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Our Polite & Truthful Reply to Ashley Bloomfield – Xmas 21

After Ashley Bloomfield replied, dismissing our concerns, we held out an olive leaf explaining our position and advising that we were in fact, not anonymous. We provided further evidence from around the world of the harms of the vaccines and wished Ashley Bloomfield a pleasant Christmas.

Read: Email to Ashley Bloomfield

23 December 2021

Dear Dr Ashley Bloomfield, 

Our apologies, it looks like the deaths database attachment left the building here, so to speak. Many of your colleagues will have seen it. If this next try doesn’t make it through, you can access it from the Chris’s or the PM. It is certainly out of date already. 

We are certainly not anonymous as our names have been available on our website from the start, although we have capped it to display only about 50 doctors now in order to not completely overwhelm the Medical Council with people to try to punish for breaking ranks. 

There are more doctors and HCWs with important stories to tell who have joined us and support us professionally and scientifically, and the media continues to do our advertising for us by profiling those of us that fall on our swords. 

Try as we might we have been unable to find much evidence at all to support your statements either, beyond the “reasonably robust modelling”, presumably of the same discredited ilk as previously foisted on the nation. Would you kindly send us the references to support your quotes so we can pass them round our scientific groups, but please – not just the links back to ministry websites. . 

The references to back our assertions on the other hand, are increasingly hyperlinked in our various posts and copies of letters to individuals in government.  

Doctor, the substantial harms from the vaccine are undeniable, both here and overseas; real people are being maimed and dying from the vaccine; the injured patients we are trying to treat as well as the honest and committed health care workers and government staffers are telling us this daily, and of course refusing the vaccine themselves.  We are dreading the booster program in our fellow citizens.

We would recommend particularly the immunology teachings by Dr Bhakdi at the above site, to understand the inevitability of the vaccine’s failure, as evidenced by public health data from heavily vaccinated countries, especially the UK, Sweden, Israel and many others.

As the 5 dead Kiwi teens demonstrate – presumably Medsafe have informed you – and more kids will do so as the smaller children are targeted, the risks FAR outweigh the benefits. This is not just dangerous but clearly unethical

Even Tedros from your old stomping ground seems to be aware:

This is all not  to mention the ‘mysterious’ rise in all cause mortality amongst the double jabbed in countries with high vaccination rates.  In extra bad news for the protectors of the Pfizer contract ,  the evidence for early community treatment – with fluvoxamine, budesonide, HCQ and IVM in combination with zinc and roxithromyin etc – just continues to grow and consolidate. eg.

We assume that you are now much better versed as you prepare to guide the nation through the latest – and, thankfully, milder, covid variant. We would go with the reports from doctors on the ground in South Africa rather than your peer Dr Whitty’s confusing speech ( with this helpful take from independent media

Surely it is time to let nature take it’s course: it has offered the ultimate get-out-of-jail card, of easily acquired natural herd immunity (remember that?) to this milder and final (if allowed) variant.

We note that Dr Sam White and legal team, who have just won a landmark UK action against the GMC (endorsing his right to freedom of speech and professional opinion), have presented evidence of crimes at th every highest levels to the Metropolitan Police who have indicated they will investigate. 

Have a pleasant Christmas, and we hope that Santa brings us all what we truly deserve. 

The named and un-named doctors, dentists and scientists.

We also attached the missing letter to Ashley Bloomfield,

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