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Expert Hearing on DNA Contamination of mRNA Injections

World Council for Health Expert Hearing on Reports of Cancer-Promoting DNA Contamination in C-19 mRNA Vaccines

On Monday 9 October 2023, nine world eminent experts spent over three hours sharing and discussing their knowledge on the topic of DNA contamination of the covid injections, and potential genomic interference or integration of the mRNA technology which has been administered to almost three quarters of the world population. Hosted by the World Council for Health and moderated by Dr Mark Trozzi and Christof Plothe DO, contributions from the nine experts are summarised below.

We recommend watching the entire hearing for a full understanding of the range of complex issues. We have referenced this broadcast in our latest open letter to NZ officials, urging a cessation of the modified RNA jabs. 

Remove the Covid-19 vaccinations from the market immediately!

Doctors Mark Trozzi and Christof Plothe

Doctors Trozzi and Plothe introduce the hearing with interesting summaries of what Dr Trozzi refers to as a criminal enterprise. It is almost two years since the World Council for Health issued a Cease and Desist order on these injections, based on available information as at November 2021. Despite fewer people taking the products now, unprecedented rates of injury and mortality continue to rise.

The products are in fact gene therapy, adding humans to the expanding genetic modification industry of plant and animal life since the 1960s. If you have not seen it, in this short video at the World Health Summit in October 2021, Bayer CEO Stefan Oelrich describes the success at fooling populations into taking a gene therapy.

Doctors Trozzi and Plothe provide detail to this summary slide, before introducing the issue of DNA contamination via plasmids, including the apparent deliberate inclusion of the oncogenic (cancer-causing) SV40 sequence, and the various potential harms associated with these contaminations.

DNA Contamination Expert Hearing 01

Kevin McKernan

McKernan is Chief Scientific Officer at Medicinal Genomics and lead geneticist of the first team to discover the DNA contamination in the vaccine vials. His team’s experimental methods and results are available here, and have been reproduced by multiple laboratories worldwide. He outlines them in his presentation.

He shows that the product approved by the USA regulatory agency is not the same as the product that was given to the public. He outlines the differences in manufacturing between Process 1 (for clinical trial use) and Process 2 (for general population use). Unlike the “clean” clinical trial product, the product rolled out onto the public was manufactured using an entirely different mass production process, with DNA from E coli (a bacteria commonly found in the human gut microbiome). Read more here.

The team sequenced both Moderna and Pfizer vials. They found an SV40 sequence in the Pfizer vials which was not disclosed to the regulators. This is highly concerning for a number of reasons. Firstly, because SV40 drags DNA into the nucleus of the cell, which is something we were told the vaccine specifically would not do, for example here by GAVI and here by the New Zealand Ministry of Health. Secondly, because SV40 is a known oncogene (cancer-causing gene).

DNA Contamination Expert Hearing 02

Instead of waiting for peer review, the team published their methods so that other scientists could reproduce their work. The team’s testing methods are available for public use. McKernan discusses the various replicative studies other scientists have since undertaken. We concur with McKernan that the focus should be on replicability over peer review.

Dr Janci Lindsay

With over thirty years experience in toxicology and molecular biology and immunology, Dr Lindsay has researched the molecular pathways involved in reproductive harms, cancer, potential genomic integration and coagulopathies caused by the mRNA vaccines and their excipients. She is involved in funding actions to have the products recalled.

Dr Lindsay’s presentation discussed the history of gene therapy prior to Covid-19. They were never brought to market because of associated lethal auto immune effects and latent cancers which appeared 2-4 years after administration of the product. There were additional concerns – prior to the use of lipid nanoparticles which can transport the product around the body – that the gene therapy could be passed on to progeny and contaminate the gene pool.

She also presents easy-to-digest information on:

  • the meaning of DNA mutation;
  • nine potential ways that these products can cause cancer (slightly different but analogous with those outlined by Dr Makis recently);
  • ways that mRNA genes may transmit to progeny and contaminate the gene pool.

Dr Lindsay has approached multiple laboratories requesting an investigation, to no avail so far.

Dr Alexandra Henrion-Caude

A Harvard-trained geneticist, specialising in RNA and how the environment impacts on our genes, Dr Henrion-Caude emphasises the complexity of living human cells. She explains why there is such concern when foreign genetic material inserts into our chromosomes, such as mRNA and plasmid DNA. Genotoxicity and carcinogenicity studies have not been undertaken, and regulatory agencies have admitted they have no information, nor intention to investigate, these safety issues.

See Medsafe Comirnaty datasheet section 5.3

DNA Contamination Medsafe Datasheet

Dr Henrion-Caude gives an overview of what is currently known about human exposure to foreign DNA fragments. Knowledge is limited, but DNA does not usually pass across the cell membrane. However the genetic material in mRNA vaccines (including DNA contaminants) is wrapped in lipid nanoparticles, which transport the material into the cell.

