NZ Whistleblower Case: NZDSOS Response to MOH Data Release

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Massive data release from whistleblower suggests the govt are aware of many dead after the jabs. We knew this anyway. How will our medical and political leaders respond?

Don’t hold your breath.

New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science has been calling out the increasing numbers of post-jab deaths for nearly three years since the rollout began. We have calculated numbers in the thousands, with many more suffering serious injuries. We have shown the criteria for causation are satisfied, and that the covid injections can cause death and injury through multiple mechanisms.

Given the coercion, censorship and manipulation that characterised the coronavirus jab campaign, people have a right to know what were the intended effects, and the actual outcomes. 

The barrage of injured left to suffer needlessly, at the mercy of a system which ignores their very existence, is something we continuously speak out about daily. The tragedy of those left behind after their loved one(s) died unexpectedly after a Covid vaccination weighs heavily on our hearts. 

US data analyst Steve Kirsch has revealed the staggering toll that has been exposed by a then anonymous New Zealand government whistleblower. In Steve’s livestreamed talk there were technical issues, so his presentation proper starts at 23 minutes.

A day prior, NZ media personality and politician Liz Gunn introduced the Ministry of Health database manager to the world. He calls himself Winston Smith in a nod to the ‘hero’ of Orwell’s 1984.   His data demonstrated very high mortality after injection, over 30% of recipients dead within a year of being ‘vaccinated’ by some mobile centres (presumably vaccinating into rest homes, which will have a greater annual mortality than the general population’s 0.75%).

Clearly a headline result meant to shock, we would like to have seen the full range of mortality increases across all vaccine centres, and a breakdown by dose number in the presentations, etc. He and Liz followed up with 2 more interviews, discussing the data from similarly narrow perspectives.

In a departure from their mute silence on all negative research, the Ministry of Health has issued a reassuring message to the troops, denying there is a problem and parroting ‘safe and effective’.  It’s chief executive, Margie Apa, clearly has put her Bachelor of Communications to good use, receiving a salary of at least $489K yearly and allegedly a 200K bonus at the start to push the jab hard, as did all the other DHB chief executives.

Unsurprisingly, Apa (and the obedient media) reports that the man has been suspended pending an investigation. Like the KGB chasing down underground subversive open mic nights, government have called in the police and are using US specialists to track and remove the data’s public appearances. Sadly, the new Health Minister has inherited the current habit of spin over openness. So we know that the whistleblower is real, and so is the data he has released, presumably, since Apa is not claiming it is faked. 

But yes, there are immediate questions about confounders of the data, it is clearly incomplete, there are some mistakes and its final provenance remains unclear. However, Steve’s graphs of the data – NZ deaths following the jabs – in all age groups, show concordance with other countries’ released data. The shots kill and the governments know it. This was already indisputable.

From the Kirsch presentation, in the charts below, the mortality curves after a safe vaccination should be actually a straight line at worst, or ideally trending down if it is effective and the infection is serious, ie no-one is dying from the jab, and  fewer people go on to die from an otherwise dangerous infection.  Instead there is immediate jab harm which then rises inexorably, peaking around 10 months. This is exactly what UK Office of National Statistics data has been showing consistently, after independent analysis of the sort the UK government ought to have published but has ignored. Here is US Medicare data showing a rising mortality with time after each dose, in those 80 or younger.

Whistleblower 01
Whistleblower 02

And here is his chart from the NZ release, showing a similar pattern, and triangulating with the lethality assessment of Rancourt et al, and with the apparent peak at 5 months.

Whistleblower 03

Notably, our first international collaboration in 2021, with the Israeli Peoples Commission, demonstrated exactly that finding in the first country to achieve very heavy vaccine coverage. 

This confirms what we have been saying all along: this mRNA gene technology is not safe, it is not effective and it causes serious harm and damage to everyday kiwis. And that the government of the day damn well knew it. It lied to the people, and its own MPs. People like Rory Nairn have paid with their lives. 

If Ms Apa is so certain we and whistleblower “Winson Smith” are disinfo agents, we call on her to release the actual data of outcomes in the vaccinated.

We have been asking to analyse deaths and vaccine data since September 2021. 

There are so many questions that remained unanswered.  If the vaccine was so safe, why are there so many excess deaths? If effective, why so much covid? We do not accept that the 2020 lockdown inhibited mortality rates and that what followed was just a normal rebound. That seems like a convenient answer to explain away the sudden rise in deaths which began in early 2021, matching the rollout. Nothing is consistent with the safe hypothesis. 

Assuming this data is genuine, the obvious seems now proven: that data was being selectively “released” – propagandised, massaged and hidden more like – by government agencies and its media channels to skew the perception around what is safe and effective. And they are in good company. Pfizer is only now submitting some NZ deaths from 2021 to the VAERS database in the US, over 2 years later.

