Crazy Conspiracy? Is That You, Stuff?

NZDSOS stands behind Dr Ate Moala and Barrister, Lisa Hansen who were recently accused of being involved in conspiracy by yet a further hit piece in Stuff.

Our Rebuttal To Stuff’s Conspiracy Accusations

Erin Gourley on Dr Ate Moala

Erin Gourley, where do we start?

With the level of reporting and word salad aimed at defaming Dr Ate Moala, we wonder whether Erin Gourley actually exists or whether she is in fact an AI bot spewing forth phrases such as “anti-mandate” and “conspiracy group.”

The fact that Dr Moala (a public health physician with many years experience) protested against covid 19-lockdowns (now irrefutably known to have done more harm than good), tags Brian Tamaki in her Facebook posts and has been to a Freedom and Rights Coalition protest appear to be reason enough for her to be denigrated. Pro-mandate Stuff goes on to accuse Dr Moala’s charitable trust, Pacific Child, Youth and Family Integrated Care (PACYFIC) of spreading conspiracy theories.

Erin does not point out what conspiracy theories PACYFIC spreads. Neither does she state on what basis NZDSOS is a conspiracy group. Seriously, this is journalism? Who is actually spreading the untruths and misinformation? We challenge the author to show us one conspiracy from NZDSOS and we applaud Dr Moala for helping her people.

Please don’t get us started on the “invalid exemption letters”. Prior to March 2020, based on doctors’ medical and ethical training, their letters and recommendations were taken as being a valid representation of their professional opinion. The only time a letter was ‘invalid’ was when it was forged.

No one appointed the Director General of Health (who has no doctor-patient relationship with the applicant) as the only doctor who could provide exemption letters. Yet, this process was eventually written into law for health care workers and teachers. However, no public consultation was under-taken, nor were any ethical opinions sought when this legislation was rushed through. This, after the PM had said that there would be no penalties for those who did not take the covid vaccine. Do you wonder why people don’t trust your pay-masters any more, Stuff?

Just so you know, for non-government mandated positions, it is still acceptable for a doctor to write a medical certificate providing their professional opinion about the appropriateness or otherwise of vaccination for an individual. It is then a matter between the individual and the employer.

Andrea Vance on Lisa Hansen

Andrea Vance, as a senior journalist, shouldn’t you know better? Was your hit piece on Lisa Hansen, written by AI too? You do not provide any evidence of Ms Hansen’s “wildly inaccurate claims”, instead you label the statements she made on behalf of NZDSOS as disinformation and refuted by experts.

Just so you know, as you obviously did not ask, your expert Michelle Dickinson has not once engaged with us to discuss our findings. Describing our images as fake shows her a liar or completely mistaken. Dr Shelton swore an affidavit presented to Police as to their validity. Perhaps you can provide the ’emphatic debunking’ and explain to all New Zealanders exactly what is being seen on microscopic examination of the contents of the vaccine vials, and what is being seen in the blood of the vaccinated.

We can admit that, using the term nano-technology was not completely accurate which we were big enough to acknowledge when we parroted the term, still used widely in industry. What was seen under the microscope was micro-scopic, rather than nano-scopic. Similar structures have been seen across the world with the same questions being asked. We are part of a growing group from all around the world finding the exact same things in the products and the blood of vaccinated people.

You do know, science is never settled, don’t you Andrea? Science progresses by discussion and debate, both of which have been shut down these past few years. Please also provide evidence to back up your statements that information about the great reset and the World Economic Forum is ‘false and spurious’.

Nadine Porter

Nadine Porter, perhaps you could delve into your thesauraus and come up with some other terms for us instead of parroting ‘conspiracy theorists’ without providing evidence. Perhaps you would be wise to stay away from imported words such as “occupation” – on Parliament grounds, that only ended in violence due to police action.

What about doctors, many of them at the peaceful Wellington protest, upholding the ethical principles of medicine – First Do No Harm and Informed Consent?

The mounting deaths associated with the covid injection are getting harder to ignore both in New Zealand and globally. Stuff et al is valiantly trying to cover these up with stories of SADS but at some point these deaths have to be faced. Are they a result of micro-contamination, the pathological spike protein the body produces in response to the injection, the lipid nano-particles, a combination of these or something else completely?

We have consistently asked to be proven wrong about our concerns of micro-structures in the Comirnaty injections. Labeling our questioning as disinformation is thus gas-lighting at its finest. Is this how far journalism has fallen? Are journalists enabling these deaths by not doing their job and not questioning the “one source of truth?”

Stuff, you may have labelled NZDSOS as a conspiracy group but you have not once spoken to any of us in a live recorded meeting. We are a group of doctors who have the health of your authors (if they are human, not bots) and their families at heart.

Questioning the government, health authorities and the media narrative is not conspiracy. However, labeling individuals and groups, and spouting forth a meaningless word salad in a clear attempt to swing the voter away from Dr Moala and defame barrister Lisa Hansen point to the fact that your pay-masters, the New Zealand government, dictate what you write. Not only are our tax dollars going to you, Stuff, but you are using them against us while claiming “fierce independence” and asking for donations. What happened to the 4th estate? It’s a 5th column!

Journalism has always been a dirty game, but it needs to be asked how it has come to pass that what appears to be a paid extension of the Labour Party is using taxpayer money to influence voting. Is Stuff the new Cambridge Analytica?

Conspiracy theories are best aired so people can make up their own minds about who and what to believe; and people conspiring to commit actual crimes do far more harm that keyboard detectives.

Our offer of a recorded live discussion remains.

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