Integration into the nucleus depends on multiple conditions relating to the host environment as well as the genetic material. The phenomenon will occur differently in children and young people, than adults, due to developmental conditions. Certain conditions such as circulating drugs, other contaminants in the vaccines, and radiation therapy may enhance integration.

The fact that this is such a complex phenomenon means that very little is known about the possibilities regarding risk of DNA integration, including of the DNA-based (Astra-Zeneca) product. Dr Henrion-Caude shares literature showing the possibility that circulating foreign DNA can contribute to cancer metastasis if it integrates into the cell nucleus.

Professor Sucharit Bhakdi

Professor Bhakdi is a specialist in microbiology and infectious disease epidemiology with extensive academic, research and teaching experience. He provides a basic overview of genetics including definition of the genome, and basic replication processes.

The production of mRNA vaccines is described using the analogy of a recipe being chosen and sent to the bakery for production, by way of attempting to simplify a complex scientific process. Professor Bhakdi then describes the array of harm that is possible from these products, including but not limited to, long term inflammation and organ damage, bleeding and blood clots, vessel wall damage, tissue death, heart and brain damage, neurological and pscyhiatric conditions, reproduction harms, foetal harms, newborn harms and cancer.

Whoever propagates RNA vaccines as being safe and effective, whoever claims that nothing can happen to your genome, is either incredibly ignorant or endlessly evil … turn away from this monstrous crime against humanity.

Associate Professor Byram Bridle

Viral immunologist and vaccinologist, Dr Bridle is experienced at working with plasmid DNAs. He describes the ease with which plasmid contamination can be removed at the end of the manufacturing process, achievable even by “rookie scientists”. Why then, with so many well funded scientists involved in manufacturing these products, is this contamination present?

Dr Bridle explains inflammatory processes which are dramatically enhanced by lipid nanoparticles complexed with plasmid DNA contaminants. The lipid nanoparticles used to wrap the genetic material are an efficient mechanism to transport the contaminants throughout the body and across the cell membrane. The DNA contaminants may then integrate into the human DNA, or they may also independently make spike protein without integration. Long term spike protein expression may result. Chronic inflammation is a key driver of cancers.

In closing Dr Bridle highlights the point that legal immunity given to the manufacturers is invalidated by the presence of DNA contamination. A precedent was set by the presence of glass particles in Remdesivir vials, which injured patients.

Dr Peter McCullough

Cardiologist, epidemiologist and Chief Scientific Officer of The Wellness Company, Dr McCullough barely needs introducing, as both a leader in the Covid-19 medical response and a dissident voice against the exploitations taking place. His presentation discusses a preprint article on the accumulation of evidence for a causal relationship between spike protein and cancer, featured in his own Substack article Multi-Hit Hypothesis for the Oncogenic Potential of mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines.

In short, there are many potential ways the covid injections could contribute to cancer.  Firstly, the suppression of tumour surveillance systems. Secondly, vaccine mRNA impairs the body’s natural DNA repair mechanisms. Thirdly, SV40 promoter and enhancer, found as a result of plasmid DNA contamination in the vaccine vials, is well known to cross both the cell membrane, and to promote cancer genes to ‘switch on’.

Simultaneous with the accumulation of biological information supporting the links between cancer and mRNA vaccines, surveillance systems are observing increased cancer rates but so far, not warning the public. Dr McCullough has concerns that the effect increases with each dose, as well as with underlying susceptibility of individuals.

Those with underlying cancer, or in remission from previous cancer, and who take multiple doses, are at risk of accelerated cancer progression, with no better term for this than “turbo cancer”.

Previously the most serious safety concerns relating to these products were in four domains: cardiovascular, neurologic, immunologic and haematologic. Dr McCullough adds oncologic as a fifth domain of concern.

Professor Brigitte König

Professor König has a background in medical microbiology and infectious immunology.  Her presentation was short as much had been covered by prior presenters, all of which she listened to and agreed with.

She has been analysing spike protein in macrophages and circulating exosomes, and mRNA gene expression in various tissues including gut bacteria, as well as analysing liposomes and monitoring mitochondrial function which can be damaged by vaccinations.  She is involved with developing assays to offer to the scientific community.

Dr Jessica Rose

Dr Rose has post-doctoral degrees in molecular biology and biochemistry, a PhD in computational biology and a Masters in Medicine (Immunology). She describes the discovery of DNA contamination in these pharmaceutical products as “one of the most important things that’s happened in our lifetimes“, citing gene therapist Dr David Dean to support the evidence that these products are gene therapies. This confirms that informed consent was never obtained from those who have received these products.

