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United We Stand – Divided We Fall

We are united as part of the team of 5 million and are not afraid to stand up.

Lets all join together in strength and unity.


“United we Stand – Divided we Fall” – The motto goes back to the Greek story teller Aesop. Athens, Greece, is widely considered to be the birthplace of democracy, and still regarded as a crucial reference point for this type of political system.

Today all New Zealanders need to reflect on this motto. One of the fundamental aspects of democracy is the freedom to speak freely without coercion and fear of retribution.

We are in danger of losing that fundamental right when the NZ mainstream media is not only idly standing by, but in some cases actively involved in smearing and attacking those who are voicing any opposition to the chosen narrative of the current government, including the COVID-19 mass inoculation propaganda campaign.

Many New Zealanders are now afraid to speak freely, afraid of being targeted, of losing their livelihood if they stand up and disagree with the official government and mainstream media narrative. Even the simple act of publicly supporting the Nuremberg Code and their rights is too scary for many.

Sadly they do not realise that by bowing to this fear, they are slowly giving away their rights…..

We are a team of 5 million with the right to speak freely and the right to respectfully disagree.

It is NOT acceptable for institutions and government supported individuals to attack, threaten and undermine others because they do not agree with them. It is not acceptable for health practitioners in authority to avoid crucial scientific discussions, and instead attempt to smear the reputation and credibility of others who disagree with them. It is not only unacceptable, it is WRONG.

As enshrined in the NZ Bill of Rights, every New Zealander has the right to be fully informed before making a health decision. Every New Zealander has the right to question their political representatives. Our political representatives should remember that they serve the people of New Zealand, and not the other way around.

At New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS) we STAND UP because we believe in democracy, we believe in freedom of speech and we believe in the fundamental right of full informed consent as stated in the Nuremberg Code.





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