The escalating scale of the misuse of behavioral science and media against citizens and permanent residents is new to New Zealand.

The voices of New Zealanders make for uncomfortable reading:

  • How do we support these doctors financially to fight for us, can a give a little page be created or does that then seam to be a monetary thing. Many people would be prepared to offer help if we knew how. I’ve shared and shared your disclaimer signature. The truth will prevail. Thankyou for fighting for us. (thanks for the offer, but one of significant the ways in which we differ from authorities is that we are using our own money)
  • This is all escalating into something so fluid & dangerous
  • Just wanted to say I applaud what you are doing and thank you unreservedly for your courage and integrity. It means so much to those of us who can see with absolute horror what our government is proposing to do our children and those who are not in positions to make informed decisions for themselves. Or those of us who are being coerced, pressured and forced to do things that go against what the science is telling us.  Please don’t stop
  • I’m not frightened of covid, I’m terrified of losing my freedom.
  • I was previously medical and ‘retired’ in <redacted>.  I so applaud you all from very deeply in my heart.   Your letters are outstanding and the justice, care and truth contained within beyond words.  I’m not registered anymore but if there was ever anything I could do I’m here. With love and strength.
  • Can I sign without having my name visible please? Thing is I’m.a self employed <redacted> and yes I do fear being attacked and shutdown for this.  How stink Is that?!
  • I am an old researcher and fully behind you all. I am not a Doc but understand your position –Good on you keep it up
  • I have added my signature and would like to change doctors so  I can support someone with common sense.
  • Could you please advise me how to find a local GP who will not belittle me for saying I do not want to take part in this experiment?
  • Very concerned that radio nz did not give you doctors a voice in the medical council article on this morning. i don’t know much about your views but free speech is very important to me. i am inspired now to read your website and understand your view point
  •  Good on you all; I cannot believe this day has come…we all need to be brave and courageous for the time ahead…go well and blessings to all
  • As an older New Zealander watching with alarm the whole COVID Circus roll out in Aotearoa I applaud you for taking a principled stand
  • Thank you for your research, bravery and the balance you bring to the discourse. Voices of reason in this climate of fear are few and far between
  • I have just signed your list and would ask you to please remove it. It was on reflection I realized how my partner would be greatly disadvantaged if my name was seen by the wrong people. (name removed from petition as requested)
  • Please remove my name from the signatures ASAP. In light of today’s stuff article. I am absolutely terrified I am going to lose my job. (name removed from petition as requested)
  • Heartfelt thanks to the NZ medical professionals with the courage and integrity to take a stand for personal medical choice and individual body autonomy. I consider the  Medical Council of NZ joint statements to practitioners  (which seemingly attempt to restrict  patient-practitioner communications on the roll out of an experimental MRNA treatment) to be detrimental to health and well being.  That communication and the Councils “investigations” of doctors that articulate their concerns, certainly has done nothing to garner my trust and confidence in the health care system.
  • Most petitions allow an anonymous option. I am very afraid that dissidents will be imprisoned in NZ and other western countries in the future so although I feel very strongly about this issue I didn’t sign the petition.
  • I brought my family here to flee from the kind of blatant illegality and immorality I witnessed entirely too often as a US citizen … I’m still hoping that there will be a rollback from a government I have watched becoming a crooked servant
  • Thank you for standing up with integrity
  • Thank you very much for your work and for your stand.  Much appreciated.
  • Can you include Allied Health professionals? I need support as there is huge pressure for me to have it as a <redacted>
  • Thanks so much for making a stand. I hope you make a full list of Doctors available because I think I will have to move from my current Family Doctor and will be looking for a new one in my area.
  • Thank you for organising this and for gathering opposition
  • Thank you for creating such a site and making it available for us to participate in
  • I have many medical colleagues who are on the fence, but scared …
  • Congratulations for having the courage to stand up for people’s rights to be properly informed

From faux kindness to propaganda to authoritarianism, in public relations lubricated steps.  122 politicians, yet not one backbone. So much for the freedom our parents and grandparents fought for.

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