NZDSOS Rebuttal – Our 4th Letter to Medsafe

Coroner Letter
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After Medsafe sent us the report prepared by Professor McIntyre, NZDSOS replied with a detailed and extensively referenced rebuttal. We requested mediation with Ministry of Health and copied in the Ombudsman.

We had previously included Medsafe in the three open letters of 14 April, 8 June & 14 June. We attached our letter along with scientific evidence for our concerns.

Email from NZDSOS to Medsafe

Dear Chris;

Thank you for taking the time to ask Dr. Ian Town and Prof. McIntyre to reply to our concerns as listed in our email of 25 May 2021.

We have read  their response with interest but unfortunately have identified numerous deficiencies in the arguments.  We have outlined why in our attached response.

Since the scientific evidence as we understand it does not coincide with the current position of the Ministry of Health we suggest mediation so as to achieve the optimal outcome for the people of New Zealand.  We remain deeply concerned that lives are at risk and urge your full consideration of this matter. 

NB: The MOH Mailmarshal software blocked our previous emails with attachments. If it happens again we will forward the attached documents separately by NZ courier.



C.C NZ Ombudsman Case Cased ID: 554238

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