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Better Way Conference 2023 FI
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Unveiling a Better Way for Health, Freedom & Sovereignty

Last year’s inaugural Better Way conference launched the Better Way Charter. As one of the 200+ grassroots organisations aligned with the World Council for Health from across 50 nations, this charter aligns directly with the values of NZDSOS.

Better Way Charter

The second Better Way conference was again held in Bath, UK between Friday 2 June and Sunday 4 June 2023. Two NZDSOS members attended the conference in person, whilst others of us keenly observed via virtual pass. We offer a summary of Day One in this short article by way of promoting the conference to those with an interest in this better way towards health and health care.

This year Del Bigtree had hoped to repeat his role as Master of Ceremonies, but The Highwire are premiering Mikki Willis’ latest documentary, Plandemic 3: The Great Awakening, which has required Del’s presence in the USA. Neil Oliver instead took on the honour with poise and humour.

The important focus of the conference is this nexus between government corruption and private corruption, and the Covid mandates and what happened to us during Covid. One of the driving impulses behind this conference, and I know this is something that’s close to Tess’s heart, is that we’ve got to put mechanisms in place to make sure this never happens again. And that the people who did this to us, experience justice.” ~ Robert F Kennedy Jr addressing A Better Way, 2023

A Better Way 2023, Day One

Conversation One: From Big Pharma to Real Health

Hosted by Dr Mark Trozzi and Veronika Kyrylenko. Dr Trozzi sets the scene by summarising that the drug industry make $6 billion selling vaccines, which leads to another $500 billion selling drugs to treat the damages caused by those vaccines. Regulatory capture has allowed their hunger for profit to go unchecked.

In the USA, the dinosaur media earn 75% of their revenue from the pharmaceutical industry. It is even higher for the evening news. Bill Gates has donated $319 million to media organisations. George Soros funnelled $131 million to 253 media organisations in four years. Pfizer spent $2.8 billion in media advertisements last year alone. This ensures the knowledge of their expensive, dangerous product failings remains suppressed as injuries and deaths can be denied and covered up.

Dr Trozzi goes on to tell the story of Tucker Carlson, host of Fox News. Watched by 3.5 million people per show, which is ten times the size of CNN’s entire audience, Carlson was dismissed five days after he discussed the control that the pharmaceutical industry have over TV news content. After his dismissal, Carlson’s first off-mainstream broadcast was viewed 72.7 million times in the first 24 hours.

These issues are expanded upon by a range of highly qualified and experienced presenters. Dr Pierre Kory offers solutions to the issues, which all centre around expanding upon existing, or building new, establishments which are free from regulatory encroachment and top-down corporate systems. This includes professional societies, medical journals, media, and the need to protect free speech within legislation. Recent news from the Free Speech Union highlights how crucial the need to protect free speech is for New Zealand today, as the Department of Internal Affairs marches forward with further encroachments on our right to express views which dissent against government.

Dr Kory’s ideas are creative and practical. His own test of registering with a parallel indigenous system is one which New Zealand doctors and health professionals may be able to emulate via the Wakaminenga Health Council.

Following Dr Kory’s inspirational presentation are equally provocative addresses from eminent scientists including:

  • Dr Jessica Rose offers inights into rejecting totalitarian systems such as the current attack from the World Health Organization;
  • Deanna McLeod from Canadian Covid Care Alliance on the pharmaceutical industry’s hijacking of the Canadian health system and subversion of informed consent and appropriate product regulation;
  • Dr Karina Acevedo-Whitehouse, veterinary doctor, on ethical and safety concerns regarding use of mRNA injectables in animals – a highly lucrative industry;
  • Dr Paul Marik on the pharmaceutical industry’s control of politics, regulatory agencies, standard of care, research agenda, medical journals and the media;
  • Dr Meryl Nass on how to tackle the problems with drug regulation and harmful laws;

Dr Nass is starting an umbrella organisation with the services of an international lawyer who has worked at the UN. They will locate documents, explain them, and work on assisting nations in developing model legislation to protect against the WHO / UN power grabs.

  • Clive de Carle, advanced diagnostics advisor, on the hidden health history they don’t want you to know, discussing healing therapies of merit;
  • Dr Tina Peers on mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS) – causes, prevention, treatment and parallels with acute covid and long covid, and how to get rid of the spike protein;
  • Dr Reiner Fuellmich on the corruption in political and judicial systems provides a solution from within New Zealand (see more here) and how this can help humanity worldwide.

These first nine presenters held an impassioned panel discussion around the excess mortality now occurring across western nations from New Zealand to the UK and USA. The increase in excess mortality is highly correlated with covid vaccination rates. The life insurance industry is providing clear data on the disturbing rise in harms occurring to working age populations, specifically in the USA. Meanwhile, in Canada (and in New Zealand in 2020) during the pandemic months, most harms occurred to residents of long term care facilities with Vitamin D deficiency being a significant risk factor.

Censorship, propaganda and information control continue to obscure the multiple layers of this phenomenon. There are cheap, repurposed, effective treatments available which are being concealed.

Conversation Two: Fake Foods to Food as Medicine

Harnessing the healing power of food was the focus of Conversation Two, hosted by Shabnam Palesa Mohamed and Richard Vobes. The fake food industry such as promoted by the World Economic Forum is already worth $3 trillion, with insect species being approved for human consumption despite multiple known health concerns. The destruction of farms under the guise of climate protection has included a seizure of 3,000 farms in Holland. Bayer, who produced Agent Orange, purchased Monsanto and now control seed supply.

