Unmasking the Mystery of the Federation of State Medical Boards : Dr Emanuel Garcia in Discussion With Maajid Nawaz

Federation of State Medical Boards
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Who Are the Federation of State Medical Boards?

Most doctors have never heard of the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) despite the fact that they impose the rules and regulations that doctors are increasingly required to abide by. Dr Bruce Dooley brought them to international attention in his September 2022 interview with Liz Gunn at FreeNZ Media. However our own NZDSOS founding member Dr Emanuel Garcia first wrote about them at Global Research in August 2022 and he has remained forefront in the exposé.

Hot on the tails of Dr Matt Shelton’s recent interview with Maajid Nawaz, Dr Garcia has now spoken on the podcast Radical. Their conversation focuses on the Federation of State Medical Boards and its influence on medical and health professional licensing authorities across the globe.

The Federation of State Medical Boards is a private entity connected to a charitable foundation whose donors are shrouded in secrecy but very likely to be primarily from the pharmaceutical industry. Founded in 1912, a year before the US Federal Reserve Bank, whose name also dishonestly implies governmental authority, the only connection between government and the Federation of State Medical Boards is the lobbying they undertake for political influence.

They are otherwise a corporate-funded organisation claiming a mission to safeguard patients by “licensing, disciplining and regulating physicians and other healthcare professionals“. As has been revealed during the Covid-19 crisis, they do this by engaging in Mafia style strategies to silence opposition, serving to increase and fortify their own profits and control. They were instrumental in suppressing the integrative medicine movement in the 1990s and also appear to be implicated in America’s opioid crisis.

Federation of State Medical Boards

In conversation with Maajid Nawaz, Dr Garcia discusses how he came to learn about the Federation of State Medical Boards and how their influence impacted his own professional career as a psychiatrist working in New Zealand. Founded in 1994, the International Association of Medical Regulatory Authorities (IAMRA) is an expansion of the Federation of State Medical Boards, also claiming a goal of public protection by ensuring doctors are “safe and competent“.

Federation of State Medical Boards

As a partnership both entities now influence medical and health professional regulatory authorities across disciplines, states and nations, including the Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ). Two New Zealand examples of the obvious conflicts of interest involved are:

Federation of State Medical Boards NZ Connections

What Impact Is The Federation of State Medical Boards Having on Medicine, Doctors and Public Health?

Doctors and health professionals daring to speak against the industry-led narrative in favour of medical and public health evidence have fallen foul of an aggressive smear campaign and been investigated and de-licensed by compromised regulators, ensuring suppression of dissent. Individual members at NZDSOS have faced this wrath, as have high profile international experts. The erroneous belief amongst many health professionals is that their compliance with these directives serves the public, when it is apparent that they serve private interests connected to the Federation of State Medical Boards which threatens public safety.

Dr Garcia also speaks about the public health measures enforced, the lack of science behind them and the untold harm they have – and continue – to cause, in New Zealand. This includes his experiences and observations at the February 2022 Freedom Camp in Wellington. New Zealanders have a general trust in our authorities, which has resulted in a widespread belief that we should follow government guidance, even when that guidance has been absurd. This is facilitated by what Dr Garcia calls a “drumbeat of fear“, via the propaganda of mainstream state funded media.

Following on from Dr Garcia’s interview, the same podcast episode then features Dr Bob Gill, an English General Practitioner and director of the documentary The Great NHS Heist. He provides a British perspective on the privatisation, monetisation and corruption of health systems. This is a fascinating story which fits into the jigsaw that the Federation of State Medical Boards have a significant part in. Dr Gill describes doctors being unwittingly pulled into their own self-destruction, and the roles played in the demolition of health systems by the pharmaceutical industry, health insurance industry and public-private partnerships being encouraged by nefarious entities such as World Economic Forum.

A Call For Support From Our Colleagues: It Is Not Too Late

Dr Garcia argues that if 5% of doctors with critical faculties – acting like real doctors – had spoken up against the narrative, then the damage and destruction New Zealanders have experienced would have been prevented. The mafia tactics of the Federation of State Medical Boards, filtered down to individual health professionals, has been highly effective in suffocating dissent, stigmatising critical thinking and helping to establish a Stasi-style culture.

New Zealand’s emergency covid legislation remains in place, and Dr Garcia suggests it can be used against the populace again at anytime. Doctors are in a prime position to oppose this harmful legislation ever being imposed upon New Zealand again.

Listen to Dr Garcia’s story, acquire an understanding of events playing out and determine the role you wish to play at this critical time. Lend your expertise to NZDSOS, to protect medical freedoms and democracy against psychopathic entities such as the Federation of State Medical Boards.

Watch: Dr Garcia and Dr Gill Revealing the Harms of Public-Private Partnerships Corrupting Health Care Systems Globally

We highly recommend an hour with Dr Emanuel Garcia of NZDSOS followed by half an hour with Dr Bob Gill, for anyone trying to make sense of what is going wrong in health systems across the western world.

Radical: Episode 32 – On Destroying Our Health System and Big Pharma Capture.

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