How Might Covid-19 mRNA Vaccines Induce Turbo Cancer?

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Nuclear Medicine Specialist and Oncologist Dr William Makis testified to the National Citizen’s Inquiry of Canada on 18 September 2023. Included in his fascinating three hour testimony was a clear and detailed presentation, Covid-19 mRNA Vaccine Induced Turbo Cancers, starting at around 1h22m.

Dr Makis co-authored a peer reviewed paper in the medical journal Vaccines, about one of the possible mechanisms for mRNA induced turbo cancer: IgG4 Antibodies Induced by Repeated Vaccination May Generate Immune Tolerance to the SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein. However, he has identified nine potential mechanisms which he summarised in an Epoch Times article in July 2023. He presented his summary to the National Citizen’s Inquiry, with thorough references throughout which can be found here.

As an oncologist, what I’m seeing in terms of cancers that are being diagnosed, and the behaviour of those cancers, since the rollout of the vaccines, is unlike anything I’ve seen in my career … I believe we are dealing with a completely brand new phenomenon …” ~ Dr William Makis, Immunologist, Oncologist, Nuclear Medicine Specialist

He is referring to “turbo cancers”, a newly apparent phenomenom where people are presenting suddenly and late with rapid tumours, already often advanced with metastasis (spread to distant sites). The tumours do not respond as normal to treatments, and patients often die in weeks or months from diagnosis. They are generally younger than usual, too.

After a hundred years and trillions of dollars on the so-called ‘war on cancer’, still the most important predicitve factor for survival is early diagnosis, so these rapidly developing cancers are disastrous, and their scale is unprecedented.

One of the most important jobs of our immune system is to surveil for cancer cells and destroy them as they are identified. Our immune system is highly intricate and works against malignancy every minute of our lives. When our immune system is compromised, as in normal ageing, this protection is removed and cancer can grow and spread. What some oncologists are describing though, are cancers in the young which grow “like crazy”.

A Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was recently awarded to Drew Weissman and Katalin Karikó, the scientists who created the current mRNA technology. They modified the mRNA in these vaccines using pseudouridine, described by Nobel as contributing “to the unprecedented rate of vaccine development during one of the greatest threats to human health.” The great threat to human health, according to Nobel, is Covid. The great solution is mRNA vaccines. Scientific evidence shows that these two premises are entirely and demonstrably false. Who influences the Nobel Prize that such dishonesty is awarded with great aplomb?

Nine Possible Mechanisms of mRNA Vaccine Induced Turbo Cancers

Dr Makis puts forward evidence for nine different hypotheses requiring further investigation into the association between mRNA vaccines and turbo cancers. We outline each hypothesis here.

Methylated Pseudouridine-modified mRNA

The Messenger RNA has been artificially modified to contain a methylated pseudouridine. Some call it modified RNA (modRNA) instead of mRNA to distinguish it from the naturally occurring substance.

This is contrary to claims made by recent Nobel Laureate, Dr Weissman in a 2021 webinar, where he stated “The mRNA in the vaccine is identical to the RNA in your cells. The RNA in your cells isn’t causing long-term adverse events so the RNA in the vaccine won’t either. The RNA is degraded, probably within a week it’s completely gone…Nothing of the vaccine is left after days two to a week or so…The only really serious adverse event is this anaphylaxis-like reaction.” (At 12m50s). We note a number of other untruths spoken by Dr Weissman, who quotes Pfizer’s own data to support his various claims.

Suppression of Toll-Like-Receptors

Toll-like receptors play a pivotal role in preventing cancer cells from proliferating by sending signals to the immune system that a potentially harmful protein is present. Pseudouridine modification of vaccine mRNA prevents the immune system from immediately recognising and destroying  the cell with abnormal protein. This weakening of the innate immune system impairs the cancer surveillance role of the toll-like receptors. Disruptions to this signaling process are implicated in cancer formation and growth.

T Cell and Type 1 Interferon Impairment

T-cells are a type of white blood cell involved in helping the body’s immune system to prevent cancer. mRNA vaccination alters CD8 T-cell signaling, which induces profound impairment of type 1 interferon. The potential adverse consequences are diverse, and can include impaired cancer surveillance.

There is evidence that with each dose, IgG4 antibody levels increase, which suppresses T-cell and interferon levels, reducing the immune system’s capacity to surveil for and control cancer cells. Pathologist Dr Ryan Cole has spoken of this mechanism, for example with Jan Jekielek in this Epoch Times April 2022 interview.

We have a handful of atypical [cancer] cells everyday. But because we have these surveyors, these natural killer cells, [looking for mutations] … if it’s mutated they poke a hole in it, throw a little hand grenade, and it’s gone … But those [natural killer] cells are now gone in many of these individuals. Or weak enough that they can’t do their job of keeping those cancers in check …” ~ Dr Ryan Cole, Pathologist

IgG4 Antibody Shift

Increasing levels of IgG4 antibody from repeated mRNA vaccination could create a tolerance for spike protein by impairing the production of IgG1 and IgG3 antibodies. This in turn impairs cancer surveillance. Read more at Dr Jessica Rose’s December 2022 article, The immunological mechanism of action for lost immunity, a shift to tolerance (and autoimmunity?) from the shots.

