Never Forget). I found myself confronted by the very thing I had feared – supporting a beloved family member with a vaccine injury. 

Coerced individuals and those who experienced adverse effects from the vaccine, are also people I deeply empathise with.  I admit my initial hesitation toward this ‘acclaimed panacea’ stemmed from my unique medical history, including seven life threatening episodes of anaphylaxis to unidentified triggers. In light of this, the uncertainty surrounding potential risks weighed heavily on my mind.

One benefit was my ability to demonstrate compassion toward my hesitant staff.  As a school principal, I was sent regular bulletins from the Ministry of Education, which stipulated (among other things) the need to strongly encourage vaccination. Not being a medical professional, I viewed this as out of my scope of responsibility.  Who was I to encourage anyone to get vaccinated?  Playing heavily on my mind was the guilt I would feel if someone did have a bad reaction after being ‘encouraged’ by me, to make such a personal decision.

Bodily autonomy enables people to make choices based on their personal health, beliefs, and values and no one has the right to override that.  I remain proud that I pressured no one, and in fact offered my vaccine hesitant staff lifelines to ensure the protection of their incomes, roles, and positions in my school (sick leave, and extended leave without pay). 

The strong emotions evoked by the intense pressure to take a medical procedure, one that ought to have forever remained a matter of personal agency, is something that still disturbs me to the core.  The removal of the exemption clause from the Public Health Order stands as the very aspect for which I anticipated mass resistance, yet the reverberation from the resounding hush of our nation still stings.

My heart goes out to the countless individuals who were dealing with pre-existing health conditions, pressured to conform and risk their health on the one hand, yet on the other standing to lose future income, housing, stability, and security – everything they had spent their entire lives building.  Noone should be placed into this position, and yet thousands of New Zealanders were! There are valuable insights for us all in recognising this dilemma. History has shown us the consequences of widespread compliance, and there is much to learn from it. 

Owing to my anaphylactic medical condition, my concern escalated significantly regarding the potential implications of harm from the vaccine, for my own children. This unease was compounded by the comprehensive analysis of safety data and vaccine efficacy ratings derived from vaccine distribution in both the US and the UK. I had been reading these evaluations with interest, given New Zealand’s strategic position post-rollout which provided invaluable insights.

In parallel with these considerations, our familial medical history heightened my conviction that the risk of vaccine associated injury carried a weightier significance than the prospect of contracting Covid or experiencing severe illness due to it.  However, my children found themselves enmeshed in the complex decision-making process, like many others, where they had to carefully balance the implications of vaccination against hereditary risks, while also considering the potential loss of income and educational pursuits due to non-compliance.

I was acutely aware of the prevailing narrative emphasising the imperative message to ‘shield the elderly and protect the community’ but held a differing perspective on the authenticity of these messages. They seemed misaligned with the complexities for individual health and the broader context.  

Shortly after one of my children received the second shot, his entire body (head to toe) became the canvas of a disconcerting outbreak.  Initially diagnosed as severe impetigo, the situation swiftly deteriorated, culminating in painful blisters that ‘felt like burns’ and engulfed his body from head to toe.  The racing heartbeat set off further alarm bells, (I had read of the high numbers of young males especially contracting myocarditis and pericarditis after vaccination) coupled with the somber diagnosis of an inflammatory bowel condition.

Not even 20 years old with no hereditary history for any of these conditions turned my hesitancy and anxiety into anger and deep-set emotion. It is during these trying moments that the bonds of family and resilience of the human spirit find themselves tested beyond limits, revealing our capacity for empathy, pain, anger, and grief.  

Hospitalised for 16 days with deteriorating health and escalating symptoms, he was put under a team of ten medical professionals.  Based on my own pre-existing auto immune condition I did expect these professionals to consider a possible link to vaccine harm.  While acknowledgement of an ‘induced toxicity’ was given, denial of any connection with the vaccine was prominent from all those I questioned and challenged.

I became more forceful in my desire for answers and a diagnosis as the days loomed and his condition worsened.  I knew my son had not taken drugs (he was drug tested regularly at his work as part of health and safety monitoring procedures for operating machinery) but I continued to question the doctors and push them for additional evidence to their claims for ‘no correlation’.  Had outbreaks like this ever occurred in someone his age from any previous drugs administered or induced in New Zealand – illicit or prescribed? Silence.

I am not a doctor.  I don’t claim to have knowledge of unexplainable and new (previously unseen) medical occurrences.  However, like any parent, I needed answers. What is this?  What caused it?  Is it curable?  Is it contagious? Is it a new disease, my other family members may be susceptible to? More silence.  The silence simply added to my suspicions, escalated my doubt, and heightened my mistrust. I felt intense anger regarding the instant denial toward ‘the thing’ that to me seemed the most obvious.

Still receiving no answers, and while my son was still in hospital, I shared photos of his outbreak with a close friend who had contacts with health professionals in the United States.  Within 24 hours we received notification that ‘this exact outbreak’ called bullous pemphigoid, was being seen a lot in young people in America following the administration of the Pfizer vaccine.  I am fully aware that photographic images are not ‘scientific or medical evidence’ in isolation, but at this point in time, I still had nothing from the team of medical experts my son was under.

A week after I had received confirmation of bullous pemphigoid from the US doctors, the NZ team of doctors also diagnosed bullous pemphigoid, but to this day there has been no explanation regarding how he contracted this condition from the New Zealand team.  My question is, “If it wasn’t the vaccine what was it?”  They admitted ‘induced toxicity’ but never identified to what.   

There are now several reports available which state bullous pemphigoid – an autoimmune reaction which occurs when antibodies disrupt the connection between the epidermis and the dermis in the skin causing blisters to develop – is frequently triggered by drugs and has been directly linked to the Pfizer vaccine. It is however, not limited to COVID vaccines, and is inherent in mRNA technology so can be expected in future mRNA vaccines.

My son’s outbreak has diminished but scars are still evident.  He remains under medical care for his bowel condition, but I have been unable to get him into a cardiologist, due to a long waiting list. I don’t hold the same level of anger toward the medical experts now, as they are doing their utmost to help him, but I continue to push for transparency and honesty. The New Zealand public have the same right to the facts as those in the US.

I applaud the support of NZDSOS for their work in bringing the truth to
light in our country. 

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