The Normalisation of Sudden Death Drags On

sudden death
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The words “sudden” and “unexpected” in the nation’s obituary pages continue to assault the eye and the heart. Despite the New Zealand Herald’s risible attempt to suggest otherwise, we have put out much work to show that an excess of people young and old are being crushed to death by an elephant in a room – the jabs. ​​​​​​​

We are living through an apparent crime – doggedly uninvestigated by Police and Medsafe as documented at www.nzdsos.com – so monstrous that it defies belief. Except that we know propaganda works. People have been relentlessly lied to. We are truly sick of it, and many others are waking up and sniffing the air too. Change is in the wind, and not before time. Information is power, and we present some more anonymised deaths below, in addition to those already listed in our prior article Deaths Following C-19 Vaccination.

Whilst state funded media would have the country – and the world – believe that sudden death of the young and fit, and/or otherwise healthy is a normal occurrence, it is in fact a highly unusual occurrence which began happening last year at alarming rates.

The Cardiac Inherited Diseases Group state that around 90 New Zealanders between one year to 40 years of age, experience sudden death each year. About a third are unexplained.  A registry was developed in 2008 by Waikato Clinical School at Auckland University with the aim  to “detect and protect young people at risk from SADS”. 

Reading the above Herald article and researching the cases featured, shows most are not exactly young and otherwise healthy, compared to the literally hundreds of young New Zealanders dead since the rollouts.  The sudden deaths we are talking about are part of a horrendous rise in all-cause mortality seen in heavily vaccinated countries, including ours.

Yearly excess mortality data is available as a visual interactive at the Human Mortality Database, with New Zealand data taken from StatsNZ since 2010. The pale blue line in the graph shows average mortality across the years 2010-2019.  In no prior year does New Zealand’s excess mortality trend so consistently above the average as it has throughout 2022.

Sudden death
Reference: Human Mortality Database

As the government attempts to portray this excess death as being due to Covid-19 disease, proper data analysis shows that this is not the case.  Pharmaceutical products  instructing the body to produce spike protein are being deliberately injected into the population, despite some terrible effects.  Why would we not expect this to cause immense harm to the human body?  Shi Zhengli knew it as early as February 2020.

“Risk of SADS can be lowered by avoiding certain activities such as drinking alcohol and other preventive measures” – but surely including not being injected with a substance which causes direct damage to the heart muscle and creates inflammatory responses in a number of organs including blood vessels.

Watch: Excess Death Data Contradicts Normalisation of Sudden Death

This video discusses increased excess deaths in New Zealand up to June 2022, using data from the New Zealand government’s own StatsNZ website. For those who find graphs difficult to interpret, the researcher talks it through clearly.

The highest excess mortality appears to be occurring in the 60+ age group, although all groups are affected.  Numbers are increasing over time, particularly since February 2022. We asked NZ statistics researcher Grant Dixon to check out the work, and he confirms it is correct. Grant says the very latest figures are worse still, with a 30% excess mortality.  

The presenter also talks of possible motive. It seems relevant to question why those expressing concerns about overpopulation are now central to a “public health” intervention which, rather than offering improvements in health outcomes, appear to be contributing to excess harm and death.

A Final and Tragic Note

Why are all these deaths occurring? Well, NZ researchers and others have found abnormalities down the microscope but frankly there any number of possible reasons since no clinical trials were done to see what might happen with these untried and unknown ingredients. 

Below are some more unexpected and sudden deaths of New Zealanders since May 2022. These are in addition to those listed in our prior article. The names are fictional. 

We repeat yet again, that these deaths must be investigated to determine whether any link to the novel gene therapy injections exists. We say it does. How many more will have to die before authorities investigate?

Les, 60yo. Fire Chief,  several hours after his booster. Suffered aortic rupture.

Richard, 44yo. Bad headaches then died following  jab. Supposedly compensation was paid.

Rosie, 12yo. Suddenly collapsed at athletics, parents did CPR. Died at hospital.

Louis, 64yo. Holidaying overseas. “Sudden medical event” while swimming.  Needed vaccines to attend all of his disabled son’s activities.

Kerry, 53yo. Sudden medical event. Yeah, he died.  Mandated at supermarket.

Joanne, 32yo. Medical worker. Her mother found her dead in bed after severe headaches, the evening after a booster. Single mother, was concerned booster would harm her. Coroner kept her phone.

Whetu, 40s. Sudden death playing basketball with his son, their favourite activity together.

Simon, 50s. Died overseas after sudden short illness. Worked for an airline so fully jabbed up.

George, 62yo. Fit man, grew vegetables. Sudden death after being sent home from ED.

Dionne, 59yo. Mandated teacher. Sudden death at home.

Malua, 14yo. Double-jabbed. Sudden cardiac arrest at home, died 2 days later in ICU.

Marlon, 30yo. Off-duty police constable. Died in single car crash.

Jenny, 30yo. NHS worker, died overseas. Death labelled as Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.

Will, 48yo. Aircraft engineer. Sudden unexplained death.

Olivia, 55yo. Mandated teacher. Sudden unexpected death.

Patrick, 31yo. Senior advisor to government. Sudden shocking death.

Steven, 28yo. Died in ICU after sudden internal haemorrhage.

Jasmine, 55yo. Mandated early childhood teacher. Sudden death mid July 2022.

Rami 23yo. Died of acute cardiac failure. Found dead in flat by mother. Mandated student.

Jackson, 13yo. Sudden death. Vaccinated.

Sudden Death
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