The Powerful NZDSOS Letters & Videos – A 2nd Birthday Celebration

A Chronicle of NZDSOS Letters & Actions in Our Fight to Stop the Silence

April 14, 2021, saw the first of what was to become a veritable chronicle of NZDSOS letters. As were asking questions, raising the alarm and Speaking Out With Science, our letters became a record of the New Zealand covid response. While the members of NZDSOS watched the lockstep global response to SARs-CoV2 with increasing horror, little did we know that two years later, we would be a professional organisation providing a valid and authoritative perspective on all matters related to the medical response to covid.

NZDSOS turns two

NZDSOS: A Short History of Making a Difference

From humble beginnings, supporting activist lawyer Sue Grey in the first legal case in the covid saga, challenging the use of provisional consent for Comirnaty, NZDSOS is now an established voice with well over 200 members, many more silent professionals who support us, over 50 thousand subscribers and countless public supporters who look to us for real science. We are aligned and in communication with similar groups across the nation and across the world. The steering committee, along with a small number of hardy volunteers have, despite no experience in managing an activist organisation or an online presence, or experience in journalism, and in the face of vilification, silencing, censorship and outright persecution, have spent thousands of hours along with the proverbial blood and literal sweat and tears moulding NZDSOS into what it is today – a leading and authoritative organisation with science and ethics as its foundation.

While it may appear that the NZDSOS letters did not effect change, where would the country be without the brave voices of our organisation, writing letters and correcting the mainstream narrative? Along with many other individuals and grass-roots organisations, we stood up to speak out, for fear of where New Zealand was going as a country, concerned at the manner in which individuals were being stripped of informed consent and medical choice, and troubled by the trampling of science and debate.

We suggest that without our collective actions, we would be locked-down, isolated, masked and possibly held down and injected.

The last few years have indeed been the best of times and the worst of times. While two years ago, we could not have imagined the authoritarian, divided country that New Zealand has become, we are stronger and wiser and have truth on our side. The NZDSOS letters are part of our drive to Stop the Silence. The silence of the dead, and of the vaccine injured who are told “it is all in their head”, the silence of family members who are cancelled when speaking out about not being able to see their dying loved ones; the silence of parents whose children suffered possibly irreparable health effects from lockdowns, masking and segregation; the silence of family members who are bullied into remaining mute about the causes of the deaths of their loved ones following the jab; the silence of those who lost jobs, incomes, homes and family, and the silence of doctors – both the willing enablers and those who have been threatened and bullied by the Medical & Dental Councils of New Zealand.

Stopping the Silence is embodied in our objectives, which include the official abandonment of the covid injections, acknowledgement of harms caused, true investigation into the covid response, the taking back of our national health strategy from un-elected global bodies and the freedom of doctors and patients.

Increasingly, voices are being heard. The wall of silence is cracking. The government is in disarray, the mainstream media is failing and the narrative is softer.

Speeches, Videos & A Press Conference

Many of our actions are chronicled here and our media appearances here, some of which we have compiled into the remembrance video above.

It is two years in, and we are making a difference.

NZDSOS Letters

Read our story as told through the chronicle of NZDSOS letters, stretching back to before we grouped together in April 2021. Jump down to the letters here.

We got together due to a shared concern that medical ethics were not being upheld and that more discussion and debate were needed about the draconian policies that were being forced upon the population of NZ in response to Covid-19.  Over these past 2 years our concerns have only increased. 

Initially we thought that maybe our officials weren’t keeping up with the science or were not looking at a wide enough range of data and studies, so we began communicating with them, alerting them to what we were reading and learning about.

However, over time and witnessing their responses, or lack thereof, to our concerns, it has become increasingly obvious that this (Covid-19 and all the measures being imposed on us) is nothing to do with the health of New Zealanders and is about something much bigger and much more sinister.

For those who are only just realising that something is amiss, or those who do not appreciate the history of what we have been saying, we have taken the time to catalogue all our communications with various agencies along with their replies.

Our disquiet increased during 2020 from an early incredulity that the country would lock down healthy people for a viral infection, to now stunned disbelief that the NZ government would actively promote a medical procedure designed by the US department of defence as a bioweapon.  As the measures progressed and we witnessed no discussion or debate about potential harms of the measures imposed, and no consideration of alternatives or use of treatments that were being employed overseas, but rather only dictates from on high, our collective level of discomfort rose until we felt compelled (individually at first but then collectively) to document our concerns and to speak directly to the public.

