Read At Your Own Risk: Headlines May Cause Uncontrollable Laughter

read at your own risk
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The sensitive content herein is to be read at your own risk and demands a health warning. It is the duty of New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS) to provide a disclaimer (of sorts) and we recommend that readers proceed with caution.  Whether the headlines below cause uncontrollable laughter, a merely amused frame of mind, ecstatic feelings, or despair and wishing to find a new planet, we take no responsibility and are not liable for any risks, such as newly formed laugh lines, strain of the smiling muscles, secretion of happy tears leading to mascara smudge, unrestrained weeping at the state of our world, or other unknown outcomes.

Seriously now, with excess all-cause mortality soaring around the world, coinciding with the rushed rollout of a forced genetic treatment which started in 2021, our experts remain “mystified”, and “baffled”.

However, various media have been graced with headlines attempting to reduce the befuddlement.  Just when we think they could not be more ludicrous, another one appears.

Below are headlines which try to explain away the increase in vascular disease – heart attacks and strokes. It is obviously nothing to do with you-know-what!

Continue to Read At Your Own Risk – You have been warned…

Maintaining melatonin has long been known beneficial; but we agree, being young and simply going to bed does seem to be a new risk. 

But doctors know older gardeners and farmers just keep going!

Low vitamin D is widespread and linked to all chronic diseases. Maybe we should sunbathe safely more often than just one day.

Yes, many who start IF do it to reduce the already high risks of metabolic syndrome. IF is how the body is designed to be treated. It just works, and it saves money, except for Pharma. 


Not even any frightening stats in this one. The war on natural medicines and vitamins continues. Get them from fresh food if you can. 

They claim added vitamin A ups heart deaths by 0.3%. Run for the hills.

Perhaps the ‘covid economy’ is the real killer here. And being a slave to all the nudges in general?

We can guess why: myocarditis is far more widespread than admitted. But, a reminder: inactivity has always killed.

This expert is a serious threat to health. Many people don’t drink enough filtered water.

This one may have some legs. Thank you, powers that be.

It’s been known since the 1960s that every cell in the body is evesdropping on your thoughts and feelings. This is nothing new. Pre-covid, the AF epidemic was about electrical field pollution and dietary deficiencies, toxicities and imbalances. 

Colds are coronaviruses. Most cold sufferers don’t drop dead. Engineered c-19 causes clots for sure.

So can any unaccustomed exertion and cold stress in a vulnerable person. Old news.

If some countries claim to be 90% plus vaccinated, how do they rule out post-pandemic jab disorder?

The experts report a worrying rise in the number of under-40’s in the UK having heart attacks, and a number of factors are to blame, including poor diet and obesity, a sedentary lifestyle, smoking and alcohol – we do agree in part, with these but the issue is that apparently now you are never too young to have a stroke or heart attack:

At least these idiots admit they are clueless and have run out of preposterous deceptions. It’s the jab, stupid.

Finally, just to top it all off, a study suggests that anti-vaxers themselves are to blame for all the died suddenlies, taken by a “medical event”. Yes, their hearts stopped. 

“Therefore, if subjects are panicked, concerned, stressed or scared of the vaccination, their arteries will constrict and become smaller in and around the time of receiving the vaccine. This biological mechanism (the constriction of veins, arteries and vessels under mental stress) is the most likely cause for where there has been blood clots, strokes, heart attacks, dizziness, fainting, blurred vision, loss of smell and taste that may have been experienced shortly after vaccine administration. The extreme mental stress of the patient could most likely be attributed to the fear mongering and scare tactics used by various anti-vaccination groups.” 

This would have to be a first, where people who refused to take a medical product are being blamed for the side effects, experienced by those who did take it! We’re already blamed for the ongoing covid in the multiply jabbed. 

So, goodness, if you made it this far we hope you are ok.

Just take a few breaths but for mercy’s sake do not go in the sun, exercise or listen to heavy metal music, and stay well clear of the garden and your tomato plants, and for the life of Brian please do not take those vitamins. And whatever you do – do not have sex with the blinds open!

