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Condemning Open Letter About Deaths Post Comirnaty for C-19

Coroner Letter
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We just could not fathom that the Government Ministers, the Ombudsman and regulatory bodies would not want to be made of aware of consequences, those of the deaths post Comirnaty that were associated with actions they had taken. This would have been their chance to pause, admit that there was evidence for concern and reassess.

We sent the email with the unredacted database of deaths post Comirnaty to:

  • The Prime Minister
  • Chris James, General Manager Medsafe
  • Chris Hipkins, Covid Response Minister
  • Human Rights Advocates Australia
  • Peter Boshier, Chief Ombudsman
  • Office of the Ombudsman
  • Judith Collins, Leader of the Opposition
  • Medical Council of New Zealand
  • The New Zealand Medical Association
  • Samantha Murton, Senior Lecturer, Primary Healthcare and General Practice, Otago University and President of the RNZCGP

Read: Emails with Deaths Post Comirnaty attached

22 October 2021

Please find attached the updated list of suspicious deaths (now 207), related temporally to the person’s Pfizer Comirnaty vaccination.  Tragically, a 12- and 14-year-old now join the ranks of ‘probables’.

You will note the database contains the deceased peoples’ names. This is to enable your investigations to be as thorough as possible. We have not placed this unredacted version in the public domain, and we expect your care and sensitivity, although if it is leaked our lawyers are confident no laws are broken by us. Some of these deaths have made it to, and through, the CARM system and some have not, for various reasons. This is not an excuse for ignoring reports. It would appear that Medsafe’s Safety Data Monitoring team  is overly ready to dismiss cases due to “not enough information”. This is unacceptable.  The team should find the information.

It is also highly unlikely you do not have adequate information as we have been advised that government agents have accessed this information already, directly from the groups of concerned citizens, via the internet.

So you will note the presence of many younger people, and of clusters in aged-care facilities following vaccination campaigns, and whistle-blowers have confirmed non-reporting mandates. There is a separate growing database of injuries, now including serious injuries to some children of course. We can provide this for your pharmacovigilance responsibilities, too.

We note the perfunctory and unacceptable dismissal by Medsafe’s general manager Mr James of our email of 13th August 2021 detailing growing deaths demanding rigorous assessment. We fully understand that 80 to 90 New Zealanders die daily, on average, but Mr James’s refusal to have even the most basic epidemiology screen done on these temporally related deaths is a further pointer to the government’s disinterest in gatekeeping for its citizens.

We accept of course that there are some uncertainties, and some data missing, but the urgency to acknowledge the scale of harm from the vaccine and suspend the rollout impels us to keep the ball firmly in your court. It is your moral, political and legal duty to establish and ensure proper pharmacovigilance and be advised there is a very large and growing number of people who see clearly the disparity between what the community is experiencing and the official (and lagging) statistics.

We have experienced, received and documented accounts of problems at every level of the systems supposedly in place to recognise and collate vaccine harms, and especially since the mandates were announced last week. Newly sacked or resigning health workers are adding to the accounts of denial, suppression, intimidation, obfuscation and minimisation that all combine to dramatically under-represent the true scale of death and life-changing injuries being experienced.

A state of hypervigilance is expected surely, in view also of the international death and injury toll from the experimental gene therapies, and we urge you yet again to take these concerns seriously. Your repeated failure to do so is not just frustrating but deeply suspicious and could lead to criminal complaints.

Again, we find ourselves demanding that you protect the New Zealand public by properly investigating this information.  We are fully aware of NZ Govt.’s investments in vaccine development via taxpayer finds to CEPI etc, but the public expect honesty and transparency.

Along with investigating the database, we advise you and all members of MAAC and MARC to watch this 2.5 hr presentation by eminent pathologists, before you dismiss these deaths and injuries we present as having no pathophysiological relation to the vaccine.

Video Link

Since this is an open letter, we offer you the opportunity to comment on the MOH campaign to dismiss and deny dearly treatment protocols for covid-19 cases that were first proven 18 months ago. More and more Kiwis question why this is happening, but this has not been covered by the mainstream media with any balance, of course.

Further we record our strong objection to the ongoing erosion of freedoms and rights that the government’s pandemic response is causing; the notions of vaccine IDs and financial discrimination (mainly through job losses so far) against the unvaccinated that are medically unjustified based on a current summation of the research; and the impression of a complete totalitarian capture of the entire parliament and our important institutions. We would love to be shown how we err on this last point particularly.

Finally, we await a response to our email to you of 27 September 2021 about reports of magnetism post vaccine. There are more cases with more batch numbers in an updated report we will shortly send to you, presumably for your further dismissal.

Temporal Deaths Post Comirnaty from Citizen’s Database

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