Coroner Letter

Letter to the Coroner About the Deaths following the C-19 Injection

NZDSOS wrote to the New Zealand Coroner about our concerns that deaths following the covid injection were not being adequately investigated. We seek reassurances that deaths in those who have been injected are being assessed, especially where these deaths are in younger people who are not expected to die suddenly.

We highlight that the novel Pfizer ‘vaccine’, along with the lipid nano-particles that encase the genetic material of the this ‘vaccine’ have not been used in healthy humans before and as such surveillance of the effects are paramount. We provide evidence for our concerns and plausible mechanisms of the cause of deaths in relation to the ‘vaccine’.

Finally, we put eight questions to the coroner about what steps taken to determine whether the injection is involved in unexpected deaths.

The Coronial Service, paid for by the our taxes, is meant to help protect the lives and health of all New Zealanders and thus has a duty of care to investigate unexpected deaths, especially where these are associated with a medical intervention.

Read: Letter to the NZ Coroner

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