Vaccine Injured? Report to CARM (Centre for Adverse Reactions Monitoring)

CARM Report
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If you or someone you know has experienced an adverse event following immunisation (AEFI), it is important to report it to CARM. Determining whether an adverse event has been caused by a pharmaceutical product is the role of CARM, who are part of the New Zealand Pharmacovigilance Centre at Otago University.

Whilst it is unclear what methodology CARM are using, the Bradford Hill Criteria for Causality is one useful tool for helping to determine cause-and-effect relationships in epidemiology. A range of information is necessary in the process of determining causation, including the detection of patterns in the population. If reports are not made then patterns cannot be detected.

The general public and even health professionals often presume that they should only report an adverse event if they personally believe that there is a link. This is incorrect, as patterns can only be detected through a centralised monitoring system such as CARM.

In April 2021 every registered health professional in New Zealand was provided with written instruction to promote the benefits of Covid-19 vaccination. This, combined with the threats to registration and employment that many health professionals who dared to discuss the risks have faced, has led to an environment of apprehension within health services.

We commonly hear from people seeking medical assistance for vaccine injury, about a spectrum of behaviours exhibited by health professionals. Some doctors will dare to say they consider a diagnosis to be related to the Covid-19 injection but refuse to write it down; some explain their licence may be threatened if they make a report. Others agree with the suspicions of their patient at one consultation, and contradict themselves at the next. Nurses have whispered to patients that they are seeing many similar injuries, including amongst colleagues, and quietly recommend against further doses. Many patients report being derided by doctors and nurses who deny their injury or insist that physical symptoms are psycho-somatic (all in the head).

Because of this climate of fear and denial, many injuries are going unreported to CARM. Reports can be made by patients or their advocates and do not need to come from a health professional.

How To Complete a CARM Report

Ways to report an adverse reaction to a medicine, including vaccines, are provided on the Medsafe website.

Medsafe re CARM

The most efficient way is to make an online report via the Covid-19 Vaccine Adverse Events Form. This process requires a degree of computer skill, so if you are not confident we recommend having someone assist you.

It is vital once the form has been completed, that you record and keep the reference number provided on the completion page. Some reports are pre-filtered out by MOH (where ALL these reports now get sent first), and do not make it to the CARM assessors let alone to the final Medsafe database. Incredibly, as they roll out the brand new bivalent booster, Medsafe have stopped the public facing routine AEFI reporting!  Your screenshot or photo may be the only proof you ever submitted a report.

Adverse events can also be reported to The Health Forum New Zealand (click on “Share Your Experience Now”), for entry onto the Citizens’ Database. This serves as an independent reporting system which may offer different or better data and analysis as it is not aligned with government systems such as CARM which are associated with the undisclosed pharmaceutical company contracts and taxpayer-funded vaccine promotion campaigns.

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  1. Drs in NZ have been hiding adverse events to all medical devices for decades. With vaccines it’s because of the policy that vaccines stay in the arm and don’t get distributed around the body. If you have a neurotoxic reaction to a vaccine you will be diagnosed with mental illness unrelated to vaccination. Then they tell you to keep getting vaccinated causing more harm. The health policy saying it stays in the arm is fraudulent and drs and psychiatrists are aware of this. So they will never diagnose a neurotoxic reaction to a vaccine as the medical council will tell them it’s not possible as it doesn’t get distributed round the body. Then they will punish the dr. Drs are aware that our health authorities are corrupt and prevent them from diagnosing neurotoxic reactions to vaccines with this fraudulent health policy. It was proven wrong decades ago. So why don’t the drs Union expose this to the media? Is it because they feel guilty for lying to patients for decades and knowingly misdiagnosing people with mental illness? Even adverse events to orthopaedic implants are covered up and to all other medical devices and products.

  2. This article was reproduced at the BFD: https://thebfd.co.nz/2023/04/04/patterns-cannot-be-detected-if-reports-to-carm-are-not-made/

    An interesting comment made there, by someone called Rebecca:

    Just a reminder that it wasn’t CARM or any centralized bureaucracy that uncovered the Thalidomide disaster. It was a midwife and specialist obstetrician who noted patterns and wrote publicly to colleagues. The subsequent widespread agreement and dismay from practicing obstetricians was what raised the alarm.

    If anything, the Thalidomide disaster warns of the weakness of centralized expert panels and databases. Just like the Wellington glitterati, centralized panels can become divorced from reality and can make terrible errors- such as approving Thalidomide for morning sickness. It is sad that the more recent mRNA jab confirms that this centralized hubris is still active all these years later, and there’s still no accountability.

    Incidentally, you’ll never guess how many babies with Thalidomide defects were born in the US?

    The answer is Zero.

    Why? Because one brave FDA doctor whose name was Frances Kelsey refused to authorize Thalidomide because she perceived lack of safety evidence. Although she came under pressure, she stayed true to her principles, requesting safety data especially as to effects on the fetus. When her misgivings proved to be correct, she was lauded as a hero, with Washington Post declaring that Kelsey had prevented “the birth of hundreds or indeed thousands of armless and legless children.”

    Were she in Aotearoa and making the same observations about the mRNA jab, Kelsey could expect to be shouted down by media and its mathematicians and canal water scientists posing as expert doctors. Rather than being credited with saving people, she would be accused of promoting massive death rates modeled by the likes of Hendy. Then she could expect to be disciplined by a Medical Council dominated by government appointees who would charge her thousands of dollars to stand at the blackboard and write 1000 times “I will not deviate from the official sole source of truth.”

    1. This was beautifully put, Carmel. Yes, the re-education program is disgraceful and does cost thousands of dollars. What we are facing as a nation is extraordinary and sickening. That is why NZDSOS is so essential, as, regardless of the lack of politicians who listen, a significant number of doctors presented these people with sound scientific evidence discussing harms and safety risks, the powers that be, chose to put their heads in the sand and ignore the truth.

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