The Deceptive Gaslighting By David Seymour and Other NZ Politicians Trying to Re-Write History

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ACT party leader David Seymour gives regular interviews on NZ’s very vexxing The Platform, which also hosts a new essay by him, A More Civil Vaccination Policy, in which he makes a number of self-contradictions and surprising backtracks. We say vexxing because Platform host Sean Plunket’s uniquely entrenched “anti-vax nutters” position contrasts with his otherwise accurate distaste for accelerating government overreach. We do know that he has merely swapped the public teat for a private one and suppose he cannot nip the tit that feeds him.

Seymour’s Legendary Flip-Flops

A relentless populist, David Seymour’s flip-flops are legendary but to the ‘freedom community’ he is best known for calling for ever harsher discrimination against the unvaccinated, and championing the human rights of the vaccinated not to have to provide services to – or even share oxygen with – unjabbed people. This is all the more surprising as the ACT party has strongly libertarian roots, championing individual responsibility, free choice and far less government intrusion in our lives. 

What he doesn’t seem to champion are facts, however, certainly those pertaining to NZ’s all-time record high death rates. Even MSM has been forced to comment on the “mystery”,  also befalling many other heavily vaccinated countries. Seymour claimed that a reliable web site called Our World in Data proved we apparently are losing fewer people not more but, unfortunately for David, the website clearly shows the highly abnormal numbers for most of the last 2 years.Maybe he was just parroting the same shocking lie spoken by, perhaps, our next doctor candidate for a knighthood, Michael Baker. Our expert colleague Dr Guy Hatchard has posted on this seeming topsy-turvy take on the truth by establishment cheerleaders. 

Anyway, David seeks to rewrite history and expunge his cheerleading of discrimination. Perhaps he got jabbed himself and is now a worried fellow. But then there is this, while he was out campaigning. “Nobody cares about you mate!” he says to a man questioning him on ACT’s faliure to speak up for freedom of medical choice, instead threatening benefits and incomes for those jab refuseniks. There is an election looming and the electorate is perhaps gaining more confidence.

In his essay he does admit to no vaccine protection against omicron, but only after wrongly claiming spectacular transmission blockade and protection from serious outcomes at the start of the jab campaign. He is dead wrong, and we have posted extensively on the statistical trickery and deliberate mis-definitions used to create this rosy but false picture. Amongst a number of breath-taking inflations, including of his role as a mediator with the parliamentary protest leadership, he made the following surprisingly accurate statement: 

“One final way that conflicts could have been managed, as I said in Parliament in March 2022, was to allow doctors to use their professional judgement in granting exemptions.  That would have allowed people like the man I spoke of at that time some relief. It will always be an extraordinary feature of the Government’s vaccine policy that the medical profession so easily allowed its professional integrity to be overridden by the Ministry of Health.”

We say surprising, because we agree with him that most doctors did indeed stand aside at the behest of the politically captured Ministry of Health. However, wherever the orders to do so came from (hint: further up the supranational food chain), it is the Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ) that handed over medicine’s ethical safeguards to the Office of Prime Minister and Cabinet.

MCNZ embarked on an immediate campaign of threats and intimidation so that 20,000 practicing doctors – minus a few hundred resisters – feared that they would lose their incomes, and their hard-won elevated position in society, if they started quoting Hippocrates, Nuremberg, Pfizer’s prior record fines and – God forbid – clinical research. Well, NZDSOS members were just as afraid of losing everything, but were more scared of what it all represented.

Seymour’s article makes some sense in it’s main thrust – that had ACT’s advice to make the shots voluntary been taken, parliament could have protected livelihoods and friendships, and avoided an embittered freedom movement. Most would still have gotten jabbed and businesses could choose for themselves in a free market place that could still cater for all. 

But Seymour makes an obvious and fatal error of omission. The jabs are dangerous. They were always going to be risky but the deaths and injuries far exceed anything we should tolerate, are going to get worse over time, and there is a pandemic of wilful blindness amongst public officials and, yes, many doctors. Readers should ask themselves whether all the ‘died suddenly’ headlines and posts are coincidence, whether it is normal to know of friends, families and workmates with heart, neurological and clotting issues since 2021. Trust us as lifelong health workers in your communities. It is not. 

This is what the uppity selfish protesters and a sizeable segment of society resented: the very wrongness of forcing a medical experiment. There is no avoiding the deeply coercive measures used to gain compliance. In some cases this amounted to torture, such was the distress. Not everyone could just walk away from their jobs, or their support networks.