When we review this chronicle of letters and communications spanning the last two years, it becomes obvious that the government is not ignorant or incompetent but rather there is an agenda at play that has nothing to do with the health of the public.

Maybe that is why the officials of this country can be so condescending and disrespectful to highly qualified and experienced health professionals.

What do you think?

NZDSOS Letters – A Chronicle

First off, in October 2020 an informal precursor group to NZDSOS formed that supported Dr Simon Thornley and Covid Plan B.  A letter was written in support of Plan B’s suggestions.

On 4 Mar 2021, one of our members wrote to the President of RNZCGP (Dr Samantha Murton) asking whether the College supported the rollout of vaccines to the whole population and outlining significant concerns with the proposed vaccine rollout.  No answer to this letter was forthcoming.

On 14 April 2021 an Open Letter was written sharing our concerns about the newness of the technology, the provisional consent, lack of long term data, sidelining of informed consent, ethics of mandating medical procedures and potential role of ACC if people were harmed by the vaccine.  There was no reply to this.

On 29 April 2021 all medical and dental practitioners were sent a Guidance Statement suggesting that all doctors and dentists should take up the opportunity to be vaccinated themselves and advising that there was no place for “anti-vaccination messaging” (without defining what this was).  Doctors were also advised to be prepared to discuss evidence-based information about vaccination and its benefits to assist informed decision making.  There was no mention of discussing risks, uncertainties or alternatives as was usual ethical medical practice.  This was odd as there was already a perfectly adequate existing document about the requirements of providing informed consent.

On the 23 May 2021 we wrote a follow-up letter to MCNZ seeking clarification on several matters.  Was it required that doctors be vaccinated and were there going to be restrictions if a doctor declined?  What was the meaning of ‘anti-vaccination’ and could disclosing an unvaccinated personal status be defined this way?  How would the process of informed consent and weighing up risks and benefits work, as for some people the risks would outweigh the benefits and vaccination would not be recommended?  We pointed out the shortcomings in the science and asked for the information used to make the decision to suggest all practitioners be vaccinated.  We also pointed out the ethical principles of medical practice and asked about the role of treatment particularly using vitamin D and ivermectin.  We noted that no reply to our previous letter of 17 April had been received.  We advised we would deliver this letter by courier and send a copy to RNZCGP, NZMA, HDC and Medsafe with the hope of promoting open communication and discussion of the issues raised.

On 24 May 2021, all doctors who had signed the Open Letter and/or written in support of an upcoming court case challenging the use of provisional consent to rollout the vaccine to ALL New Zealanders, received a warning from the MCNZ reiterating the previous Guidance which stated that all doctors were expected to take the opportunity to be vaccinated and that there was no place for ‘anti-vaccination messaging’.

On 25 May 2021 the NZMA responded with: “Without wanting to address the contents of the letter in detail, I would like to take this opportunity to assure you that we agree with and support wholeheartedly your Guidance Statement on the COVID-19 vaccine.”  “We appreciate there is always room for debate and discussion. However, in this instance the science, and our responsibilities, are clear.”  In effect shut up and go away, there is nothing to discuss.  Why would the NZMA not want to address the contents of the letter in any detail?  The MCNZ, RNZCGP, and HDC did not reply.

On 8 June 2021 we sent another open letter to the NZ Prime Minister, Medsafe, Dr Ashley Bloomfield, the Health and Disability Commissioner, the NZ Ombudsman, as well as broadcasters Peter Williams and Cam Wallace with a warning about the medical and ethical concerns of recommending the use of Covid-19 vaccines in children.

On 14 June 2021 we sent a very detailed, heavily referenced open letter on informed consent to the NZ Prime Minister, Medsafe, Dr Ashley Bloomfield, the Health and Disability Commissioner, the NZ Ombudsman, as well as broadcasters Peter Williams and Cam Wallace.  This letter outlined all the information we felt was necessary for a practitioner to discuss to ensure fully informed consent occurred.  We were increasingly uncomfortable with the simplistic and facile advertising campaign that advised New Zealanders the vaccine was ‘safe and effective’.

On 14 June 2021 there was an email exchange with the Ombudsman’s office clarifying whether the Open Letter was for information only or required action.  The Ombudsman Peter Boshier was emailed directly to advise him of our concerns and request action.  Our case number is 554238.