  • Patrick Holford from Food for the Brain, on systems connections between nutrition (specifically B vitamins and Omega-3) and neurodegenerative disease. He asks the audience to promote the Cognitive Function Test;
  • Dr Sabine Hazan on connections between the microbiome and disease processes, impact on the microbiome of low quality probiotics and mRNA injectables. Learn more here;
  • Christof Plothe, integrative medicine practitioner, on the destruction of nutrients in our foods and the introduction of harmful synthetic and non-nutritious products to diets;
  • Dr Sarah Myhill, on fatigue syndromes, cancer, mitochondrial health, and the importance of a ketogenic diet;
  • Barbara Macaroni, on a seven-ingredient recipe combining spiritual wellbeing with nutritional health;
  • Dr Marivic Villa, on the degradation of food as the main culprit for metabolic diseases and the magical properties of good food;
  • Dr Marc Cohen, on the role of food in both wellness and illness, and the things done to food which affect health;
  • Dr Zoe Harcombe, on the deficient Wellcome Trust-sponsored ‘One World Diet’ recommended via big industry, and the healthy alternative. Read more here.

The panel discussion offered a stimulating range of perspectives on dietary choices, and ways to practice good nutritional health. The five main industries who are killing us are Big Pharma, Big Agriculture, the Big Banks, Oil and the Media. Main recommendations were to support local farmers and growers, avoid big food stores, shop regularly, teach our children about choices and how to grow foods, and build parallel systems against the corrupt industries.

The session ended with a unanimous vote to boycott and remove from politics, any politicians who are members of the World Economic Forum.

Dr Marc Cohen’s Recipe for Wellness

Bathe in beautiful water
Prepare delicious food
Make the most of every breath
Dance with every mood
Tend the soil beneath your feet
Embrace sunshine from above
Share your gifts with all the world
Fill your life with love.

A Better Way 2023: Days Two and Three

If this conference is of interest to you, then we highly recommend the virtual pass for GBP£39, for on-demand viewing. In her opening address to the conference Dr Tess Lawrie explained that the Better Way organisers, World Council for Health have no conflicts of interest, and that last year their largest donation was £10,000 and their smallest, £5, so the money is a much-needed injection to a worthy cause.

Day Two: Conversations Three, Four and Five

Conversation 3: From AI & Transhumanism to Being Human. Hosted by Canadians Dr Mark Trozzi and James Corbett, featuring presentations and panel discussion by Vera Sharav, Derrick Broze, Jan Wellmann, Dr Carrie Madej, Rain Trozzi, Mattias Desmet, Ramiro Romani and Laura Aboli. This hard-hitting session faces some “conspiracy theories” which those in power would like strictly censored, head-on.

Conversation 4: From Electrosmog to Nature’s Frequencies. Hosted by Jemma Cooper and Shabnam Palesa Mohamed. Guest panelists are Dietrich Klinghardt, Kathleen Burke, Professor Olle Johansson, Dr Beverly Rubik, James Corbett, Ramiro Romani, Debra Fry, and Christof Plothe. Discussing the impacts of manmade EMF, how to reduce our exposure to it, and how to engage our communities on the topic.

Conversation 5: From Climate Change to Nature Nurture. Christof Plothe and Veronika Kyrylenko host panelists Professor Norman Fenton, Feisal Mansoor, Daisy Fretwell, Dr Jeremy Birnstingl, David Fleming, Emma Sron, Derrick Broze, and Dr André Leu, in a discussion around the climate change agenda.

Day Three: Conversations Six and Seven

Conversation 6: From Thought Control to Free Thought. Hosted by Dr Tess Lawrie and Richard Vobes, solutions to the increasing violations of human freedoms are presented by Mark Devlin, Melissa Ciummei, Prof Dolores Cahill, James Corbett, Will Keyte, Andrew Bridgen, Karen-Ruth Skolmli and Alex Krainer. US presidential candidate, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr makes a special appearance via Zoom to discuss the motivations for censorship.

Conversation 7: From One Health to Our Health. Dr Mark Trozzi and James Corbett host panelists Shabnam Palesa Mohamed, Dr Atsuo Yanagisawa, Fahrie Hassan, Reggie Littlejohn, Kim Witczak, Dietrich Klinghardt, Dr Ramiz Ahmed-Man, and Dr Tess Lawrie. The focus is on ways to take our power back from the WHO, the WEF, and other figures threatening to destroy country, parental and individual sovereignty altogether.

​​​​​​​These types of conferences offer an abundance of knowledge, hope and empowerment. This one is broader reaching then the purely pandemic-focused ones we have profiled lately, and speaks to the simple truths that, although a few dastardly people have always corrupted human affairs for their own gain, the good people are many. Humanity stands at a vital juncture. We are learning to step into our power and responsibility, and need to recognise we have tamed the jungle’s many fears and produced an abundant planet that can be a peaceful home for all of us, should we actively choose it to be so.

Watch: Dr Mark Trozzi Introducing Conversation Three at Better Way 2023

More conference clips are available on the World Council for Health Telegram channel.

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