Doctors Baffled by Rare Neurological Condition

rare neurological condition
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“Rare neurological condition leaves 17-year-old unable to walk”

We have noted yet another mainstream media article discussing a mystery illness in a young man that has doctors baffled and unable to figure out what is going on – maybe an elusive virus…

“The cause is thought to be a virus, however doctors in New Zealand have been unable to figure out which one. His virus progression was sent to Australia, and is now at Oxford University in the UK, in the search for a cause.”

The condition has been diagnosed as transverse myelitis or MOGAD (Myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein antibody-associated disease).  That is a fancy term meaning that the immune system has gone awry and is making antibodies against the very important fatty coating of the spinal cord.  When the fatty coating is damaged the messages don’t get through from the brain to the end tissues and sensation and movement can be compromised.

  • Myelin is a fat-rich material that surrounds nerve cells to insulate them and increase the rate at which electrical impulses pass along the nerve.
  • Oligodendrocytes are cells that provide support and insulation to nerves in the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord).
  • Glycoprotein is a molecule with protein and sugar components.
  • Myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein (MOG) is an essential component of the oligodendrocyte surface membranes and has a fundamental role in maintaining the integrity of myelin sheaths. 
  • Antibody associated disease – means the immune system is involved and is attacking ‘self’.

We would like to suggest that the baffled health professionals consider the ‘elephant’ in their musings.  If this young man has received one or more mRNA covid injections, (or possibly other vaccinations such as HPV which are known to cause autoimmune phenomena), then that needs to be on someone’s radar and investigated.  Perhaps it should even be at the top of the differential diagnosis list of causative factors.

There are at least 5 pieces of information that back up a relationship between covid vaccination and Transverse Myelitis.

  1. 22 Oct 2020: During vaccine development Transverse Myelitis was on the list of adverse events that authorities expected might be seen.
  2. 3 Feb 2021: NZ Medsafe’s original provisional consent with 58 conditions included condition 5 regarding possible future autoimmune disorders.
  3. 30 Apr 2021: Pfizer’s 3mth post marketing document – Transverse Myelitis is listed as adverse effect of special interest (AESI) that had been noted post injection in the first three months of emergency use overseas.
  4. Ongoing: VAERS database.  There are at least 9 New Zealanders in 2021 alone who are listed in the VAERS database as having suffered Transverse Myelitis following covid vaccination.
  5. Recent mention (April 2024) in the UK parliament of Transverse Myelitis as an adverse effect following covid vaccination.

1) During Vaccine Development (slide 16)

rare neurological disease
Image captured for criticism/review and reporting current events under Fair Dealing – The Copyright Act 1994

2) Original Provisional Consent – Concern re Autoimmune Disease (condition 5)

5. Provide data to further characterise the truncated and modified mRNA species present in the finished product. Data are expected to cover batches used in clinical trials (for which the characterisation data could be available earlier) and the PPQ [process performance qualification​​​​​​​] batches. These data should address results from ion pairing RP-HPLC addressing 5’cap levels and presence of the poly(A) tail. These data should also address the potential for translation into truncated S1S2 proteins/peptides or other proteins/peptides. Relevant protein/peptide characterisation data for predominant species should be provided. Any homology between translated proteins (other than the intended spike protein) and human proteins that may, due to molecular mimicry, potentially cause an autoimmune process should be evaluated. Due date: July 2021. Interim report: March 2021.

3) Post Marketing Surveillance After Three Months Vaccine Use

P 35/38


rare neurological condition
Image captured for criticism/review and reporting current events under Fair Dealing – The Copyright Act 1994

4) VAERS Database

Cases of Transverse Myelitis post covid vaccine NZ in 2021reported to VAERS (Note: there does not appear to be data regarding TM in VAERS for subsequent years)

rare neurological condition

5) Mention in UK Parliament

@9.19 in this UK Parliament video the MP Mr Neale Hanvey states: “Another antibody linked to the spike protein exerts an effect on myelin and is associated with Guillain Barre syndrome and transverse myelitis, which is a swelling around the spinal cord.”

If covid mRNA vaccination is not considered, then therapeutic opportunities may be missed.  Although we were repeatedly told by ‘experts’ that the vaccine stayed in the arm muscle and was gone from the body within a few days, this is far, far from the truth, as we have covered exhaustively.  For example:

  • the lipid nanoparticles are widely distributed throughout the body,
  • the genetic material has been shown to persist for at least 6 months,
  • it is not clear how much spike protein each individual produces or when production ceases,
  • it is not clear when or how the vaccine-induced spike protein is metabolised and excreted,
  • there is significant DNA contamination,
  • there is possible integration of the synthetic and/or contaminant genetic material into human cells.