Also on 14 June 2021, Chris James from Medsafe advised us that Professor P McIntyre, University of Otago and Dr Ian Town, Chief Science Advisor, Ministry of Health had responded to our previous communications.  Their letter suggested that while our concerns were undoubtedly sincerely held, and based on questions and issues of importance, they did not agree that disease severity was over-stated, or that there were substantive concerns about vaccine safety.  They did not agree that potential treatments had equivalent or superior risk-benefit profiles to COVID-19 vaccines.  They believed urgent rollout of Comirnaty was crucial to the welfare of the New Zealand population and should be strongly supported by all health professionals.  They also assured us that “any unexplained death occurring after receipt of a COVID-19 vaccine will be reviewed in detail by the ISMB (Independent Safety Monitoring Board).” 

We responded on 20 June 2021 with a rebuttal to their assertions and further enlarged upon the science as we saw it with more explanation and referencing.

On 22 June 2021 we corrected an error in the final paragraph of the rebuttal of 20 June.

On Monday 28 June 2021 we sent an email to all Members of Parliament urgently calling for the rollout to be halted.  We urged them to look at the science and our letters and pointed out a lengthy list of public messages or assertions that we could prove were untrue.  We explained that many credible, highly credentialled international scientists and doctors were increasingly worried by what was unfolding but were being silenced.  We asked that they step up to protect the people of New Zealand.  We received a small number of automated replies and only one response from an actual MP.  Stuart Nash, MP for Napier and Minister for Economic and Regional Development, Forestry, Small Business and Tourism, wrote back stating “The matter you have raised falls within the portfolio responsibilities of the Minister for covid-19. I have therefore referred your email for information to Hon Chris Hipkins.”

On 5 July 2021 we received a further letter from Chris James of Medsafe in response to our detailed rebuttal of Medsafe’s inadequate reply.  He merely stated: “The views expressed in the correspondence received have been noted.”

On 6 July 2021, NZDSOS communicated further with Chris James of Medsafe, copying in the Prime Minister, Minister of Health (Andrew Little), Minister for Covid Response (Chris Hipkins) and DG of Health (Dr Ashley Bloomfield) pointing out the emerging science showing poor and reducing efficacy of the vaccine and increasing adverse events. We stated: “The apparent lack of consideration for ethical or humanitarian factors is truly horrifying.” and asked, “What happened to the precautionary principle?”  We requested that Ivermectin be urgently approved, and that the vaccine rollout be halted until such time as the unprecedented level of adverse effects was fully investigated. 

On 9 July 2021 we wrote again to the New Zealand Ombudsman about the regulatory councils’ guidance statements on the Covid 19 vaccines and their lack of willingness to engage with NZDSOS.  We were concerned that we could not carry out our roles properly, particularly the provision of informed consent, with the uncertainty about what ‘anti-vaccination’ actually meant and with the thinly veiled threats issuing from Dr Curtis Walker (Chairman of the MCNZ) implying formal investigation and potential deregistration.  We expressed concerns about the increasingly obvious lack of effectiveness of the vaccine overseas and the increased rate adverse events, neither of which were being addressed by authorities in NZ.

0n 13 July 2021, Medsafe responded to our question about approving Ivermectin with the comment:  “Only the sponsor company of the Ivermectin product can make an application to Medsafe for the COVID-19 indication. The sponsor company for the Ivermectin product is Merck Sharp & Dohme (New Zealand) Limited.”  And to our request that the rollout be halted due to unprecedented adverse effects they stated:  “Medsafe continues to monitor suspected adverse reactions reported following vaccination in New Zealand. Serious reports are assessed by trained, experienced medical assessors.  Medsafe also obtains expert advice on adverse reaction reporting and trends.”

On 21 July 2021 we contacted the Human Rights Commissioner and once again explained our concerns over the government’s response to the pandemic, the vaccine rollout, and the actions of our regulatory bodies.  We expressed our grave fears that the human rights of New Zealanders were rapidly being eroded and asked for help in communicating effectively with the various individuals and organisations mentioned previously. 

On 23 July 2021 we wrote an Open Letter to principals and teachers expressing our extreme concern about the potential use of schools to rollout vaccinations to children.  We urged education staff to become informed about the vaccine and its mounting risks and notified them of potential liability in the event of harm caused to children whilst under their care.

On 2 Aug 2021 we received a reply from Scott Martin and the Office of the Ombudsman in response to our letters of 9 and 14 July.  We were advised that the MCNZ and DCNZ did not come under the jurisdiction of the Ombudsman and neither did the Ministers of the Crown.  However, the office could investigate complaints about the actions and decisions of the Ministry of Health and Medsafe as a last resort once a prior process had been gone through.  We then followed through with the official process.