Perhaps a statistician could take a vomit pill, read all the articles and estimate the compounded risk for those of us who do many of these extremely risky behaviours all our lives. How are we still above ground?

Wait, it gets even worse.

Continue to read at your own risk…

If these nonsense legacy media headlines aren’t enough – and some gullible people believe them – perhaps Prof Michael Baker is on to something with his latest yabber that covid makes everyone thick: “New research shows COVID-19 making us dumber with significant drops in IQ scores”

“We are all getting, unfortunately, a little less intelligent at a whole population level”

Baker’s comments are based on findings from long covid research out of the Imperial College of London, the home of the infamous Prof Neil Ferguson of wildly-off-the mark Mad Cow and c-19 mortality predictions, so perhaps we should take it with a grain of salt.  And note this is the same Michael Baker – an especially easy target for NZDSOS, admittedly – who stated in the ‘top 500’ New Zealand Medical Journal:

“Current COVID-19 vaccines have limited and short duration of immunity to asymptomatic infection and mild disease and therefore have little effect on reduction of community spread”

Seriously of course, from all these stories one thing is clear: people are experiencing an abnormal number of unexpected vascular disasters. The carnage is disguised as sudden, unexpected, recent health problem, died in sleep, medical emergency, not to mention the newly-coined SADS and SCDS. The ‘authorities’ know, whoever they are, and are pumping out deceptive – if not frankly invented – media stories to disguise the increasingly obese elephant in the room. 

NZDSOS continues to call for the jabs to be stopped pending a full investigation, and we ask the ‘authorities’ to disprove our commentaries.

We also urge all Kiwis to take a moment to consider if the number of unexplained medical ‘incidents’ happening in all corners of life is normal? Is this acceptable? If you believe this to be unusual, speak out, raise your concerns, and share our website posts to help raise this to the critical level which it requires. In the meantime, our best suggestion is to throw caution to the wind and embrace life with love, joy and enthusiasm, but keep your eyes wide open.

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  1. Well bugger me here’s me thinking all along it was the pfizer jab the sent me to emergency department 2 days after when all the time it was sleeping with the window open. I must write them a letter of apology.

  2. Dear Barnee, that must have been a shock to discover that sleeping with the blinds open was behind your emergency department visit. I think an apology probably is in order just to set the record straight that your presenting symptoms had no correlation to the novel, experimental and highly unpredictable inoculation which you received two days prior.
    While many people are of the opinion that mRNA injections are the obvious explanation for the many sudden deaths that are so frequent now and the cause of the increase in myocarditis, strokes and previously rare cancers, really the truth of the matter was staring us in the face. It was the gardening, sunbathing, music, and drinking water before bed among other activities that was behind the upsurge in all-cause mortality all along. How silly of us not to realise that.
    In peace, health and freedom,
    The NZDSOS Team

  3. Great comments people.!
    I’m absolutely amazed how friends ,who we thought were reasonably intelligent did no research of their own ,and totally believed everything the government told them about getting jabbed against covid, including my sister, and are now suffering all the effects of heart disease and long covid.
    My wife and I have never been jabbed with any covid vaccines and although we are in our 70s and apparently in the danger group, have not suffered any major symptoms of covid. During the mandates, I had a false bar code which we used when we went to restaurants for dinner. My name was George Orwell, who was the author of the book animal farm.
    That worked well, and was quite a giggle ,although many restaurants didn’t ask awkward questions.
    I’m sure everyone has their story.
    Many thanks for your continued advise that has got us through a lot of interesting problems in the last few years.
    Kind regards John and Jenny Forster.

  4. Dear John and Jenny,
    You both are a real breath of fresh air, and we love your good humour with naming yourself so appropriately as George Orwell. It certainly felt like we were living in a type of dystopian future as detailed in 1984 during the height of the covid madness. It is distressing and very concerning to now see the dramatic upsurge in all-cause mortality, myocarditis, other heart diseases, strokes and previously rare and late presenting cancers, especially in the young.
    We continue to raise the alarm, but no one is listening or interested for that matter.
    Thank you for your support and encouragement.
    The NZDSOS Team

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