The Growth of Anti-Vaccine Sentiment Since 2020

Anti-Vaccine Sentiment Continues to Grow FI
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The anti-vax group has grown a lot in New Zealand, and I think it’s been driven by really appalling misinformation.”

This recent statement by Prof Michael Baker deserves a comment.

It’s true but perhaps not in the way he intends. 

[Not that we like the word ‘misinformation’ as it just means a difference of opinion and information that is seen differently, by different people.  It is information that may be actually missing or that calls for more discussion.]

Instead, it is the lies perpetrated by the conspiracists – mainstream media and some of the medical profession, Professor Baker included – that have fueled ‘anti-vaccine’ sentiment. Increasing numbers of people (doctors too) are now proudly ‘anti-vaccine’ and will never voluntarily take or recommend another vaccine of any sort.

When basic questions can’t be answered and when baseless slogans (e.g. safe and effective) are repeated ad nauseam, with nothing to back them up, trust is lost.

When the authorities are willing to answer questions such as those below and back them up with references, and when they are willing to engage in discussion and have their assertions challenged in public, people may begin to trust again.

In the meantime, there are ever increasing reasons to distrust ‘experts’, and, as the truth continues to be revealed, there will be further growth in the ‘anti-vaccine’ (pro science) group.
  • What are the conflicts of interest you and/or your institution have?
  • Why is there no discussion about natural immunity?
  • Why have we not been told about the significance and importance of vitamin D?
  • Can you provide the studies showing the injection stays in the arm?
  • How do you know the injection doesn’t cause cancer when the carcinogenicity and genotoxicity studies have not been done (as detailed in Medsafe’s own datasheet)?
  • Where is the long term safety data?
  • How do you know it is safe in pregnancy when the studies haven’t been done?
  • Why aren’t there any vaxxed v unvaxxed studies?
  • How can Medsafe possibly assess 58,000 adverse event reports in one year when it usually assesses only 5000?
  • What is the cause of NZ’s increase in all-cause mortality?
  • Why has the NZ Myocarditis study not been published yet, over a year after it was due to be?
  • What is the cause of burgeoning sudden deaths and aggressive cancer, especially in young people?
  • Why are infants and toddlers getting autoimmune diabetes, children more blood cancers, heart attacks and strokes, and even needing heart transplants?
  • Why are never before tested and used – and even undisclosed – ingredients promoted so reassuringly, using religious faith not common sense and precautionary science?

We are sure there are many other questions that need to be answered (honestly) before ‘experts’ can expect to be trusted or respected again.  If the experts aren’t available or cannot engage with concerned members of the public, then anti-vaccine sentiment is likely to continue growing.

Such reticence to front-up and be tested is a sure fire clue that perhaps the vaccine emperor is starkers. But in this case he/she/it/they know it. The conceit here has always been their tiresome appeal to authority that is supposed to brook no pithy anti-vaccine questions, dazzled as we mere mortals are supposed to be in the presence of such divinely ordained knowledge and commendable servitude to filthy germ-riddled humanity.  

If that seems a bit OTT and cutting, consider the credentials of those cheer-leading Big Pharma’s unquestioned science. In this piece we profile two leading lights of the ‘go forth and vaccinate’ coterie, Dr Heidi Larson, professor of anthropology (we didn’t know people vaccinated in antediluvian times) and GP Dr Nikki Turner, of the AUT’s Immunisation Advisory Centre. Dr Turner destroyed, almost single-handedly, medicine’s golden rule: never prescribe anything remotely harmful in pregnancy unless the situation is dire. ​​​​​​​

To complete this article’s trio of interest, there’s Dr Helen “Err… maybe 10?” Petousis-Harris, PhD in “vaccinology” (i.e. just do what their immunisation handbook says), who never met an untested vaccine she didn’t like. Well, apart from the covid booster that she declined personally and for her family while pushing it on the rest of us.

Perhaps Nikki, Helen and the good anthropologist need to bone up on the sordid history of the SV40 virus contamination of the polio vaccine given out from 1955 to 1963  – and oddly enough found to be hard-coded into the c19 vax, here.  And on the continued use of mercury, the second most toxic metal on the planet (after plutonium), as a preservative, which was only banned after the FDA thought the vaccine companies had used up their stocks.​​​​​​​ What about aluminium which replaced the mercury, known to cause autism  and ASIA, autoimmune syndrome induced by adjuvants (additives to provoke a stronger immune response)?

What about measles mainly in the vaccinated? About the 36 swine flu vaccine deaths worldwide, and narcolepsy in children? The forcing of MenB vaccine by NZ politicians over the advice of their health experts in the 90s? Of smallpox vaccine being the still-quoted most dangerous ever vaccine, at a handful of deaths per million (ah, the good old days), and of its initial genocidal 18th century history come to that, causing the good people of Leicester to face down the British Parliament? What are informed anti-vaccine folks to do, when aware of such shenanigans?

That’s the thing about the truth. Once it’s discovered and recorded, it remains at once resplendent and inconvenient, and trusty anti-vaccine people defend it not just because they are critical thinkers but also they know their history, and that covering it up never ends well for millions of trusting innocents.

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  1. I don’t want to be a wet blanket but things won’t get better, they’re about to get much worse. It’s worth examining the patents describing Nano lipid caps, like little bombs circulating in our body that releases its payload when a signal is sent from the cell phone Towers. This will be the next pandemic, more deadly than the First. Those who refuse to be vaccinated will be sent to quarantine camps, no sorry, death camps. It’s diabolical.

    1. 20 000 was a top-of -the-range ( Baker doesnt mention that) estimate by govt experts of the possible death toll from covid early on, using the discredited modeling of Neil Ferguson of Imperial College. Garbage in, garbage out. When it turned out to be flu-level, they retrofitted the success of the jab. Also , then WHO stated with similar modelling that 20 million lives were saved, further seeming, for Baker, to triangulate his original nonsense. They are all tripling and quadrupling down. It would be hilarious if not so desperately tragic.

    2. Eric, please post the links to patents, or to comments on them, here please. Thanks.

  2. How did Michael Baker calculate that 20,000 New Zealanders didn’t die because of vaccination?

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