The observed rise in IgG4 antibodies may be implicated in increased cancers as well as auto-immune diseases including auto-immune myocarditis. Dr Makis has also spoken about this recently on The Highwire, at Is The Covid Vaccine Causing Turbo Cancers? In summary:

  • After two doses you start to produce IgG4, which may disrupt your immune system;
  • After three or more doses IgG4 levels increase by up to 500-fold;
  • Increased IgG4 reduces IgG3 production, which has a role in cancer surveillance as well as control of viral infections;
  • The more mRNA injections you take, the more IgG4 you produce, and the less IgG1 and IgG3 you produce. This trains the immune system to ignore cancer cells, removing the natural shield of protection against cancers and creating an environment for cancer cells to replicate and spread at uncontrolled rates. This is known as immune evasion of cancer.
Spike Protein Interference

The spike protein produced by the body after COVID-19 mRNA vaccination may interfere with at least two important tumor suppressor proteins: P53 and BRCA1. These are known as the “guardians of the genome” because they clean up genomes that have been broken or have been integrated with foreign and possibly harmful genetic sequences. P53 is associated with the repair of genes associated with many cancers, and BRCA1 with repair of genes associated with breast and ovarian cancer.

Dr Makis reinforces the need for further investigation to show that the vaccine spike protein is associated with suppression of these DNA repair mechanisms. Read more on the potential for DNA damage by the spike protein here.

It is important to remember the difference between inhaling a virus containing spike protein, which meets defenses at the surface of the respiratory tract; and having a substance injected into your circulation which either contains spike protein (eg Novavax) or contains the genetic instructions to cause your body to produce spike protein (eg Pfizer, Moderna, Astra-Zeneca). Injectable spike protein is guaranteed to reach your cells whilst inhaled virus is far less likely to do so due to healthy immune barriers at the site of entry.

Genomic Integration

The RNA from the COVID-19 vaccines could potentially be reverse-transcribed and integrated into the human genome. If it were to integrate in an area that is a proto-oncogene (a gene with the potential to cause cancer), or a tumour supressor protein (eg P53 or BRCA1), it could lead to cancer. This has been shown in vitro (ie in the laboratory) but not in vivo (ie the human body). Nevertheless, it is a concerning finding which requires further investigation.

DNA Contamination

Dr Makis discusses the possibility of turbo cancers resulting from DNA contamination found in the mRNA product vials, initially by genomics expert Kevin McKernan, but by many other laboratories since then. Up to 35% of genetic material in Pfizer and Moderna vials has been found to be DNA contamination. This equates to billions of copies of DNA from plasmids, which are used in the vaccine manufacturing process.

If good manufacturing practices were being followed, once the DNA-containing plasmids had served their purpose in the manufacturing process, they would be destroyed. As we have written about before, good manufacturing practices have been abandoned.

DNA can integrate into the genome much more easily than RNA, and poses a significant risk for the development of cancer. Read more on DNA contamination concerns at our May 2023 article here. On 9 October 2023 the World Council for Health hosted an Urgent Expert Hearing on Reports of DNA Contamination in mRNA Vaccines.

SV40 Promoters

When McKernan discovered the DNA plasmids, he also found additional genetic sequences for Simian Virus 40 (SV40) promoters in the Pfizer vials. SV40 is a virus known to infect Rhesus monkeys which were used in the manufacture of the Salk Polio vaccine. The virus contaminated these vaccines and was later linked to cancers in vaccine recipients. Read more here.

The Pfizer contaminant is a portion of the virus, not the entire virus, but as a promoter it could result in transcription of an entire viral sequence. If these oncogenic (cancer-causing) pieces of DNA integrate into our genome in the wrong place, it could eventually lead to cancer.

NZDSOS believes this is a major factor driving cancers, and the SV40 promoter code can only have been placed in the vaccine to ensure the modified RNA code does get into the nuclear DNA and change or damage our own genetic make-up. There is no other reason.   Dr Janci Lindsay spoke about the sinister presence of the SV40 sequences at the South Carolina Senate hearing from 5.05 mins.  She stated “I believe there is nefarious intent…” for this very reason.

Read more here. This short video shows Japanese researcher Professor Murakami of Tokyo University describing the SV40 contamination as “staggering”, “completely unnecessary” and “malicious”.

Micro-RNAs (Also Known as Oncomirs)

Injection with mRNA-based vaccines may be triggering the release of cancer causing genes (oncogenes). This can lead to biological processes relating to cancer such as proliferation of cancer cells, chemo-resistance and immune evasion. Read more about oncomirs and their role in immune suppression and cancer, here.

As a side note, “oncomir” is an anagram of both “omicron” and “moronic”!


Dr Makis explains that it is unclear which of these nine potential mechanisms is responsible for the rise in cancers being seen. There may be more than one cause, and different processes may be occurring in different affected individuals. He is adamant that these mechanisms need further investigation, and NZDSOS concur with this.

Of course the worst case scenario is that all these mechanisms are relevant, and some new ones may yet appear. But from the start we have warned particularly about the potential for cancers from Comirnaty. This “side effect” was already well known to mRNA vaccine researchers long before COVID-19 .

Makis describes also, his observations of young people, from adolescence onwards, and particularly those in professions which were Covid vaccine mandated, experiencing turbo cancers. This is a new term for a new phenomenon which first surfaced in social media last year.

And Makis is joined in his warnings by Yale epidemiologist Dr Harvey Risch and pathologist Dr Ryan Cole, who are speaking out also, amongst many others. Oncologist Dr Angus Dalgleish discusses the particular harm he sees from the booster in his clinical practice, amongst other revelations. 

These are very concerning findings which need further investigation. Whilst our regulatory agencies refuse to respond to these concerns, independent scientists continue to do the work required. These mRNA products must be removed from the market immediately. Here is a great summary as to why, over and above the cancer risk. 

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