There are a number of questions regarding what ongoing effects this technology may have that may be relevant for an autoimmune condition such as transverse myelitis. In the general sense, these are no longer questions and the answer is yes to each. 

  • Is there is ongoing spike protein production, which will cause persistent inflammation (by design) and result potentially in a dysregulated immune system?
  • Have the lipid nanoparticles been metabolised and excreted or are they still present causing inflammation and / or immune activation?
  • Are there short pieces of mRNA coding for proteins that cross react with MOG as per condition 5 of the provisional consent (which did NOT cover the “Process 2” product subsequently delivered), causing the body to attack its own MOG?
  • Is there DNA contamination that has caused inflammation?
  • Has there been any integration of genetic material into the genome that is predisposing to autoimmunity?

We note he is being treated with immunoglobulin therapy and steroids and hope this is enabling improvement, but suggest consideration be given to mitigating any spike protein production and helping the body to eliminate other synthetic and contaminant genetic material, and the innately toxic lipid nanoparticles.

New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS) calls urgently on our colleagues, Health New Zealand, Medsafe and Dr Diana Sarfati, the Director-General of Health to immediately consider the covid injections or other vaccines as contributing to the unusual cluster of rare conditions, sudden deaths and so-called “turbo” cancers (a new review article, easily understood, here) that have been occurring since their rollout.  Surely the officers in these organisations are aware of the devastating effects of thalidomide and diethylstilbestrol. If they are not, they are unfit for their office.  If they are aware of these past medical disasters and do not at least investigate the events of the last three years, they could be culpable for causing harm.

While we have been unable to prevent this tragedy, NZDSOS is fighting to prevent further “rare” medical events. We need everyone to speak about the elephant in the room and let our bureaucrats and politicians know that we are holding them responsible. Please write and speak to them. 

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  1. I happened across the UK parliament video, linked above, [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvSHD_n3Lyg], just yesterday. Its about 27 minutes but worth watching. Why, oh why can the NZ Parliament not institute a similar inquiry. Here is an expert medical trial man demonstrating the deficiencies in the mRNA testing that are apparent to anyone with half a brain. We were subject to the same “safe and effective” message ad infinitum by politicians, and so called medical “experts”, and the mainstream media here in NZ. A message based on lies and total misrepresentation of the facts and statistics.
    The record MUST be corrected.

  2. The elephant is now so big that there’s hardly any room in the room for anything or anyone else..

    Must be blind people leading NZ Health, or willfully blind criminals..

    1. I think that the government restricted the information from Pfizer so that rank and file doctors and other medical staff did not get the full picture.
      I felt sick when I read this article – I know that a wide ‘blanket’ disclaimer is often used
      when there is incomplete research on new developments, but the risk of using this vaccine was so high as to be inexcusable.

  3. They are not thorough at the hospitals which have lead people to go blind and paralysed . I say we need heavier penalties for doctors who leave patients too late . Especially if they have been to emergency !!!

  4. There is no mystery here. only the willful blindness of the medical establishment which shows by this their continued complicity in the crime which is covid

  5. May all those who continue to advocate for the jab also suffer from this same condition. We knew of slide 16 in late 2020. We have been warning them for over three years. They choose not to see. Shame on their criminal psychopathic selves.

  6. I posted a comment here a couple of days ago. I wonder where it went?
    Maybe not published because I included a link to the UK parliament video, maybe for other reasons.

  7. In late 2021 an elderly former neighbour, who was living in a retirement village told me that her “buddy” (during the lockdowns residents were able to choose 2 friends in the village to be in their “bubble”) had suddenly become unable to walk – I was immediately suspicious – a previously active elderly woman suddenly couldn’t walk?! Sometime (and at least one booster later) I was informed that my neighbour had now been transferred from the village into a nursing home because she too could no longer walk! When I asked her about it she said she had been very unwell (hospitalised with a variety of symptoms) and now “my legs won’t work”. It makes me wonder how many elderly have developed transverse myelitis post covid injection/s that has been passed off simply as part of the progression into old age?

