What’s The Issue with Blood from Vaccinated Donors?

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An increasing number of people are expressing concerns about receiving blood products from vaccinated donors. The NZ Blood Service does not separate blood or blood products depending on vaccination status at present stating “we do not separate or label blood, based on a donor’s COVID-19 vaccination status. There is no evidence that previous vaccination affects the quality of blood for transfusion.” New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS) asks what’s the issue with blood from vaccinated donors?

A spokesperson for NZDSOS questioned NZ Blood Service, “they can say there is ‘no evidence’ but is that because no-one has looked and there is no evidence full stop? Or does it mean someone has looked and determined through meticulous study that vaccinated blood is safe in the short and long term?”

It is very important to understand that an ‘absence of evidence’ is not the same as ‘evidence of absence’. Given the many ‘unknowns’ with this complex situation and the novel mRNA injection, there rightfully are questions and concerns of which “the onus must be on the blood service, and the doctors prescribing and administering blood and blood products, to provide the evidence that the blood is safe (both short and long term). The public needs to ask for this evidence”, said the spokesperson.

History is littered with examples of products, new drugs and technology that were initially thought to be safe that later turned out not to be. The experimental novel synthetic mRNA polynucleotide lipid nanoparticle ‘vaccine’ is no different, and continuous monitoring of its safety must include any potential effect on blood and blood products.

Read here: What’s The Issue with Blood from Vaccinated Donor’s?

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