Detailed Covid-19 Evidence Determinedly Ignored By Authorities

Covid-19 Evidence FI
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NZDSOS are well experienced in the determined disregard of Covid-19 evidence by New Zealand authorities. The same steadfast disdain is being experienced across the globe by anyone attempting to engage with officials in an endeavour to inject evidence, rationale and humanity into the so-called “public health response”. Anyone might think there was a global plan to cover up the evidence of harm.

Extremely high quality documents have been sent to New Zealand authorities who cannot say that they remained unaware of the evidence, mountains of which they continue to ignore. Anyone with an ounce of interest in public health and safety is now awake to the fact that governmental responses have violated not only the available Covid-19 evidence but scientific, academic, medical, societal, political, moral and ethical norms. Most interventions pursued by our political class were known to be ineffective before the pandemic occurred, and most interventions enforced upon populations sit on a linear scale somewhere between ineffective and harmful.

On 1 December 2022 Carlton Brown published an Open Letter and Evidentiary Document sent to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Ministers Andrew Little, Ayesha Verrall, Peeni Henare and Aupito William Sio in the Ministry of Health, amongst many other important players. A veterinary scientist with decades of experience in vaccine research, including for “zoonotic-mutating RNA viruses that cause respiratory pandemics“, Dr Carlton’s skill set could not be more relevant to this crisis. He sets out clear detail of errors in the narrative around Covid-19 evidence from the vaccines and their harms, to origins of the virus and motivations of central figures, referring to “failures that helped ignite the pandemic“.

Equally competent are our partners at New Zealand Lawyers Speaking Out With Science (NZLSOS), who have remained unflinching in their courage and determination to present authorities with accurate Covid-19 evidence laid out in coherent and accessible documents. In May 2022, after NZDSOS’ multiple attempts to meet with NZ Police were rejected, NZLSOS sent a clearly referenced, detailed letter to Governor General Dame Cindy Kiro and the Rear-Admiral of the Royal New Zealand Navy David Proctor. The letter systematically detailed the accumulating evidence against the Pfizer vaccine and government mandates. Their letter has never been acknowledged.

Read: Covid-19 Evidence Provided to Authorities

These documents are long and detailed. The New Zealand community deserve to know what our authorities have been told and what they choose to ignore.

1. NZLSOS Letter of 8 May 2022 to Governor General and Rear-Admiral of Royal NZ Navy

2. Dr Carlton Brown Open Letter and Evidentiary Document of 1 December 2022 to Prime Minister and Ministry of Health ministers.

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