Blood Clots Causing Death – How Can The Coroner Confirm the C-19 Jab is Unrelated?

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Executive Summary

1. Coroner states 17-year old Isabella Alexander’s death from multiple blood clots following her first Pfizer jab was not due to the vaccine as the coroner had been shown no evidence of a connection.

2. There are multiple lines of evidence implicating the spike protein as a cause of clotting, known since before the jab’s rollout. What post-mortems do occur are hurried, superficial and inadequate to identify underlying causation of the clots.

3. Isabella had an inherited genetic variation making her more liable to a clot if other factors are present – including using the contraceptive pill, but obviously also the mRNA injections that turn the body into a spike protein factory and create inflammation. However the media are blaming Isabella and besmirching her memory.

4. The government’s drug watchdog Medsafe was aware of data pointing to elevated clot risk and chose to do nothing, including not informing the coroners or pathologists. This is massive negligence.


The government’s main propaganda website, Stuff, has exposed teenager Isabella Alexander’s medical history to the world in a flagrant and desperate attempt to blame the victim again, and keep Pfizer off the hook. Isabella died on September 10th 2021 with blood clots in legs and lungs, shortly after her first Pfizer vaccine. Incredibly, Coroner Janet Anderson wrote “there is no evidence available to me to suggest that the Pfizer vaccine had any role in her death”. 

What the —-? 

They Knew About Blood Clots

Maybe the coroner is telling her truth; no evidence has been shown to her, but there is much published evidence PROVING the fact of blood clotting caused by the SARS-Cov-2 spike protein, AND the artificial version induced by the genetic shots, which produces far more spike and for longer, thus massively increasing the risk in anyone who has a predispostion for clots.  While we cannot quantify definitively whether the pill or the injection is worse, the evidence from pathologists and embalmers is that the clots seen in vaccinated people are much worse than anything seen before, in fact not even clots but fibro-proteinaceous structures unknown to medicine.  Shame on this coroner, and on Medsafe’s investigatory panel for not flagging this when they chatted about Isabella’s death over tea and biscuits. An OIA response has revealed its processes fall extremely short of a typical Independent Safety Monitoring Board, which are usually convened to supervise unapproved drugs during human trials. But this one only considers cases that make it through CARM reporting system, itself voluntary, laggy, under-reporting and entirely unfit to protect the public. Having said that, its safety signals have been activated, but ignored. 

Should all these regulators have known? Of course! We showed the infamous Slide 16 to Medsafe. It is the list of serious potentially fatal medical conditions the coroner should be considering, that were flagged by the FDA during the clinical trials. Multiple reports of clots showed up in the first 3 months, here in Pfizer’s post release surveillance, which is discussed here. 

US Govt consultant Dr Paul Alexander presented a list of 26 published studies about covid-19 spike protein causing clotting. 

In Germany, a highly experienced pathologist showed that of 15 people who died after taking the vaccine, 14 died directly from the jab. His group published this authoritative report into clotting. 

Next, here is a pathologist discussing some pathways for abnormal clots and some more references, that demonstrate how, early on, the research was pointing to clotting from the spike protein. Here is a US embalmer being interviewed about bizarre clots seen after death. Several New Zealand funeral directors are validating his findings. 

There are several mechanisms at least for clotting, and they were shown in september 2020, and here too in this largely ignored paper, to occur with the infection itself, but this paper in December 2020 from the famous Salk Institue of La Jolla, California did create a stir and showed the spike protein itself destroys blood vessel linings, potentially causing clots.  This research showed why the spike protein caused thrombosis (clots) in covid patients, and this was covered well by Dr Mobeen Syeed on Youtube. 

This late 2021 research from the Salk Institute proved why blood vessels are targeted by the spike. Remember, the spike is the harmful bit of the virus, not a benign fragment as we were promised, and that vaccinated people make far more than those natually infected. The artificial mRNA makes sure of this. Shouldn’t pathologists alert coroners to all this?  Does anyone assess for the presence of spike protein, which can be extensive, or platelet factor 4 antibodies? What might a pathologist miss, especially if concerned about enabling vax hesitancy, which the Medical Council has classed an offence?  