On 6 Aug 2021 we received a reply from Chris Hipkins to our letters of 28 June and 6 July 2021.  He advised he had ‘noted our concerns about the safety’ of Comirnaty and expressed his confidence in Medsafe’s approval and monitoring processes.  He did confirm that Medsafe continued to receive data from the large, ongoing clinical trials from vaccine companies.  However, he did not advise at what point ‘monitoring’ of all the adverse events would translate into a signal of alarm and would precipitate action, nor did he advise what action would be taken if this ongoing monitoring showed the vaccine had in fact been dangerous.

We replied to Chris Hipkins that same day reminding him of the ethical considerations of having all New Zealanders effectively part of a clinical trial and the compulsory reporting of adverse events that should ensue (which was contrary to what we were being told by members of the public).  In this letter we also asked for evidence that the SARS-CoV-2 virus had been isolated directly from an infected patient.  In addition, we requested a decisive statement about whether vaccination would be mandatory as patients were becoming increasingly distressed by ambiguous and contradictory statements from the government.

On 6 August 2022 we also wrote a Formal Complaint to Dr Ashley Bloomfield reminding him of previous communications we had sent and asking for evidence of a viral particle capable of causing disease.  We asked him to put provisional consent of the vaccine on hold and to lift all restrictions and measures until such proof of a disease-causing virus was forthcoming, and to permit Ivermectin to be readily available for New Zealanders.

On 13 August 2021, now over 18 months ago, we sent the first letter to authorities (Prime Minister, Ministers Hipkins and Little, Mr Chris James of Medsafe and Dr Michael Tatley of CARM) expressing our concerns about the increasing number of suspicious deaths temporally related to the Pfizer vaccine, as well as mentioning those experiencing serious medical events.  We referenced the Citizen’s Database and provided the names and dates of death for over 70 New Zealanders whose deaths we felt needed investigating.  Technically, during phase 4 of a clinical trial EVERY death in a vaccinated person should be suspicious, investigated and assumed to be due to the product until proved definitively otherwise.  We pointed out that Medsafe had the curious responsibility of receiving and assessing CARM reports for a medication that it had given provisional consent for.  We asked for clarification of the CARM processes and personnel. 

On 20 Aug 2021 we received a response from the office of the Human Rights Commissioner (HRC) to our letter of 21 July 2021.  Paul Hunt’s office agreed that it was the role of the HRC to hold the government to account when breaches of human rights occurred.  The letter contained a number of ‘should’s but did not confirm any action would be taken.  Advice at the end was to complain to the HDC (Health and Disability Commissioner) if someone had concerns about the medical treatment they had received as part of the Covid-19 vaccination programme, or to the HRC if they had concerns that they had been discriminated against as a result of their views about the vaccine for religious or ethical reasons.

On 23 and 25 Aug 2021 there were further communications with the Ombudsman’s office advising that our Formal Complaint to the Director General of Health from 6 August 2021 had not been responded to and we requested that action be taken.  We were asked to contact the office again if we had not had a satisfactory reply in a further couple of weeks.  The Ombudsman’s office did not seem to appreciate that we were more concerned about the harms to New Zealanders of the interventions including lockdowns and injections than we were about a viral illness for which there was evidence of safe early treatment.

We responded on 24 Aug 2021 to the HRC and requested a reply from the Chief Commissioner Mr Paul Hunt himself, rather than just his office.  We asked that the information about alternatives, risks and uncertainties to vaccination be provided on its website in addition to information about potential benefits.  We asked the HRC to advise us what steps would be taken to hold the government to account and to safeguard human rights and Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

On 26 Aug 2021 we sent an email to Professor Michael Baker and others pointing out the increasing evidence of limited efficacy and substantial harm caused by the vaccines and asked them to reconsider their strategy. 

On 27 Aug 2021 Dr Bloomfield provided a curt reply to our letter of 6 Aug 2022.  He stated that he refuted our ‘accusations’, had confidence in the scientific advice he had been provided with and had confidence in Medsafe’s pharmacovigilance processes.  He finished with: “I do not propose responding to you further on these same issues.”

On 30 Aug 2021 we wrote again to the Prime Minister, Ministers Hipkins and Little, Mr Chris James (Medsafe) and Dr Michael Tatley (CARM) and Dr Bloomfield regarding Deaths After Injection With Pfizer Comirnaty. We had not received acknowledgement or a reply to our earlier letter.  In this second letter we included the names and dates of death of 111 dead New Zealanders.  We reminded them that the burden of proof is on the government to prove these deaths were unrelated, rather than on us to prove that they were related.  We asked for an urgent and constructive response.

