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Australian Doctors With Voices – Truthful, Courageous and Finally Heard

Doctors With Voices is a platform from which both family doctors and hospital specialists with numerous decades of clinical experience between them, can finally be heard.  Former Qantas Captain Graham Hood (Hoody) is interviewing a succession of Australian doctors who are telling their stories and discussing what has happened to the medical profession, medical ethics, informed consent and more over the past 2.5 years.  He also gets insights into what is happening within the Australian medical system now.

Who has been pulling the strings of the medical regulators and threatening practitioners?

Listen to these health professionals who have been censored, cancelled and silenced over the last couple of years and hear a different side to the story.

Watch: Doctors With Voices

The interviews are on Hoody’s Facebook page at present and also available on Rumble and Bitchute, under the heading Doctors with Voices.  There are more to come as doctors want the truth to be heard.

  1. 11 Aug  Dr Chris Neil – Cardiologist
  2. 15 Aug Dr Duncan Syme – GP, Treasurer of Australian Medical Practitioners Society
  3. 16 Aug Dr Jeyanthi Kunadesan – Anaesthetist
  4. 17 Aug Greg Fitzgerald – Naturopath
  5. 18 Aug Dr Judy Wilyman – PhD
  6. 22 Aug  Dr Luke McLindon – Obstetrician and Gynaecologist
  7. 23 Aug Dr Shoba Iyla – Geriatrician
  8. 24 Aug Dr Philip Altman – Pharmacist, author of The Time of Covid report
  9. 25 Aug Dr Catherine Fyans – Integrative GP of 41 years, Melbourne
  10. 26 Aug Professor Robyn Cosford – Nutritional and Environmental Medicine

The most recent interview at time of publishing, with Dr Cosford, can be viewed here.

If you are a New Zealand health professional and want to be heard, make a submission to The Truth Project. Anonymity is guaranteed.

Doctors With Voices
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