Michael Baker Continues to Ignore Complex Science and Promote Covid-19 Boosters

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Since our most recent comment on Michael Baker’s conflicts of interest, he has appeared in legacy media making further claims about boosters being needed to “help stem the tide of a fifth wave of the virus sweeping the country“. It has also since been made public that Pfizer are one of five large pharmaceutical industry sponsors of Medsafe, whose funding source is progressively shifting away from government as private interests take over, in an increasingly fascist political environment.

Michael Baker appears to be central to this new paradigm, employed to push the fear narrative in order to maintain product uptake.

Every time you are infected and re-infected, you run all of these additional risks, and we are worried about the mounting burden of long Covid … So I do think as a society, we need to be taking a lot more precautions to decrease the risk of catching this virus over and over again. ~ Professor Michael Baker

The influence that this media attention has on the general public can be seen in the increased uptake of vaccines since the messaging ramped up over the past few weeks. On 28 November 2023, Lynda Wharton of The Health Forum NZ noted a massive upsurge in vaccination from 4,500 – 5,500 per week, to 27,240 doses in a single week.

As a professor of public health it is impossible that Baker does not understand the characteristics of these so-called “vaccine” products, including that:

  1. Infection risk increases with each dose, invalidating his product marketeering;
  2. Enormous harm is occurring to the New Zealand population and is associated both temporally and mechanistically with the products.

His concerns about Long Covid ignore the fact thatMany of the symptoms of long COVID are common to COVID-19 vaccine injury (also known as long vax); indeed, both disorders are considered manifestations of “spike protein-related disease” with a significant overlap in symptoms, pathogenesis, and treatment … The major difference between long COVID and long vax is unresolved organizing pneumonia with persistent respiratory symptoms. Clinicians have also noted that long-vax patients tend to have more severe illness due to a higher incidence and severity of neuropathic symptoms and dysautonomia.” Dysautonomia is a malfunction of the part of the nervous system responsible for controlling physiology such as blood pressure, heart rate, digestion and kidney function.

Acute Covid-19 disease, including its diagnosis which no longer requires clinical input by appropriately trained doctors, Long Covid and Covid-19 vaccine injury are complex medical conditions which should require the skill of clinicians collaborating together and studying the literature. The new paradigm being pushed onto New Zealanders and the world, seemingly in preparation for more proclaimed pandemics, is that we no longer need skilled clinicians, but rather award-winning “experts” promoting products via legacy media outlets collaborating in the public-private partnership structures being established brick-by-brick.

In claiming that “it is not a benign infection”, Michael Baker makes no reference to the fact that there are effective, safe, affordable treatments available for those at risk of severe Covid-19 disease. He makes no mention of the complex harms of the Covid boosters he advertises such as IgG4 Switching leading to immune suppression and contributing to the likelihood of vaccine associated enhanced disease (VAED), meaning a worse bout of covid in the vaccinated compared to the unvaccinated, as well as fibrosis and organ destruction. He makes no mention of the fact that the products he advertises have been reliably associated with a rise in rates and rapid progression of cancer.

These are complex processes which need to be communicated effectively to the general public so that informed consent can be appropriately obtained. Michael Baker ignores these inconvenient complexities in order to sell a range of expensive products, which we are all paying for, based on superficial fallacies.

The vaccination status of the thousands of New Zealanders being (albeit dubiously) diagnosed with Covid-19 is clearly an extremely important indicator given the multiple ways in which vaccination status affects infection risk and severity of disease. The rates per 100,000 people in each vaccination status cohort reflect the lack of safety and ineffectiveness of the products Michael Baker appears to be employed to peddle.

Michael Baker Boosters Vaccination Status Covid Cases

We agree with Ananish Chaudhuri, Professor of Experimental Economics at Auckland University and author of Nudged Into Lockdown? Behavioural Economics, Uncertainty and Covid-19, who said in a Reality Check Radio interview with Maree Buscke on 29 November 2023:

Professor Baker seems really determined to hang on to this Covid claim to fame. I think there’s a lot of public money involved in various grants and things along these lines … I think people should ignore Michael Baker. I don’t know about his other research … But what I can say, is that I have read some of his writings on Covid and this is not very well done research.

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  1. Otago University has received 800+ grants from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. How much influence do they buy? Could Prof Baker benefit?

  2. Investigate Baker to see who’s payroll he is on . Lobbyist for the pharmaceutical enterprise no doubt .

  3. I’m for 100% convinced that poor Michael never understood from the very first beginning the intricacies of this vaccin, but he had to protect his “name and fame” within the scientific community and concurring with Pfeizer and Jacinda is then the easiest option, isn’t it!? He simply is not smart enough to do some serious investigative work and make some positive contributions to the debate…..

  4. For Baker and co to be still pushing clot shots after all the factual evidence showing these to cause death and injury shows his contempt for his fellow New Zealanders. The man is a mere unrecognised minnion in his field so probably needs all the ego massaging he can muster.


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