Continuous Conspiracy Theories or Unanswered Concerns?

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New Zealanders deserve so much better than the media hit pieces that Stuff continue to churn out against individuals who may have a differing opinion or even unanswered questions, instead they are consistently framed and continuously given the conspiracy theorist slur. The article in question published on 28 August 2022 attacks Dr. Ate Moala and Barrister Lisa Hansen with the usual low tactics of accusations with no evidence to back their claims up, misleading facts and darn right misinformation. Stuff really needs to take a good look at their stuff and start raising the journalistic bar and promoting greater tolerance and acceptance of differing opinions and start towing our leaders line to ‘be kind‘ to one another.

Dr. Moala is ‘accused’ of being associated with the Freedom and Rights Coalition, as well as protesting against the Covid-19 lockdowns which are now widely recognised as causing more harm than good and are one of the greatest peacetime policy failures. Read the article by Professor John Gibson, Waikato University on the evidence for lockdowns.

NZDSOS also get’s a mention, but as usual it is not a glowing reference to us, rather the opposite as we are described as a ‘conspiracy group’. Dr. Cindy de Villiers spokesperson for NZDSOS wonders what theories the group was spreading stating “NZDSOS is a group of doctors who have the health of the New Zealand public and their families at heart. Questioning the government, health authorities and the media narrative is not conspiracy”.

Yet again in a gesture of goodwill and being ‘kind’ to one another NZDSOS have extended an offer to mainstream media to meet and conduct a live recorded discussion, we await their reply.

Read here: Continuous Conspiracy Theories or Unanswered Questions?

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