And chief coroner Deborah Marshall, who was the duty Auckland coroner at the time, but who has now retired, rather pre-determined what coroner Anderson could say as she was trotted out by the PM a mere THREE DAYS after Isabella’s desperately tragic death to say there was no link. Really? We were aghast at the time at the gruesome political cover-up before any painstaking investigation befitting the end of a young life, shortly after taking a clot-inducing experimental gene therapy. We later wrote to the Coroner’s Office to express this.  And we are even more astonished, but shouldn’t be, at the ignoring of a large amount of evidence implicating the jabs as agents of clotting in the deaths of many young people, including teens and children. We have many names and it is time the public had them too. 

In this Newshub article covering the immediate aftermaths’ spin job to get the public and few remaining credible journalists off the scent, PM Ardern said no-one had linked the teenager’s death with the jabs, and Ashley Bloomfield, then Director General of Health, implied that he wasn’t concerned about the jab as no doctors had emailed him about the case, or any other – apart from us, numerous times, that is. But he must have forgotten, like Dr Fauci. Or might this be another cover-up?

In summary, the Vaccine Independent Safety Monitoring Board, dismiss deaths caused by known side-effects of the vaccine, as they are ‘already known’, and further dismiss causes of death not on the Pfizer datasheet as they have not yet been recognised! Further, they only add ’emergency meetings’ to their monthly scheduled meetings if they need to quell public disquiet, not to assess a new suspicious death. And Medsafe is now only updating their safety briefings every 3 months. All this smells very bad indeed. 

On 27 April 2021, Medsafe noted that there had been clots with COVID-19 vaccines but stated that there was no risk with the Pfizer vaccine. Medsafe later confirmed that as of 28 September 2021 they had received 107 reports of thrombosis following the Pfizer vaccine but stated that “a report of thrombosis following vaccination does not necessarily imply a causal link to the vaccine, and often these events occur coincidently.” [ref https://www.medsafe.govt.nz/safety/DHCPLetters/Distinguishing-between-Thrombosis-and-TTS.pdf]

Medsafe’s denial was curious given that thrombosis is listed as one of the 1200 adverse events of special interest in Pfizer’s post-marketing material mentioned above, and one of the few animal studies undertaken by Pfizer raised serious concerns about the distribution and elimination of the spike protein. Dr Bridle and Dr Palmer stated that:

“Pfizer’s animal data clearly presaged the following risks and dangers:

  •  blood clotting shortly after vaccination, potentially leading to heart attacks, stroke, and venous thrombosis
  • grave harm to female fertility
  • grave harm to breastfed infants
  • cumulative toxicity after multiple injections

Medsafe’s website states it is investigating possible safety signals including blood clots. However, the monitoring communication has not been updated for over a year.

Genes, The Pill, The Jab and Blood Clots

So, let’s dissect what was supposed to have happened to Isabella. According to the gaslighting article in last week’s NZ Herald, Isabella was secretly taking a friend’s contraceptive pill, then was taken by mum to get her own pills from the local GP, then went to hospital with an unspecified concern some time before her shot where she did not tell the doctors about her use of birth control. Doesn’t the article makes her sound secretive and deceptive? It reminds of Medsafe and MSM blaming Rory Nairn for delaying medical assessment, except that no-one had warned him to watch out for serious side effects and death. 

Now, the pill can cause blood clots, for sure. All doctors know this. Isabella didn’t know she carried a common clotting gene variation called Leiden V, and nor do many of the other legions of pill users who do just fine. Risk factors in medicine usually multiply, and they do in clotting. As shown above, all the experts should know the vaccine causes clots, often in people with no risk factors. Except the coroner apparently, who wasn’t shown the Pfizer post marketing report with 1223 deaths in the first 3 months, many from clots, or that the viral vector vaccines were withdrawn in some countries. Nor does she appear to have undertaken the professional research that would be expected when investigating such a death.  

The Stuff article says 5% pakeha women carry the potentially pro-clotting Leiden V gene variation, but only around 1 in 10 000 women (usually older) get a severe vascular event from the pill. The other known risk factors are obesity, smoking and high blood pressure. Doctors don’t routinely screen for Leiden when starting the contraceptive. Where were the vaccine clinical trials looking specifically at this 1 in 20 gene variation, in combination with the Pill, which could be entirely relevant to Isabella’s multiple and fatal blood clots?  