On 1 September 2021, having received the dismissive reply from Dr Bloomfield, we again contacted the Ombudsman and asked that he demand a proper response from the Director General of Health to our scientifically validated and very serious concerns about his strategy as well as a long overdue response from his science advisors regarding the detailed concerns we raised to them on 21st June 2021.  Laughably (if it wasn’t so serious), we received an email from the Ombudsman’s office 11 months later in Aug 2022 saying that our complaint had been transferred to the Investigation and Resolution team and was currently awaiting allocation to an Investigator.

Chris James of Medsafe responded on 2 Sept 2021 to our letter detailing the list of dead New Zealanders who we felt needed further investigation and explanation.  He suggested that 10% of the names did not have sufficient information to identify them accurately and a further 10% had not received a Pfizer vaccine. He advised he was satisfied with the passive reporting of the CARM system and reassured us that all reports with a fatal outcome were referred to the ISMB.  He advised that there are approximately 30,000 deaths each year and that there was no concern about a safety signal.

On 27 Sept 2021 we wrote an open letter to Jacinda Ardern, Chris Hipkins, Andrew Little, Chris James and Dr Ashley Bloomfield about magnetism that patients were reporting to us and that had been discussed in overseas forums.  We asked three questions:  What is causing the magnetism?  Does being magnetised matter and what might be the significance?  What should someone do if they find they are magnetic over the vaccination site?  We asked for investigation and explanation and for the rollout to be halted while investigation was undertaken.

On 8 October 2021 we wrote to the Auditor General John Ryan.  We advised we had received one dismissive reply to our letters of 13 and 30 Aug 2021 regarding deaths post vaccination.  We were concerned about the discrepancy between the number of deaths recorded by Medsafe (31) and deaths recorded by the Citizen’s Database (111).

The Auditor General’s office replied on 15 October 2021 saying it was nothing to do with them and that we should discuss with Medsafe.

On 22 October 2021 we wrote an Open Letter to the PM Jacinda Ardern, Mr Chris James, Ministers Hipkins and Little, Human Rights Commissioner, Chief Ombudsman, Judith Collins MP, leader of the opposition, and presidents of the MCNZ, RNZCGP and NZMA.  The letter updated the list of New Zealanders who had died following vaccination that we felt needed further investigation.  We provided a list of the names of 207 New Zealanders who had died in close proximity to covid vaccination.  This list included a 12- and 14-year-old.  We reminded the authorities of their obligations to investigate and provided a link to a Pathology Conference which was detailing how the vaccines could cause death and disability through vascular damage, clotting, autoimmune conditions etc.  We asked for a comment about why early treatments had been dismissed and asked for a reply to our previous letter about magnetism.

On 8 Nov 2021 we wrote a further lengthy and heavily referenced Open Letter to all MPs, other regulatory agencies and media in New Zealand highlighting our increasing concerns about the fact that children and young people were dying following vaccination.  Several recent deaths in New Zealand young people were mentioned.

On 23 Nov 2021 we received a short email from the Ombudsman’s office advising us that our complaint had been transferred to the Early Resolution Team and we were waiting for an investigator to be allocated.  Our reference number continued to be 554238.

On 12 Dec 2021 we wrote an email updating Ministers and other authorities on the Citizen’s Database of dead New Zealanders.  Once again, we expressed our concern that these deaths were not being adequately investigated and asked them to step up and do their jobs.  Dr Bloomfield was sent his copy on the 15 Dec 2021.

On 16 Dec 2021 we received a reply from the office of the HRC to our letter of 24 Aug 2021. The Commissioner himself did not reply.  This cursory letter effectively said that the HRC did not intend to update its website as we had requested to include alternatives to, risks of and uncertainties of vaccination.  It planned to do nothing more than continue to monitor the situation and it reiterated the advice given earlier for people to complain to the HDC about clinical care or to the HRC if discrimination was perceived due to religious or ethical beliefs.  

On 20 Dec 2021 we received a scornful reply from Dr Ashley Bloomfield who failed to consider our previous evidence of effective early treatment and our concerns about the dead New Zealanders recorded in the Citizen’s Database.  He instead preferred to spout the “safe and effective” narrative for the vaccines once again.

