C-19 Vaccine Injury: The Platform Gives A Voice to the Voiceless

Vaccine Injury Voice
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New Zealanders’ lives are completely destroyed by these injections, by the mandates and by the gaslighting. Those with vaccine injury are broken. And they are abandoned. By our government and by our country.

Lynda Wharton, the health forum new zealand

Covid-19 Vaccine Injury in New Zealand

Hosted by Rodney Hide, The Platform made history yesterday by giving a voice to a handful of the many New Zealanders now impacted by Covid-19 vaccine injury in a three hour live podcast.

Lynda Wharton from The Health Forum New Zealand was introduced to an audience who may not have heard of her despite the past year in which she has worked tirelessly creating a space for those living with vaccine injury to meet each other, receive support and find advocacy. Lynda has degrees in Psychology, Acupuncture and Naturopathy. She has been a health researcher and writer, including columns in mainstream publications such as New Zealand Women’s Weekly and The Sunday Herald.

A year ago Lynda established The Health Forum NZ as a social media group for people to discuss and question the safety and effectiveness of the Covid-19 injections. Soon after New Zealanders began experiencing severe vaccine injury and in their search for support, many found The Health Forum NZ. Since then thousands have shared their stories. A Citizens’ Database was started to document adverse events, in which hundreds of stories are now recorded including vaccine injury and mandates. Lynda envisages that this data could be useful for future legal cases.

Ten New Zealanders impacted by vaccine injury spoke to Rodney, as well as Dr Cindy de Villiers and Dr Alison Goodwin from NZDSOS. A brief synopsis of the podcast as noted by one of our writers is documented here as we attempt to share what we know is happening, with the many New Zealanders who remain unaware due to government sponsored silencing and censorship. We are all incredibly grateful to The Platform for giving a voice to the voiceless at this critical juncture in New Zealand history.

Rodney acknowledged the challenges that the three hour broadcast would impose on listeners. He discussed the need to hear all sides of any debate and to explore all evidence before being able to decide on our own version of the truth. Shutting people down, excluding or belittling people with different ideas is never the path towards truth, and neither are assertions from authority figures that they will determine the truth.

Mother and hairdresser, Sara led an active, busy life until late last year. Mandated for work, she became extremely unwell after dose two. Excruciating abdominal pain and extreme fatigue left her bedridden for months. Tests eventually suggested an auto-immune condition and she was referred to a rheumatologist. Her lips, fingers and toes often turn blue despite her oxygen levels remaining within normal range; she is in continuous pain; can hardly walk most days; and has whole-body shocks and spasms. She can no longer work and feels that her life has been taken from her. Her experiences are often doubted by others.

Dr Cindy de Villiers spoke about the genesis of NZDSOS, which has evolved into a medical information and lobbying group, with an online clinic offering support including to those with vaccine injury. A common story amongst the vaccine injured is the loss of livelihood and inability to pay the mortgage or rent. Dr de Villiers agreed with Rodney that the vaccine rollout, steeped in propaganda, peer pressure and medical procedures delivered in carparks to people who didn’t even step out of their cars, has been a “peculiar medicine“.

Dr Alison Goodwin discussed her experiences, shared by many at NZDSOS and The Health Forum NZ, of being labelled a “danger to the public for asking questions and having a different opinion than the government“, an “anti-vaxxer“, being mandated out of her career as a GP and suspended by the New Zealand Medical Council. She outlined the concerns that those at NZDSOS share regarding the novel gene therapy. Dr Goodwin expressed her gratitude to The Platform for providing an opportunity for NZDSOS to speak, we have much more to say and would welcome discussion in a public arena with Rodney Jackson, Siouxsie Wiles and Michael Baker, so that the public can hear a range of medical perspectives.

Rory Nairn’s father Brett described the loss of his healthy, happy 26 year old son. About to marry, Rory died twelve days after a Covid-19 inoculation. The government have acknowledged his death as a vaccine injury, but along with the media they have focused on Rory failing to seek medical advice in time. In fact he had only complained of chest pain once or twice, and continued to go to work as usual. Brett describes the pain of trying unsuccessfully to warn Rory against the dangers of these injections. He feels that Rory was coerced to take the vaccine, due to mandates and an onslaught of propaganda.

Vicky was tearful as she told Rodney “we have stories that really need to be listened to and acknowledged“. With a previous history of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), she took dose one and a week later developed “severe brain fog”. On day 9 she experienced a transient global amnesia attack and was flown to Auckland Hospital. She continues to experience “bizarre symptoms” including brain fog, fatigue, inability to find the right words, heart palpitations, anxiety, panic attacks, exhaustion, depression and permanent vertigo. A specialist informed Vicky that one in four of her inoculated CFS patients now have exacerbated symptoms.

