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Are rebuttal to the Stuff article accusing NZDSOS of misinformation.

News Flash

NZDSOS confirms that the disease Covid-19 exists.

NZDSOS confirms that there is evidence that people have died from Covid-19.

NZDSOS confirms that there is evidence that for most people COVID-19 is a mild disease.

NZDSOS confirms that there are significant risks with the COVID-19 “vaccine”.

NZDSOS confirms that doctors, dentists and other health professionals are being bullied into silence.

The Real Story

Stuff’s article which accuses the doctors of NZDSOS of misinformation is full of misinformation itself.

Cate Brougham got basic facts wrong about the nature of some of our practices, and her Stalinist list of shame at the end of her hit piece missed some doctors off, and did not include retired doctors, practicing dentists and experienced medical scientists. We also have a lot of doctors, and some high profile New Zealanders, giving us support and encouragement behind the scenes. Wouldn’t authorities just LOVE to know who they are?

We know it is really tough for individuals to know whom to believe.  We suggest following the money.

For those of us in NZDSOS, this is a labour of love.  Not only are we using our own financial and scant time resources to bring awareness to these issues, but we are also putting our livelihoods at risk.

“Why” may you ask?  Do we hate the New Zealand public that much, that we want them to die of COVID-19?

No. Our motivation is to remain true to ourselves, our patients and the New Zealand public.  It has been said that “most of us can go to sleep at night, even if we know there’s a great injustice. But whistleblowers can’t, they can’t sleep at night”.

The doctors at NZDSOS cannot sleep at night given the current great injustice that has been thrust upon our world.

Contrast this with all the mainstream media having received funding from the New Zealand government. Furthermore, Stuff received funding from a global fund, the Google News Initiative, to counter what it calls, misinformation. Are you following the money?

NZDSOS Charter

  • Raise awareness of the risks of the COVID-19 vaccines and hold the authorities to account.
  • Allay the fears of citizens around the narrative that COVID-19 is a deadly disease that needs to be eradicated and can only be controlled using a vaccine, using scientific analysis of data.
  • Supporting doctors and dentists who in carrying out their duties in good faith have been targeted by the authorities.

How Did NZDSOS Start?

Our group rallied around Sue Grey (lawyer), Dr. Allison Goodwin and Dr. Simon Thornley, in their court action questioning the legality of the COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine rollouts in April 2021, with an open letter.  From there the group has grown from an ad hoc group to one that is focused and determined.

Are We a Small Fringe Group?

Presently 57 doctors have signed the declaration. These doctors not only include Integrative Medicine practitioners, but also include psychiatrists, emergency medicine doctors, anesthetists, pathologists and conventional GPs.

Many doctors who originally signed the open letter and then the website have asked to have their names removed.  This has coincided with bullying and threats from their employers and the denigration and threats in the media.

We now have over 7000 total signatures from around New Zealand and the numbers grow every day.

We do not think NZDSOS meets the definition of a small fringe group.

Where’s The Evidence?

NZDSOS knows of a worrying number of sudden unexpected deaths, most within a week of receiving the Covid-19 vaccine.   We are also aware of devastating blood clots that have occurred following the vaccine, that would surely demand investigation. We have insider information that the CARM system for reporting Covid-19 vaccine adverse events is overwhelmed. Furthermore, NZDSOS has been told of doctors dismissing patients’ suggestions that their symptoms may be related to the vaccine and advised against reporting these to CARM.  Not quite so safe, then?

All the statements in our posts and letters have links to the evidence cited.  We are currently working behind the scenes to compile an updatable, easy to read page that will provide evidence in an easy to use fashion. Watch this space but here is a small taster:

This graph was downloaded from the CDC Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting website on 18 July 2021. It shows a huge jump in adverse events to all vaccines in 2021 from around 5 % to 35%;  2021 the year the Covid-19 vaccine was rolled out.

I would challenge Curtis Walker to provide evidence for his statement:

“The weight of scientific evidence over Covid-19 is that the vaccine is safe and effective and necessary if we are going to defeat this global pandemic and that is the over-arching message we are expecting medical professionals to adhere to.

Medical practitioners may have to decide if they are going to remain medical practitioners or peddlers of conspiracy theories.”

Time will tell who the conspiracy theorists are, or at least who turned a blind eye to the harms not only of the vaccines but the consequences of the nature in which the population has been misled.

What To Do?

While we may not know exactly who is benefitting from the scare-mongering and the bullying, we have our suspicions that the vaccine roll-out is not an altruistic exercise.  The good news is that you do not need the vaccine.  You do not need to take the risk.

Self Reporting

If you or a loved one suffers an adverse event after receiving the vaccine please get this noticed by:

Calling Doctors

We are in this together.  We know it is difficult to stand up and face our colleagues and our institutions. Our commitment is to our patients, not the institutions or our colleagues and we have taken the Hippocratic Oath.

Where do we want to stand when the questions are asked and investigations held?  Did we do the best for our patients or did we merely follow orders?

When we stand together, we can return our world to normal.o help.

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