It’s not as if suspicion hasn’t already been raised about the New Zealand government massaging data. It seems rife, actually. Here is a recent example, of a 76% leap in deaths in 0 to 4 year olds in 2022, from a double-checked OIA result, compared to a completely different number published on an official website. We know which number fits best with the reality of reports on the ground. And reporting from around the world.

 If all this information has been sitting in the government databases and those who saw it and were collating it knew the full extent of harm, then criminal charges need to be laid as quickly as possible. Experts will pore over it carefully, and we urge the NZ Police to do the same. Of course there is a chance this is a setup to discredit Liz Gunn and those she shared with. Opinions are a dime a dozen in the twitterverse, but we should get the takes of heavyweight stats professionals like Norman Fenton and Igor Chudov,  and a consensus will emerge as the full data is digested. Time will tell.  

In conversation with NZDSOS on the initial debate over the data release, John Oller, academic and editor of the peer-reviewed  International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice and Research, offers this wise reminder:

My take is that the potential confounders that could be sorted down to the most granular level possible of the individual records, are so completely distributed through the sample, consisting of about 1/3 of the total NZ population, with huge sample sizes for all the various age groups, etc. that have been examined so far, as to be utterly inconsequential with respect to the central question: What was it that started killing so many people after the C-19 vaccines were introduced that was not killing them before the vaccines?

If no one has a plausible answer that excludes the vaccines, all that is left for an answer is that the vaccines caused the rise in all cause mortality (ACM) in all the countries where they were introduced, and soon after they were introduced…. Confounders cannot explain anything new relevant to the issue at stake. The vaccines are killers. Or, what complex of confounding variables can overwhelm the measurable impact of the vaccines in all the countries keeping records… See Beattie’s study* of 145 countries and more to follow soon.”

Whether this data is fake or real – and we want to believe that it is genuine so it can help end this nightmare more quickly – many people want to know the truth about the jabs, and they will find it, one way or another.

Beattie’s Study

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  1. Liz Gunn is not a politician. I say that to correct your statement, and to reinforce that Liz is an independant gutsy woman who felt deeply for the sad state of New Zealanders and decided to stand for parliament.

    1. I would call her a politician. But then I would not limit the term to the concept of elected representative, especially as we appear to be living in a world where those who best represent our interests are being actively slandered and prevented from fair representation in media and the political arena.

  2. They have responded by sending police the good scientist home last night. Liz Gunn posted this at about 5 pm last night.on Twitter.
    Liz is concerned she may be pursued as well. Best to keep getting this I nfo out and support the whistle blowers. God bless all of you kindest regards [email protected]

    1. Any doctor, police or anyone that says these so called vaccines are safe and effective, is obviously in the pockets of the wef , and or Gates

      1. And phizer/big pharma,WHO,
        WTO, all UN orgs,
        Larry Fink/Blackrock, George Soros, Klaus Swaab, USA Democrats/CIA the UK equivalents, heck have to throw Disney in lol ( not),
        We are screwed!!.
        PS, lot’s of vaccine/covid data, studies,news in “The Epoch Times”

      2. And phizer/big pharma,WHO,
        WTO, all UN orgs,
        Larry Fink/Blackrock, George Soros, Klaus Swaab, USA Democrats/CIA the UK equivalents, heck have to throw Disney in lol ( not),
        We are screwed!!.
        PS, lot’s of vaccine/covid data, studies,news in “The Epoch Times”. Yes some of this is repeated for a different comment, algood true propaganda, print!.

  3. Well thought through and written, thank you. But calling Liz Gunn a politician? A wanna be one, but not one yet !?

    1. More accurately, could have been, a former lawyer, journalist and TV news broadcaster. Also, a very brave and determined woman.

  4. Thank you NZDSOS for your massive contribution to helping to stop this heinous crime against humanity, and thank you for your timely articles and support of Liz and “Winston”.

  5. Hello, thank you so much for your integrity & morality.
    I have a question in regard to deaths… has there been an analysis between vaccinated & unvaccinated all cause mortality? I imagine that would be quite damning.
    Thank you again.
    Kind regards, Christine Dawson

  6. MOH leaders will not say anything about the data validity as if they deny its legitimacy then they can be tried for lying when the data is proven to be accurate. Legally they must say nothing. The arrest of the whistleblower is confirmation the data is accurate or there would be no charges. We must stand strong with the whistleblower who like Snowden and Assange risked their lives to expose government corruption and have been living in jail or exiled due to their whistleblowing and for exposing the truth.