  8. I heard on the radio that P3 Research is recruiting people for drug trials.
    P3 is a research arm of Pfizer.

  9. Kia Ora.
    What are we doing about addressing the other elephant in the room that Nursing and Medical councils are still punishing Drs and Nurses who query these things as undermining public confidence in vaccines, despite it actually being part of our codes of ethics to protect public health in all ways (not just viral) . And yet by not advocating the following of ‘robust’ researched based practice guidelines by Public Health officials in the first instance they are (the councils) guilty of public harm themselves – ironically.

    You are doing amazing work and bravely standing in the face of this adversity but are we able to mount a significant H&D commissioner complaint yet? I did individually complain early on (and also to the Human Rights (HR) Commission) as mandates began and got no response. Possibly as I made a point that mandates with an insufficiently tested product of any type is against the H&D code as well as being a HR violation and that their respective silences were allowing this to occur.
    Perhaps looking into our own CARMs data might be useful – however it is notoriously under-reported.
    As we’ve identified the true impact won’t be known (accepted rather) until decades later when the new non CoVID vaccinated demonstrate decreased incidences again in such disorders and the people who made these decisions / products / profit are long gone.
    We’ve seen such medical misadventure (such as Thalidomide) occur before thanks to poor science or public health ignoring early warnings. And yet the concept of ‘the greater good’ is used to force the unspeakable on individuals. And then the greater number must then pay the long term ACC payments to the individuals who have suffered . Where is the sense in that.
    Even now the mandates have been dropped, we continue to see nursing and medical students required to be vaccinated to be able to attend certain clinical placements. They are not even employed by these institutions but refused entry unless are vaccinated. These private facilities continue to use the employment expectation, despite mandates now being relaxed, to force employees and even visitors to their sites to be vaccinated. Despite the risks.
    The apathy toward their plight is concerning- a shrugged off ‘if I had to get it why shouldn’t they’ certainly doesn’t help to reverse the damage to the greater good. And marks ongoing crimes for their Human Rights. And yet if any educational institution took a stand against that they would then be at risk of investigation by either Medical or Nursing council. So the cycle of damage continues ironically through the very councils tasked with meeting public health and following the Human Rights codes established following the Nuremberg Trials 70 years ago. It has been lost to them that Doctors and Nurses (& all other healthcare workers) are part of the public too and hence have the same Human Rights as well.
    Autoimmune disorders were already rising ( Diabetes Mellitus our easiest example) so perhaps a spike in the more unusual among vaccinated will be powerful data but demonstrates long term costs (health, time and money) to the ‘greater good’ which may out way the projected CoVID infection cost ( the actual loss can not now be calculated). But sadly I expect the autoimmune figures will be lost to the general opinion ‘it already had an increasing incidence anyway’ attitude. Which is of course correct also.
    I wonder now with such compelling early post marketing data that a H&D complaint needs to be formulated or planned for. And those specific Public Health individuals who advocated / decided on the mandates be now publically taken to task in the first instance. This will obviously include the government officials who’s law changes enabled the mandates to occur initially. No one is saying not to have the product available but informed consent and decision making means people get to choose.
    Arguably now influenza A or B may be proving equally or more problematic than the current CoVID strain and yet legislation doesn’t protect the public against exposure to that viral threat in an equal way. No one is saying not to remain vigilant but surely viral responses should be related to viral risk. And this prolonged fear mongering here in NZ for CoVID appears more to continue to promote the need for vaccination than based on viral risk. With a vaccine still not proven on efficacy or safety and only recently undergone updating of the strain.
    It is beyond frustrating to see the basic tenants of medical science ignored. And the majority who realise this (& are meant to speak out) are silenced by threatening our very livelihoods. There are no forums now to voice our concerns as we are labeled anti-vax for raising worries on only one type. Afterall we aren’t called anti-statin if we address side effects about simvastatin for some individuals and trial Atorvastatin or a Fibrate instead? This hyper-defensiveness related to vaccines is well known but is now interfering with genuine medical concerns. This product hid behind the vaccine reputation but was vastly different (mRNA) and perhaps should not have earned that treatment name or the implied safety / risk profile the public was accustomed too and hence accepted. And I do believe that the two options need to be separated out – the mRNA vaccines vs the others based on more accepted development procedures.
    I applaud your ongoing commitment and enjoy your emails but sadly it feels like underground medical knowledge being shared. Which doesn’t feel right for the public good.

    Nga Mihi


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