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NZDSOS Response to Liz Gunn’s 21 October Disturbing Whistleblower Intel

Liz Gunn Whistleblower Response FI
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We have seen Liz Gunn’s recent video discussing information shared with her by a whistleblower. 

We have not seen the information Liz Gunn discusses though we are not surprised by the allegations.  For over 2.5 years we have been discussing, attempting to bring attention to, and asking for an investigation of serious adverse events and deaths potentially caused by covid vaccination.

We have struggled to have confidence that our authorities are assessing these events and deaths thoroughly as our questions have been either ignored or answered superficially.  We have also seen evidence that post vaccination deaths and adverse events have not been adequately investigated by CARM/Medsafe/pathologist/Coroner. We are seeing suggestions of evasion and cover-up, especially through analysis of Official Information Act responses.

We agree with Liz Gunn that there are at least hundreds of dead and tens of thousands of injured (many seriously and likely permanently) New Zealanders due to the covid injection.

We were aware:

  • that the government wrote in Feb 2021 that it was expecting 1.1 % of vaccinees to have a serious adverse event that would necessitate time off work,
  • that Medsafe only expect 5% of adverse events to be reported,
  • that Medsafe usually expects 3000-5000 reports per year for ALL medicines,
  • that in the first year of covid vaccination there were over 58,000 reports for ONE medicine,
  • that there were 3,688 SERIOUS adverse events documented in Medsafe’s final Safety Report at the end of November 2022 when they stopped reporting numbers publicly,
  • that there have been over 13,000 serious adverse events reported according to an OIA response from April 2023.

We have presented a list of dead New Zealanders to authorities on more than one occasion.

We have asked the police to investigate the deaths of children and young people.

We have been met with dismissals, best summarised as deferring back to Medsafe’s assertions of safety. 

We have documented the list of letters (with links to each letter) we have written.  If the letters have been replied to, the reply is posted as well when it was received.  We have written over 60 letters.

We suggest that you at least glance at the list of letters if not read them in full to see how hard we have tried to get action to protect New Zealanders from harms caused by the injection.  This includes contacting the police and asking for an urgent investigation into potential contamination in the vaccine vials discovered in late 2021. The latest evidence of actual contamination is posted here, an urgent expert convention at the World Council for Health.

On 24 May 2022 we posted an open letter, which was sent to every MP on 3 June 2022.   This letter contained a list of New Zealanders whose deaths had (closely) followed covid vaccination.  The names were changed but they were all real people and circumstances. (That list is now larger, more children and young people being added).

On 2 June 2022 our lawyer sent a letter directly to the Police Commissioner requesting an urgent investigation into the deaths of 150 named New Zealanders within a month of vaccination, many occurring within 1-2 days.

A dismissive response was received on 15 July 2022 stating that the Police “do not accept the views expressed by NZDSOS and do not intend to respond by way of an investigation of Medsafe or other agencies involved in the administration of the covid-19 vaccine”

On 18 Jul 2022 our lawyer wrote a second letter to the Director for Police Legal Services, Mr Bill Peoples.  We did not receive a reply.

On 10 August 2022 we contacted police again with our request for them to investigate suspicious deaths of named children.  On 5th Sept we received a reply stating that they would not be investigating child deaths and would not be providing further information.

We have just sent a further updated open letter summarising the latest scientific evidence of harms. Remember, all the supposedly reassuring data is irrelevant and should be side-lined if evidence of harm emerges.

It is our opinion, consistent with that of Liz Gunn, that members of the recent New Zealand parliament knew of the potential harms and knowingly allowed this new technology to be released upon the public, in many cases insisting that it be used.  All 120 members of the former parliament have been informed on multiple occasions of the harm being done to the population and the science to back up our assertions.  Not one of them has acted to protect New Zealanders.

We have been urging the public to get involved and ask questions and demand answers because we, and our serious concerns, have been ignored.  Following our own, and Liz Gunn’s lead, New Zealanders en masse MUST demand an investigation into the dead and injured victims of the contaminated covid injection.

If this does not occur, the harm will continue and potential solutions will not be addressed.

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  1. We have been writing letters to the coroners
    Regarding the death of our son 3.5 weeks post vaccination
    All our questions have been either deferred back to each department or just stone walled by not answering exactly what we have asked for.
    We have a death of a healthy 30 year old male .from Arrythmia 3.5 weeks after being administered an experimental vaccine. And the MOH CARM and the Coroners cant answer a simple question.
    Why is his death not being investigated as a vaccine death.
    The silence is deafening

    1. I am so so sorry regarding the loss of your son. This has been horrific and I can’t imagine the pain you are dealing with. 2 of my 3 adult children also took the jabs. It was the worst thing I have ever experienced. I could not protect them and I was at risk of losing my relationship with them if I pushed the subject. My heart broke then. Just as it does for people like you who lost their children and family members. We must all unite to push back against this agenda and expose the harms done and the truths. These crimes against humanity have cost us dearly. Sending hugs and love your way

  2. At 3:20 Ms Gunn says Govt knew all the side-effects before jabbing began.     Such foresight has never occurred.  The wide variety of side-effects from Cominarty® could not have been foreseen.  She implies lists have been compiled (at their respective times) of the side-effects, actual and predicted.  I disbelieve any list exists of predicted side-effects; several secret such lists were doubtless drafted, but are now extremely unlikely to emerge.  (Forgeries on the other hand could well emerge.)   
    Liz thus reveals a severe lack of knowledge regarding epidemiology etc.  Melodramatic vague discussion about alleged secret documents is thin gruel to those seeking to understand the plandemic.  

