Minister Verrall Announces The Latest Covid-19 Product With Dubious Conviction

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Verrall and Town Discuss Bivalent Booster

Ayesha Verrall and Ian Town took to the Podium of Truth recently in a press conference to precede the rollout of the bi-valent Covid-19 booster to people over thirty years of age. New Zealand’s only apparent vaccinologist Dr Petousis-Harris is out talking up the shots too (whilst avoiding them herself as we just noted here).

But we do have an expert kiwi vaccine developer, Dr Carlton Brown, whose superb evidentiary letter to every relevant official in the country, deconstructs this debacle using actual science. Lawyer Kirsten Murfitt provides many answers in her Q&A project too.

​​​​​​​Minister Verrall appeared uncomfortable as she made the lacklustre announcement and attempted to vend the new bi-valent Covid-19 vaccine as a means to protect against the Omicron BA.4/5 strains as well as the long gone original strain. Given that the Omicron strain has now circulated widely and most people have either “hybrid” or natural immunity it is difficult to see how the supposed benefit might eventuate.

Chief Science Advisor Ian Town did little to help Ayesha Verrall’s embarrassing avoidance of technical questions when he conceded that he didn’t know how long protection provided by the mRNA-based vaccines would last, but did admit that even though it might wane rapidly it would be supported by the more enduring natural immunity which had developed when vaccinees had contracted the infection.

Not ones to avoid the cheap pun, we say natural immunity is back in Town! But it never actually left it’s billion year evolution; it just became politically incorrect and commercially inconvenient for a while. See our post on its retro re-emergence here.

The rationale for taking the new booster was couched in the usual nebulous claims that it will provide important protection for whanau. 

This eventually gave way to the familiar attempt to elicit compliance through guilt, with the resurfacing claim that this vaccine would be important going into winter to protect a vulnerable health system.

No credible peer-reviewed published data was cited at any point during the discussion and it is unlikely to prevent transmission or severe disease, especially in those previously boosted.  So, the use of guilt to coerce the injection is nothing less than shameless gaslighting.

The new bi-valent vaccine contains mRNA transcripts for the spike proteins of the Omicron strains BA.4/5 and the now extinguished Wuhan strain and it is difficult to see where the benefit lies in a population that already has a high level of immunity to the circulating Omicron strain. Of course, there is already plenty of cause to doubt the contents of the vials.

Frankly, there is no benefit for anyone, only harm, and the sooner our own MoH mavens with blood on their hands can admit their folly, the better for our beleaguered nation.

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