  7. I think the timing for the release of the information, is because of the change in government. Expecting Winston Peter’s to pick it up and do something about it. Which he will. Thanks for the email.

    1. That’s why he got mine and my wife’s vote. She suffered from getting the ” mandated” jab.

  8. Obvious that this Covid/sars2, scamdemic is ALL manmade. Turns out Health and Medsafe, are ‘not so safe’.Both of them are pushing poisonous oral drugs, to combat the invisible virus. The worst one being PAXLOVID this drug really is poison. I was prescribed this by my G.P. How can they get away wiyh precribing poisonous drugs to people? 158 casualities, and MEDSAFE think that that is an O.K. price to pay!! These Monsters, are the people, that are now running our ‘managed illness’ so called Health Sevice !!

  9. We learn from this that it was only an accident of history that it was not a Centre Right National lead government which was behind the genocide at the time of the bioweapon rollout, because clearly they are no different.

    And insofar as they were voted in because Labour was rejected due to its heavy handed approach to an experimental treatment ( illegal to coerce under the Nuremberg Code) this government has betrayed the electorate within DAYS of being formed.

    Why am i not surprised?

    And, knowing that power corrupts, why should I EVER vote again?

    1. Hi, Our country does not recognise the Nuremberg Code. It has no place in any of our laws. I looked it up when covid first came out. I was trying to find a way for my family to not be forced to take the vaccine. So, there’s that. You’re right about voting, it just feels like same sh..different political party.

  10. “Whether this data is fake or real – and we want to believe that it is genuine”…. What happened to the NZDSOS Citizen Database? The world is watching – perhaps it is time to get those voices heard is that not why concerned citizens provided information to ensure it wouldn’t be hidden? How about NZDSOS analyse this data and release that. Just a thought…

  11. The most important thing right now is that we come together as a freedom movement and not cast any shadows over the selfless and courageous actions of Liz and WB. Why on earth would we not do that?

  12. Why is Te Whatu Ora wanting the data taken down from all websites if they have nothing to hide? Hopefully the whistleblower/their lawyer will ask this question in court.


  14. I see that the charges against the whistleblower are for the “Unauthorised use of data” so the issue is does information about things done to us by our Govt. belong to them? We commission the Govt. (through the election process) we, the people, PAY the Govt. through our taxes and when we seek remedy from a common threat we demonstrate a trust in them that they are performing in our best interest! The data they have gathered on us must surely belong to us, as they are in our employ??
    I suggest the new government do not embarrass themselves further over this matter, release the whistleblower and stop conspiring to keep what does not belong to them!

    1. “Duty of Care” as I understand this – is a legal requirement on everyone who finds a danger of any sort to report this and get the problem fixed. Simplistic i know but there are legal precedents on this legal angle. Winson Smith I believe has a sound defence for his actions on this count alone. please can a better legal mind than mine give an angle on this?

    2. Good comment Carolyn. Like to say this data proves criminal negligence
      Causing death, genocide, and the continued destruction of our economy because the data was not acted apon,- deliberately! All those in the know should be arrested and thoroughly investigated by the fraud squad, including bank accounts and phone records. And first! Immeadiately stop the jab. Do you concur?.

  15. Yes I am waiting for the day all these perpetrators are brought to justice. They (the perpetrators) will need to start building more jails to cover – the globalists, government of the day, media, medical staff that carried out the deed knowing it not to have been tested properly (different treatment perhaps for those coerced), employers demanding jabs or no jobs the list goes on.
    Every country should do this as the world will not be safe until this happens just need one to start the ball rolling.

    1. Yes Nan, and let’s see if PM Luxon will be a great leader and persue justice immeadiately with his coalition generals because this is utterly utterly

  16. I have looked into this and yes the number of death are increasing rapidly more than I would expect (2019/20 = 33,450, 2020/21 = 33,558 (lockdown time), 2021/22 – 26,915 2022/23 = 38,106).
    People here are worried as we watch the news differently and search up better information. What do you think the government will not be afraid? They are worried (the least) if this information (assumption) is officially to be correct, that means people in certain regions will become very scared!!!
    It might not only due to covid vaccine also delayed care and cancer monitoring. Plus the number of people leaving this country is also something to worry about.
    A government official does not want this kind of information fear happening, this is uncontrolled fear!
    There is absolutely something going on which they don’t want the whole world to know as that would become a very scary world maybe more than the covid lockdown time…

  17. This goverment can’t tell the truth because it would cost to much in vax injuries payouts and legal fees for all the court cases.

  18. Anyone representing the vax as “safe and effective” to the NZ public must be required to produce the actual (unadulterated) data to prove it.
    Any claims made in the absence of the actual data are merely propoganda and potentially malicious and criminal.
    I never thought I would live to see such a day in New Zealand.

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