Will You Buy the Covid-19 Bivalent Lemon? Our Response to Helen Petousis Harris’ Recent Interview

Bivalent Petousis Harris
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They are wheeling out the old guns to advertise the new bivalent booster against Omicron. Dr Petousis-Harris told everyone late last year that the data did not support it, and she wouldn’t be rushing out to get it. Perhaps scolded by her paymasters at the WHO’s commercial arm, the Global Alliance on Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI), now she is back, sounding muddled and still unconvinced. But hey, the babies are now getting the shots, so all good, right?

NZDSOS, Helen Petousis-Harris and Corin Dann on the Bivalent Booster

NZDSOS offer a response (in italics) to this recent conversation between National Radio’s Corin Dann (CD) and Helen Petousis-Harris (HPH). 

Corin Dann: A vaccinologist says it’s logical to roll out a new Omicron-fighting vaccine just in time for winter.   The bivalent jab, which combines two strains of the virus, will be available for anyone 30 plus from the start of April.  People already eligible for a booster will be able to get the new shot even earlier, from March.  Vaccinologist HPH from the Uni of Auckland joins us now.  Kia ora. Good morning.

New, Corin? The bivalent jab has the original Wuhan strain that is long gone from the planet but replaced by vaccine induced variants, and minimal-to-no effect against its included Omicron strain that is disappearing fast.  Remember, no covid jab has prevented infection and transmission. So mandates and segregation never made any sense, except  politically and Pfinancially, but certainly not scientifically.

HPH: Good morning

CD: The details of this rollout – over 30s, what do you make of that and why is that?

Good question – why would we be pushing boosters when other countries are withdrawing them?  In the UK you will no longer be able to receive a covid booster routinely from 12 Feb 2023.

HPH: I think it makes sense to me to have this, to have it as widely available as possible and, um and I mean, the new formulation does have an edge over the other one. It does provide extra protection, particularly in the shorter term so ahh going into winter, it makes sense. 

 It didn’t make sense to HPH in October 2022 when she said to Guyon Espiner she wouldn’t be rushing out to get a booster. GE: “Just to drive that home, you’re triple vaxxed right, and you’ve had Omicron.  You’re not going to get a fourth, cos that’s the same position I’m in?”, HPH: “Right, so I’m not looking for a fourth. I don’t see any evidence to suggest it’s going to benefit me really.”

There is no new miracle data.  The bivalent product was tested on 8 mice – slides 25/26.  And what extra protection? Over natural immunity? Thankfully this memory-holed concept is now returning to fashion, and we have posted on the Lancet waking back up to the bleedin’ obvious here.  

CD: For those under 30 who might want it, the basically, is the risk benefit analysis not really worth it? 

Good question Corin, up to this point doctors have not been allowed to consider risk-benefit in an individual person.  It has been rolled out assuming every one is at equal and high risk which simply has not been the case.  Increased risk is highly correlated with increasing age, but there are still cautions in place for jabbing the frail elderly. A one-size-fits-all recommendation is contrary to previous medical practice where a patient would have an informed consent discussion with a trusted health professional and without the government, incentives or threats in the room.​​​​​​​

HPH: Well that’s where you do get into the risk in the younger age groups.  It just tumbles down the younger you get.  Um, and I think this is the start right, it doesn’t mean it won’t be widened in the future.  You sort of play with what you have in front of you, I guess, and what the epidemiology is telling you and where something is perhaps going to make the most difference.

Why 30 plus years then? Is there a magic increased risk at 31? Why not 50, or 60 or 70?  The epidemiology is actually telling us that there is a huge rise in all cause mortality in jabbed populations around the world in the 25 to 49 year age group, up 84% according to the CDC. Have either of you spoken to Ed Dowd, author of Cause Unknown, about all this?  Deaths from covid do not account for this.

CD: Now this has been used in the US for quite some time, hasn’t it? 

And the uptake has been minimal, nobody wants it.

HPH: Yeah yes, they rolled it out sometime ago, before their winter.

CD: Now there was an issue flagged by the CDC about for seniors I think over 65, they have sort of safety mechanisms don’t they and something was alerted.  But from what I can see FDA has said there is no risk.  This was around strokes in seniors over 65.  They are still absolutely recommending this vaccine, aren’t they?

HPH: Yeah, actually, from what I have seen it looked like it wasn’t the covid vaccine, but might be more likely, if it was in fact a thing, it was co-administration with the influenza vaccine.  So far not borne out so that’s reassuring.

NO she’s wrong. It was “a thing”. The safety signal of increased risk was for pulmonary embolism  (doubled risk) as well as for stroke in seniors.  This fobbing-off of these adverse events appears to be in the same vein as the other adverse events listed on the Medsafe Safety Reports.  Despite significant numbers, the plan is “Continue to Monitor”.  Our question is: “Until when?”

CD: That’s really  important.  You’re encouraging people to go out and get this vaccine when it comes forward.  This is the best protection right?

HPH: Absolutely. We’ve had a holiday for so many viruses. You know we saw some ugly stuff last winter.  (This summer ain’t so great for many of the jabbed, lady!) We are behaving as we normally do now. So, we’re probably subjected to the usual respiratory infections and covid’s just one of them, so anything we can do to kind of minimise that deluge um, will be of course really helpful.  Hospitals are going to feel it. 

Now she is finally admitting that covid is just another respiratory infection.  It was evident early on in the pandemic that this was the case and we have wasted the last three years being scared of shadows. And our colleagues tell us the hospitals are already chaotically full of very sick people – not with covid. 

CD: Are you worried about vaccine uptake, vaccine hesitancy given the friction and debates we’ve had, you know, well, rage from some quarters obviously?

Rage? Oh yes, of bereaved parents, hopelessly disabled people, the regretful coerced. Corin, there are now over 20 NZ children, under 20 years of age, who have “died suddenly”, mostly very shortly after their jabs. Myocarditis can be silent, and then sudden death can occur at any time after.

Don’t you feel enraged, on behalf of these kids and young people, their parents, friends, colleagues etc, that the jab may have killed them, but with out the painstaking study needed to properly rule out the experimental jab? And what about the thousands of Kiwis who had someone they know Die Suddenly? “Well, let’s investigate then”, you might say. Please tell that to your interview guest, the coroner, pathologist, police, Medsafe, Little, Verrall and Hipkins. We’ve been trying. Or perhaps, as your colleague Plunket said publicly, we are just liars and grifters. 

Corin, there has been NO debate.  There has been only the government narrative with censorship, de-financialisation and derision aimed at anyone questioning or suggesting an alternative.

CD: Very good. Thank you very much.  Helen Petousis-Harris there.

We agree there is a weariness about this whole shamdemic.  We don’t think the people who have not had any vaccines are worried.  The consciously unvaccinated are being reassured daily that they made the right decision.  Most will have been infected and survived just fine and now have robust natural immunity.  They do not need a damaging vaccine in addition to that, and there are horrifying signs, and demonstrated biological mechanisms, of compromised immunity to other infections and cancer – all for the price of “hybrid immunity” to a flu-like respiratory virus, albeit of very dark and dubious origins.

Dr HPH hasn’t actually addressed the question about vaccine hesitancy.  Kiwis understand that if you need 5 or more doses of something and even then it doesn’t stop you getting infected, hospitalised or transmitting an infection and it increases your mortality, you are being sold a lemon.

In our opinion this is a huge waste of taxpayers money and very sadly the jab experiment has cost the lives of some New Zealanders. We’ll leave you to decide if the public were well served by this interview. 

For further information see the World Council for Health Statement, September 2022.

Bivalent World Council for Health Statement Sep 22
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