    1. I think the government did know about the myocarditis. Earlier during the plandemic I went to a vax clinic just to ask 2 questions. What is in the vax and what are the side effects and can remember being told myocarditis. I can remember also being told sugar was one of the ingredients in it and then I asked will the sugar kill all the diabetics.

  3. The panel video has been removed just as Dr mark was warning us of the possibility and maybe he was telling us where we kuldip go to see it.

  4. thankyou God for you people – a young man 57 years old died at the Blenheim market this last weekend – he had had 4 jabs and after the last one was in hospital for 2 weeks – we had been noticing he didnt look good while at his stall each weekend – looking grey and ashen then last weekend he told me he had driven himself to A and E with terrible shoulder/ chest pain this last week and the hospital found nothing and sent him home – he looked awful – i bought something off him and after i got home someone rang to say he had dropped dead.
    I also have freinds out in the Sounds with a 34 year old daughter who has suddenly got type one diabetes and a lot of other weird symptoms come on – they are all jabbed up – they won’t hear of it , that it could be the jab. Thankyou guys so so much – it keeps us sane knowing you are there and validifying what is becoming so obvious now. THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!

  5. They will have to be dragged kicking and screaming to admit the harm that has been done or investigate any of it. What they have done is nothing less than genocide.

  6. I’m going to suggest that a meeting be set up with Winston Peters and present the facts to him. He may respond favourably.
    Is it possible to get lawyers involved? Donations from the public of course; would think a lot of people would want to be part of determining a truthful outcome.

  7. Fumiko, one of the ladies in my Hawaiian hula group developed chronic fatigue after the Convid jabbines and after two months died of massive blood clots. No one in our group but me has connected the dots. This is just one of many I know (or knew) who had side effects or died following their jabs.

  8. I will share this as we need to wake up the people of NZ to what is happening to them and their loved ones, all of us. If we don’t stop it now who knows what is in store for our beautiful country and people

  9. All the bought off people living a lie and destroying their souls. There are none so blind as those who cannot see. A pity not enough people have known the truth to elect a government with a leader who does. We will still need to be vigilant as the new PM let people know who he really is at a late stage by putting up a hoarding saying ‘no anti-vaxed voters’ he is WEF same as JA. Our only hope will be NZ 1st who may be able to put on a handbrake they are the only ones who will be trying to compensate those who have been physically affected by these crimes. Cant see taxpayers being paid back for buying their own poison. The perpetrators of crimes against humanity need to be brought to justice.

    1. It appears we are all trying to battle a system that is totally and completely corrupt broken and intended to damage & murder all who continue to participate with said system. Its pretty obvious this system cannot be removed while we continue to use it, democracy has failed by way of capitalism/corporate suicide.
      Nothing can change untill the people change.

  10. Thank you NZDSOS…for your amazing work and dedication with exposing these truths. We all need to unite en masse…and thank you also for your support of Liz Gunn…working together is the only way.
    Truth will prevail

    1. It appears we are all trying to battle a system that is totally and completely corrupt broken and intended to damage & murder all who continue to participate with said system. Its pretty obvious this system cannot be removed while we continue to use it, democracy has failed by way of capitalism/corporate suicide.
      Nothing can change untill the people change.

  11. Have you heard of the secret NZ constitutional coup of 1986. It has given us an arguably illegal parliament for 36 years. In 1986 our parliament has governed as supreme sovereign itself for 36 years and never sought ratification for that coup from the people.

    In 1986 The public awoke the morning after, not realising New Zealand’s parliament had just seized absolute power and enthroned itself as “the Crown”. It never went to a public vote.
    It was the ultimate smoky backroom deal, a quiet revolution. A very kiwi coup.
    And ever since 1986, ruling politicians have done whatever they liked in New Zealand.

    For those that don’t understand – the government is selected not elected, they don’t care about New Zealanders dying, having vaccine injuries they were all exempt from the vaccine and getting rich (and a big house down in the south island).

    When will new zealanders ratify or will we be left in this corrupt corporatocracy beast system?

  12. The whole thing has been so disgraceful & definitely have no faith in our Govt. Their behaviour has been disgusting & keeping NZers safe is not on their agenda ever. Our freedoms are quietly eroded & the next generations have so much to face. All vaccinations erode our immune system & covide was certainly not tested properly so is doubly dangerous & definitely all hurt needs investigating. Pls help us. All NZers are important

  13. These are not ‘adverse events’,an adverse event is an unintended effect,the intent of these injections was and is harm to the recipients,ladies and gentlemen you are witnessing a cull of humanity.

  14. i think it’s high time that the police themselves should be investigated too – since when do the police refuse to look into a reported crime using the excuse that ‘they do not accept the views expressed’ and to refuse to look into the death of so many children is the most heinous act possible for a police force – as the saying goes, ‘heads will roll’ so if they think they are safe they are deluding themselves

  15. Thank you for your work.
    I find it shocking that our parliament and its members have fallen so low.
    Shocking also that we no longer have a “fourth estate” in the media working to educate the public and hold politicians accountable!
    Thank you again for your work, you are a light in the darkness!

  16. The ignoring is most concerning, but I think that once a Leader or a combined leadership by
    some of those in the public eye is established, together with those who are qualified to speak (such as NZDSOS and other MDs etc) , then I think this will accrue more and more people power as more and more people decide to come forward to support or have a story to be investigated.
    I agree this needs to be done sooner rather than later.

  17. Yea this is totally turn face from all politicians we the people need more honesty there all gutless. Well done nzdsos. U are all hero’s. Thankyou for the effort.

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