Process 1 (for clinical trial use) and Process 2 (for general population use) are described and illustrated by Dr Rose. The scaled-up mass production (Process 2) is associated with two concerns, being DNA plasmid contamination as well as lipopolysaccharide (LPS), which is a by-product of the E-coli bacteria used. At the purification stage, it seems that the DNAse, an enzyme which should have removed the DNA, was unable to do so due to the presence of hybrid mRNA and DNA chains.

DNA contamination and LPS Jessica Rose

Dr Rose explores the question as to whether the DNA contamination can get into the cell nucleus. She implores everyone to read ArkMedic’s blog, 5 ways to skin a (genetically modified) cat, in which he offers detailed scientific explanations leading to his conclusion that transfection (incorporation of foreign DNA into human cells) is highly likely.

Transported into the cell via lipid nanoparticles are DNA for SV40 enhancer, SV40 promoter, antibiotic resistance as well as stem cells, germlines and bacterial endotoxins. As described above, SV40 is a known oncogene. The SV40 genes were not disclosed to the regulators by Pfizer. Dr Rose explains why the presence of the SV40 enhancer suggests it was deliberately inserted.

She then presents VAERS data on the various cancers associated with Covid-19 vaccination, which are increasing despite decreasing vaccine uptake, as well as anaphylaxis, sepsis and toxic shock syndrome. She also outlines the need for future research including investigating for these contaminants in the stem cells and germline cells of vaccinated individuals, and building a dataset comparing components in the vials with associated adverse event data.

Katie Ashby-Koppens

A lawyer with vast experience in civil litigation cases in New Zealand and Australia, Katie is legal head of Voices for Freedom and lead case manager for The Hood. She expresses disappointment in the judicial system which appears to be partnered in some way with governments and regulators, but reinforces the fact that history is being written and those responsible for these harms are being written into the public record. She then goes on to describe her work with Julian Gillespie on the Australian legal case, identifying these products as gene therapies and not vaccines.

The Australian case, attempting to stop Pfizer and Moderna from dealing with these products in Australia without a license, references the work by McKernan et al, and the scientist teams who have replicated their work. These scientists are independently funded, independent of each other, and have no commercial interest, which drives and monopolises research today. The team argue that both DNA vector and mRNA Covid-19 vaccines meet the following three criteria for the definition of genetically modified organisms:

  1. An organism made from biological matter;
  2. Artificially modified or replicated from genetic material
  3. Capable of causing adverse effects as regards the health of humans.

Katie and Dr Tess Lawrie explain the case in this short video, in which they place health professionals on notice, that the products are contaminated with DNA, and they meet the definition of a GMO. This could give rise to legal action being taken against the doctors and health professionals promoting or administering these products. They recommend sending a letter to this effect, to your health service providers and will have templates made available at the World Council for Health website sometime soon, which NZDSOS will share.

Group Discussion and Final Statements

Great things are not accomplished by individuals, but by teams of individuals
~ Dr Mark Trozzi

The team follow up their individual presentations with an engaging hour-long discussion. Topics include but are not limited to:

  • How long do the contaminants last in the body?
  • Rigorous protocols used to detect vaccine spike protein in human tissue at autopsy.
  • The need to make those responsible for these crimes, including the manufacturers and regulators, accountable before courts of law.
  • The need to cease the administration of these dangerous products.
  • Recognition of, and a need to work with, the Japanese Society for Vaccine Related Complications (JSVRC).
  • Lack of product recall despite the unprecedented and ongoing harms.
  • The need to convince medical doctors involved in product promotion and administration, of their complicity in crimes against humanity.
  • The aggressive censorship independent doctors and scientists are experiencing. Many with specialist knowledge should have been heard, but were instead cancelled.
  • Basic principles in science, as well as law and justice, have been breached aggressively.
  • Plans for mRNA technology to be used in producing millions of vaccines every year.
  • Evidence for death certificates fraud whereby vaccine injury is labelled Covid.
  • The only purpose for the presence of SV40 genetic sequences is to cause harm.
  • Smokescreens are created by fact-checkers, media, and others, to cause confusion to the average reader who is trying to work out what is going on.
  • Corruption of science, the media and the legal system, which is probably decades-old.
  • This is a cancer-promoting product. The more doses a person receives, the higher their risk for developing cancer.
  • Covid-19 was the most mismanaged health crisis of our times.
  • The vaccine program must be halted and doctors play a pivotal role in making this happen.


There are many takeaways from this powerful collection of experts, but the overarching one is the presence of harmful contamination (which in the case of SV40 appears deliberate) that was not flagged in the applications made to vaccine regulators, including our own Medsafe. If ever there was an opportunity – as the proof of deaths and injuries gets harder and harder to deny –  for them to say “we did not know”, surely this is it. Now they know.

Will they act to save lives into the future?

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