Cheryl’s son released his first song at the age of eight years old. On 16 February this year he died. In an attempt to push back against the “torrent of coercion“, Cheryl “begged, bribed and even forbade him” to take the injection but he wanted to continue pursuing his musical career and “we all remember two shots for summer“. His well managed epilepsy developed into worsening seizures following dose one of a Covid-19 inoculation. He then took dose two and Cheryl describes his seizures as becoming “completely out of control“. Upon hearing of his death, her son’s GP “put two and two together and lodged a CARM report“. Cheryl is now waiting for the coroner’s report.

I’m just a Mum who wants to know what happened to my baby. That’s all I am.

As this heart wrenching interview came to an end Rodney read out a text received to The Platform. “Please don’t turn The Platform into a megaphone for anti-vaxxers“. Someone else suggested that his next interview might be with a professor who thinks the earth is flat. We wonder where the Kindness of the Team of Five Million disappeared to?

Lockdowns led to world traveling tour guide Sarah taking a job in mental health. Concerned about possible fertility effects, she was hesitant about the mandates. Reassured by Siouxsie Wiles’ claims of safety and with a mortgage to pay, she conceded. Sarah has been unable to work since dose two and continues to experience chest pains, extreme exhaustion and neurological symptoms. After a range of experiences with the medical fraternity, including claims that her symptoms are a manifestation of anxiety, Dr de Villiers at NZDSOS validated that her symptoms are real and Sarah has found a sixth GP who is providing appropriate care.

Joanne was mandated to keep her job as a teacher. Within 30 minutes of dose one she experienced pain in her tongue and numbness/tingling on the left side of her face, progressing to stabbing chest pains. Initial tests were negative and a nurse said these symptoms were increasingly common and perplexing. Immediately after dose two she experienced burning pains and stabbing chest pains. She describes burning in her feet and over her body, spasms to her thumbs, electrical pins and needles including in her eyes. Her daughter has had similar experiences post-inoculation. Homeopathic treatment has helped.

Rodney read out another text from someone claiming to be a doctor, stating that these people are all fine.

Rachel lived a busy life with her partner and three children until the booster which she took on request of her employer due to a mortgage and commitments. The next day she became bedridden for two months. She has had multiple symptoms and after a third hospital admission, was diagnosed with pericarditis. Her GP has been supportive and ACC accepted her vaccine injury claim. Rachel’s life is very restricted as her blood pressure increases with activity: “I can’t do anything“. Despite taking copious amounts of morphine and codeine, nothing resolves the pain in her head and neck. She recommended Helping Hands Kiwis.

Victoria had prior lower back osteoarthritis “but not anything like this“. She became tearful describing shooting pains, including stabbing pains behind her eyes and constant migraines since her Covid-19 injection. A rheumatologist has diagnosed her with psoriatic arthritis. “I have to live in pain for the rest of my life. I can’t even stand to prepare a meal anymore … I was told I’m collateral damage for the greater good“. After explaining she can’t afford the NZDSOS fee, within the hour a generous listener had offered to cover the cost for Victoria.

New Zealanders do still know how to be kind.

Julie’s son was 23 years old when he died. After testing positive for Covid-19 last year, his GP recommended the inoculation and he felt pressure from family. Two weeks after his only Covid-19 inoculation he began to have severe seizures. After his third seizure he spent 12 days in a neurological high dependency unit with hallucinations. In February 2022 he suffered a fatal seizure whilst asleep. Julie worries about his two sisters and is trying to work out where to go from here, as she waits for the coroner’s report after an inconclusive autopsy.

Damen is a 40 year old solo father who received a clear slate of health prior to turning 40. In July 2021 on request of his employer, Damen took dose one of a Covid-19 inoculation. The onset of chest pains whilst coaching his son’s football training weeks later felt as though “my heart was going to explode“. He was ultimately diagnosed with a major heart attack. Hugging his son in hospital prior to cardiac surgery was an experience that will stay with him for the rest of his life. He now lives on 8 different pills per day, has extreme depression and anxiety and is unable to coach football or the other activities he once enjoyed with his son.

These experiences of vaccine injury are a small glimpse into the stories NZDSOS and The Health Forum NZ hear everyday. We believe that New Zealanders would not turn away if they knew of these stories being deliberately kept from them by government monopolisation of our “news” sources. We know that many health care professionals are aware of what is happening and we continue to encourage submissions to The Truth Project.

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