A Matter of Trust

This whole debacle has come down to a matter of trust. Under the guise of a deadly germ, society was neatly segmented into those who never doubted the fear porn and ‘decisive leadership’ coming from politicians and government experts (and don’t forget the press, bribed with taxpayer dosh), and those who thought they sensed at least a few lies and inconsistencies from the start. As unprecedented rules and regulations were steam-rollered across prior norms of public health, suspicion grew and more people started to question – if not ‘wake up’ entirely – especially as jab injuries and deadly reactions appeared with the rollouts. 

Since the pandemic started, not a single sitting MP stood up and called out the naked emperor astride the giant elephant, though a few whimpered meekly that maybe the mandates might be unreasonable. The man who would be our next Minister of Health, Dr Shane Reti, was recently asked at a campaign rally by an injured health professional why his National Party, currently in opposition, has been silent on the extent of jab injuries.

Reti replied blankly that he’d had his jabs and been fine, then shrugged, seeming to ask, so what’s the problem? Shane is a doctor of medicine, by the way, and like many others he doesn’t know much about environmental medicine, unlike this brave questioner at another meeting. He believes in a “different set of science” than the US National Toxicology Program’s review of the many studies confirming fluoridation impairs children’s development.

Politicians like him, and David Seymour, and the current Prime Minister etc all stood in thrall while Jacinda Ardern stared at the camera and said if you get the jab you will neither get covid, nor die from it. This was during delta, the milder follow-on variant of the initial Wuhan virus, but before the even more benign omicron strains now dominant. But, note the ongoing relentless propaganda, particularly still targeting pregnant women and our kids!

Perhaps Seymour, Reti and the rest of the guardians of our liberal democracy can explain that one (here’s a hint David: never again leave it just to doctors to exercise and defend some moral absolutes, try developing your own), and why the UK has stopped offering covid jabs to all except for some over-75s, but we blunder on. 

In truth they have a helluva lot more explaining to do, especially in Seymour’s case. Behold the gleeful spite with which he and other party leaders fell on the conscientious objectors, evoking the worst instincts of apartheid South Africa and anti-semitic Nazi Germany. Equating vax scepticism with domestic terrorism, the government’s spying agency was tasked with teaching everyone to “know the signs”.  Who imagined nice Kiwis could be press-ganged into being KGB informers? The Beehive, that’s who. 

For the first time in NZ’s post-colonial history we have been invaded, by outside private unelected forces including the WHO – we know this may sound bizarre to some – and the WEF, who are mixing techno-fascism with Marxist psychopathy, which is as destructive as it sounds. The link is well worth it’s 30 minutes to confirm all the signs that our society is under ideological attack.

These shadowy bad actors have found a few willing minions in most jabbed countries for sure, but took for granted the scared witless MPs (along with the judges, police, employers, reporters, teachers etc). They were all TRICKED BY LIES, specifically the hypnotic mantra of ‘safe and effective’, and had their trusting natures taken for granted. 

If you are wondering if you, too, have been taken advantage of, perhaps listen to this most inside of insiders, former Pfizer VP Dr Mike Yeadon, describing how his scientific training and particular talent for pattern recognition enabled him to spot the deception, and what we should all do about it. He is putting his life on the line to help his fellow humans, and we wonder which of our elected representatives can say the same.  Should we expect them to? Apparently not, but they should clear out of parliament and let in others who understand the imperative, as well as the risks and rewards, for the fight for our free lives in these dangerous times. 

You cannot comply your way out of tyranny.  MEP Christine Anderson

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  1. Yes I’m very Concerned about Dear Old David he doesn’t seem to New Zealand’s Best Interests at Heart ! I’ve been Confronting him about the CLOSURE of NZ’s ONLY OIL REFINERY at MARSDEN POINT Whangarei! I tried to Challenge him again last Sunday at the ACT Party AGM in Auckland his minder Drew me away from his TV Interviews after the Event! I should have STOOD my Ground & Kept asking my Question What are you going to do David Seymour too REINSTATE OUR REFINERY & GET IT OPERATIONAL ONCE AGAIN ASAP ???? I’ll get another Chance soon but in the meantime please join us at https://sharesies.com/r/BQ9QB6
    Cheers & God Bless
    Karl Barkley
    Engineer Farmer
    Shareholder of Channel Infrastructure formally NZ Refining Company
    027 5940090
    Email [email protected]

    1. Let’s also not forget that absolutely sick propaganda music video Seymour featured largely in; encouraging citizens to get jabbed.

  2. Good exposé on the pernicious and deceitful Seymour. He belongs to another planet. He is the one who champions bad ideas like euthanasia and the covid scam. Anyone would think he is part of the global elite but sadly he is way down the ladder of this slave system

  3. As the vaccine was never tested for protection against infection and transmission, and it clearly never achieved this in studies or real life there was no reason for David Seymour to hand over the Mandate from government to private business (his hairdresser scenario in his parties manifesto) as it was never going to protect “grannie”. It just would transfer responsibility for damage away from the government.

