Urgent! Who Needs the WHO? A Fight for Sovereignty

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We have been calling for action on the imminent takeover of our lives and and our choices through the pandemic strategies by the World Health Organisation (WHO), including changes to the International Health Regulations (IHR). There has been little if any public discussion about whether New Zealanders actually want to be ruled from afar by an un-elected body when it comes to our health decisions.

In effect those pulling the strings are trying to use a viral cold as an excuse to implement means by which our freedom and sovereignty can be severely curtailed.

Agreements are made in secret without our knowledge, or even that of our MPs, and they promise Chinese communist-style control and lockdowns of us all, under the guise of sustainability…net zero… and the greater good. Yes, good for a few very wealthy and powerful people right at the top. 

Now a supporter and activist, Greg Rzesniowiecki, has set up petitions to Parliament on these issues so please support them and pass round your networks urgently. 

For a deeper dive into the two avenues that the WHO and its funders are using to impose these draconian measures, see our summary here. Furthermore, it is with alarm that we read of the open letter from NZ specialists calling for a greater involvement of NZ with the WHO. Giving them the benefit of the doubt, these doctors may be completely unaware of who funds the WHO, what the changes to the IHR and the implementation of the WHO treaty really mean.


As citizens we will need to fight to save our personal and national sovereignty. Complacency will see it taken away.

WHO Pandemic Treaty

Petition of Greg Rzesniowiecki: Hold a referendum before signing the proposed WHO pandemic treaty.

Petition request

That the House of Representatives urge the Government to hold a referendum before signing the proposed World Health Organsation pandemic treaty.

Petition reason

The New Zealand Government is negotiating a pandemic treaty with WHO members. In my opinion, consultation has not been adequate. In my view, any pandemic treaty should not be signed before an audit has been undertaken on the New Zealand COVID-19 response and elimination strategy, including lockdowns and mRNA vaccination. In my opinion, mRNA products are toxic and are not safe nor effective at stopping transmission of infectious diseases.

Closing date: 13 May 2023

Proposed International Health Regulations amendments

Petition of Greg Rzesniowiecki: Hold a referendum before amending International Health Regulations.

Petition request

That the House of Representatives urge the Government to hold a referendum before adopting any amended International Health Regulations of the World Health Organisation concerning the use of mRNA vaccinations in future pandemics.

Petition reason

The NZ Government is negotiating amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) of the WHO. In my opinion, this is occurring without public consultation, and before an audit of the NZ COVID-19 response. In my view, it is likely that the amended IHR will support the use of mRNA vaccines in future pandemics. In my opinion, mRNA products are toxic and are not safe or effective at stopping transmission of infectious disease. In my view, the public should give their consent to any changes.

Closing date: 13 May 2023

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  1. Top down imposition and dishonest representation agree counter productive to proper relevant patient centred care and discredit quality assurance.

    We can reclaim the WHO for humanity or let humanity replace it if its principle intent is destroyed.

    This threat was always a possibility and will remain so thus we require triangulation to counteract capture and character to protect against corruption.

    The latter cannot be systematically ensured but provides the protection against or way out of a handful of power brokers who will always try to co-opt the world’s most important public institutions.

  2. Yes the mRNA vaccine is definitely toxic. My ears went hot and my jaw was totally numb for months after the jabs also got a painful blood clot beside tailbone. I have two A4 pages of friends and family who were injured from the jabs.

  3. Hi – I have been campaigning in the UK to stop the WHO Treaty being adopted by the UK Govt. The UK is a leading supporter of the WHO Treaty. My MP has responded by stating, after consulting Ministers, that the UK would never surrender health sovereignty to the WHO.
    It is encouraging to know that good people in New Zealand and around the world are standing up to tyranny.

  4. Our current political representatives are corrupt & are answering to an overseas influence, not NZers so therefore their contracts are null & void. By signing & submitting petitions we are acknowledging there illusions of power & control at the expense of NZers sovereignty. Perhaps we have are own referendum & advise them which way we will be heading. thanks

  5. There must be full and complete consultation with the NZ public, this process must be seen to be completely transparent. Too many changes to our Rights and Freedoms have already been very quietly passed (some overnight) by Govts of NZ, especially of late. Misguided individuals abusing power … the entire population is affected and their votes must count for any of these Bills to be accepted into law by the people of NZ . The people always hold the power !

  6. We all have been lied to for years. We need to stop this genocide.
    A lot of people are completely under control from 5G.
    The police helicopter that was supposed to be pulling cannabis from Hastings on the day of the flood. In my opinion they were picking up bodies to make us think it wasn’t that bad.
    We need to stand up for our rights.

  7. I have talked to many who have been adversely affected by the MRNA Jab sadly both in person and other means . New Zealand government has an obligation to help those who have been injured and affected adversely by this trial medication “Covid 19 jab” . It has left a trail of destruction bigger than that of the Gabrielle storm sadly

  8. Yep we want to be in control of our own sovereignty. I do not agree to abide by the WHOs recommendations as they are well known for defrauding the people of New Zealand.

  9. Leave our country and it’s people to decide for ourselves!!!
    Do not subject our country to WHO whims

  10. Maybe everything this current puppet Government proposes needs to be by referendum decided by we the people.

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