So why not consider the jab? In previous pharmacovigilance work, the cause of death would have been the newly introduced medication UNTIL PROVEN OTHERWISE.  But now the entire edifice of government is shutting its eyes and driving on the narrative. Shame on all of them, but especially the coroners, who are too late for the people whose deaths they have signed off, but many yet to die could be saved if these coroners would find courage and some critical thinking. To be fair though, how many went in to law to save lives? It may be time for some doctors to become coroners. We are sorry if we sound angry. Needless death and suffering due to willful blindness does that to people. 

The problem for the public is that to believe what we and others have been saying, they would have to accept that their leaders and officials are trying to hurt them, at the very least through gross negligence. For many peaceful and complacent Kiwis, this is a cognitive chasm too wide to cross. But what if, as the following truthful examples illustrate, it was your 13 year-old girl who needed your CPR in a school athletics race and died later; or 14 year-old son who dropped dead at home in front of your horrified eyes; or your 12 year-old who collapsed in the arms of her camp leader, wrongly diagnosed and mistreated for asthma; or another 14 year-old lad who simply never woke up one morning, following a post-vaccine myocarditis but allowed back to sport? Is this just bad luck, a bit SAD, or perhaps taking the ultimate one for the team, as our unctious celebs keep ordering us to do.

Unfortunately for conspiracy deniers, there are clear patterns evident through accounts from many people, giving testimony to the following:

1. Some cardiologists acknowledge they are seeing a lot of heart inflammation from the jabs. Even private waiting lists are blowing out.

2. Injured and bereaved kiwis being told one thing verbally by hospital staff, GPs, pathologists, first responders, even coroners, but to have no blame or even mention of the shots in their paperwork.

3. Many health care workers tell us there is a culture of blaming and shaming colleagues who raise the vaccine as a diagnosis for death or injury, or who wish to report to CARM. IT UNDER-REPORTS. Period.

4. Hospitals overwhelmed with “summer infections”, and it’s not covid. Suddenly children can’t deal with normal respiratory viruses. Everyone else is sicker and dying more too. 

4. Doctors ordered to refuse early treatments for covid, and enabled to put all possible vaccine injury symptoms they can down to anxiety. If they all do this, it is normalised, and no one of them is likely to be singled out for criticism. 

5. Medical staff using the most bald-faced cruelty and callousness in the face of people exerting their fundamental human rights. The Starship baby’s case exposed this, and especially the ongoing pattern of courts hearing virtually no data from the Crown but ignoring powerful proof of harm from those challenging overreach by the government. 

6. Doctor after politician after bureaucrat after news anchor/comedian claiming the untested vaccine is safe in pregnancy and children, despite all the safety signals clanging within weeks. Because they want to believe it, and Mummy told them so. If this isn’t magic thinking, corruption or an infantile surrender of their faculties to make their fear go away, we don’t know what else it is. 

7. All round the vaccinated world the young are dying suddenly, all ages are seeing a rise in all-cause deaths, birthrates are declining, turbo cancers are skyrocketing and people are trapped with recurrent covid infections, unable to gain proper immunity. Silence from authorities. Pathetic bluster from the enablers (Steve Kirsch’s  assessment of the Platform’s Sean Plunket here.

Sad Conclusion

After extensive research, and being left with the only explanation that explains all the facts still unrefuted, it seems to us there really are some very bad people who do actually wish to hurt ordinary folk. It seems to us that Isabella Alexander was just one of many, her cause of death being fudged. The level of harm from the shots is extraordinary, and they were forced on everyone, despite them not working, including pregnant women in mandated sectors. What about our reproductive future, asks this expert, testifying in Washington. Just because one is personally unaffected so far, does not mean the neighbour across the street isn’t suffering, abandoned and ignored by the health system, an inconvenient truth of the power of the state.  

We think more people are waking up now, but they should skip breakfast and get straight to the defensive lines, time is marching on, as the psychopaths plan their next assaults. We need the majority of polled respondents who are “unhappy with the direction of the country” to do more: they should be horrified, and resolved to action, on behalf of Isabella, her gaslit family, and thousands more like them.  

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