  4. If we ever get through this and surface on the side of liberty, prosperity and happiness, among the very many that need to be held to account are the miscreants that form the boards and councils of the HPCA Act. Self-proclaimed watch-dogs of ethics and public safety they have all reliably demonstrated the complicit, meaningless, and pecksniffian nature of their Peter principle fulfilling positions.

  5. The invasion of NZ has been going on a lot longer than this stage. They may not have used such obvious outside influences, but rather, internal traitors carrying out the externalist’s plan.

  6. I fully agree with the sentiment of this article, however you have to consider Seymours actions in the context of hyper-oppressive covid-cancel-culture that was created globally. Even the Nobel Laueate Luc Montagnier was denounced and had his character besmirched for making obviously correct statements. Seymour pushed the envelope I reckon. Look at his actions, he didn’t support the bill that made the transfections mandatory, while NZ first did. If you want to inflict as much damage on the Labour party as possible this election then don’t waste you vote on a small party but vote for ACT or National.

    1. Yossarian Yes It is a Catch22. Luxon is weak and woke and so too the Nat party. NZ First we’ll receive enough votes from the 5% pivot to hold the hopeless Luxon to account. What less could we possibly hope for? Labour socialism and green luddites.

  7. So, who do we put our trust in to be the elected officials tasked with the governance of our once great nation….

    I for one am concerned that there is not one politician in New Zealand who is intelligent enough or has the morals to stand up for our once free society.

    What is that that our brothers, fathers and grandfathers fought for in the world wars and beyond ? If not our continued freedom were their valiant efforts in vain ?

    If we don’t stand together for a better nation we shall all fall into the globalist clutches… losing all freedoms that we once took for granted

    Yours a concerned citizen

  8. Bravo. Excellent, accurate summary of the gross arrogance, ignorance & bad behaviour of Seymour and his ilk, eg Shane Reti (not worthy of a Dr title, even though the vast majority of NZ doctors have equally betrayed us). Shame on all the bottom feeding doctors and politicians capitalising on this evil Covid pantomime & ensuing forced ‘vaccine’ nonsense. They’re running out of runway. The truth is coming out. Against the odds, love & light is going to win this thing. And justice will be served. ❤️

  9. This is a very good summation of where NZ is at, and the overall situation we find ourselves.
    My first question to you NZDSOS. Is your organisation the one able to lead the way out of this situation that NZ finds it self in? Dear I say it, those in power today could be said to have never left the university system and I could name some. They don’t have the experience in the real world of preparing a strategic plan appointing the right people and implementing a plan so it delivers the solutions that NZ needs. + 60000 government appointees employees advising along with further high paid consultants and this is what we have got.
    How do we rebuild the medical and political/ social function of NZ. Morality and consequently truth has been removed from our NZ community which was the underpinning of NZ society. Gods own if you like. Where to from here?

  10. Whilst most ponder “which one”?
    I suggest no one!!
    They are all compromised treacherous human filth, who have betrayed all our lovely kiwis by being coerced by outside influences and are narcissistic weak pathetic low level nobodies hoping to be somebody. They knit fog and can’t be relied on for your next breath, or to make something work or fix something. Self centred bullshitters we should all harass from dawn to dusk until they end up in a foetal position in a corner crying.
    I’ve never voted and never will as this collection are uninterested and incapable of doing a single common sense task that improves or enriches our lives. Tell them to Foxtrot Oscar

    1. Jamie states “I have never voted & I never will”, and he complains about the situation that the country is in. There are about 1-million people who do not vote. If they all looked outside of parliament & voted for those who are not now in parliament, we would NOT be in this situation.

  11. A wonderful read to confirm that when the”bug” was revealed to scare the majority of folk including members of parliament, I saw it as ” the biggest medical scam in history”, but why did others believe in our lying politicians? & our so called “experts?” Thanks for your enlightening article.

  12. The whole world and in particular the Western world is under sustained attack from global communism. Why is NZ supporting Yankeelands war dog puppets in NATO to wage war upon Russia? The Russian Federation is not only fighting for survival but the freedom of all human races.
    Unfortunately critical thinking is no longer a part of the psyche of the vast majority of people.
    Bring o The Great Cull and rid my land of the stupid that infest it.

  13. If I were to manufacture a puppet which operated for the irrefutably genocidal Tedros Adhanom Ghebryesus and the madman Gates I would invent David Seymour. He squeaks the sound of the UN tyranny and control agenda when he walks.

  14. Great article , thanks .. and as if all of this is’nt bad enough other questions must now surely be asked about the extra billions & billions borrowed in the last 3 yrs or so from the IMF & World bank presumably and the real cost of those loans ? After all they have quite some history in their workings with lending and policy directives etc with many many countries thru out the world !

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