On 23 Dec 2021 just prior to Christmas, we sent a polite reply to Dr Ashley Bloomfield attaching the missing database and letter.  We reminded him that we were not anonymous, provided him with more referenced evidence, asked for his references and wished him a Merry Christmas.

On 31 Dec 2021 the HRC received a curt response from one of our members who was exceptionally frustrated with their lack of action.  It was suggested that the overwhelming number of letters the HRC were receiving might be evidence of their systematic failure to protect the human rights of Kiwis.

On 30 Jan 2022 our legal advisors sent a letter to Minister Andrew Little, Minister Chris Hipkins, Chris James (Medsafe), Phil Knipe Legal Advisor Minister of Health advising about what had been seen on microscopic examination of the Pfizer vaccine.  This was consistent with what was being seen overseas and looked like contamination with foreign material.  The presence of graphene oxide in vaccines had also been reported overseas.  We called for the vaccine program to be halted while this was investigated and clarified.  We provided detailed images and requested an urgent meeting to discuss this.  We were concerned about increasing reports of death and now the discovery of potential contamination in the vaccine vials.

By 9 Feb 2022, there had been no response to the letter from our legal advisors so we emailed Chris James of Medsafe requesting an urgent meeting with an NZDSOS representative and lawyer Sue Grey to discuss the potential contamination of vaccine vials and the implications for the health of New Zealanders.  There was no response to this.

On 10 Mar 2022 we sent a complaint to the BSA about Dr Nikki Turner speaking in Oct 2021 about the Pfizer vaccine contents and reassuring New Zealanders of its safety. 

On 29 Mar 2022 we wrote once again to Prime Minister Ardern, Medsafe GM Mr James, Ministers Hipkins and Little, Police Commissioner Coster, Ombudsman Peter Boshier, Human Rights Commissioner Paul Hunt, Medical Council Chairman Dr Walker, RNZCGP president Dr Murton in the form of an Open Letter about adulteration of the vaccine vials.  We requested an immediate police investigation into the contents of the Pfizer vaccine vials.  Our legal team had requested details of the Pfizer contract but were advised this was declined.  The OIA response team did state: “However, the Ministry can confirm that there is no clause prohibiting testing of vaccine batches or vials.”  This confirmed to us that independent testing of the vials was permissible.  Images of what was visible in the vaccine were presented.

On 26 April 2022 we received a response from the BSA to our complaint about Dr Nikki Turner.  The BSA did not agree that Dr Turner’s comments were inaccurate or misleading but did not assess the science in detail.

On 2 June 2022 our lawyer/barrister sent a letter directly to the Police Commissioner requesting an urgent investigation into the deaths of 150 named New Zealanders within a month of vaccination, many occurring within 1-2 days.

On 3 June 2022 a supporter sent our post of 24 May 2022 Deaths Following Covid 19 vaccination to all MPs with a letter of her own asking for the letter to be taken seriously and addressed.

On 29 June 2022 we sent another letter to Chris James of Medsafe about the dire and conclusive evidence of vaccine harm that was being ignored.  It was copied to the Police Commissioner, all MPs, the Ombudsman, Children’s Commissioner, NZLSOS.  This 7-page letter reiterated our serious concerns, listed a number of the dead New Zealanders, provided the latest evidence backing up our claims, and expressed our dismay at the shoddy science used to approve the baby and toddler vaccines in the USA.  Concern about microscopic contaminants was again voice.  Mr James was asked to do his job and protect the public of New Zealand.

On 6 July 2022 we wrote to the Coroner reminding her of her role to protect the public.  As she is from a legal rather than medical background, we explained why we were concerned, highlighted official documents that demonstrated why caution and vigilance were required and outlined possible mechanisms by which the vaccine could be killing the New Zealanders that ended up under her scrutiny.  We pointed out that the length of time to complete coronial inquiries (455 days) and inquests (nearly 4 years) was not conducive to safeguarding the health of New Zealanders if indeed the vaccine was causing harm.  We posed a series of question and asked for a reply. 

On 15 July 2022 our lawyer received a dismissive reply from Bill Peoples, Director for Police Legal Services.  This letter stated that Mr Peoples has confidence in CARM which “appears to provide extensive data and analysis regarding the covid-19 vaccination programme”.  He also stated that the Police “do not accept the views expressed by NZDSOS and do not intend to respond by way of an investigation of Medsafe or other agencies involved in the administration of the covid-19 vaccine”.  There was no explanation of what was seen on microscopic examination of the vaccine vials and no refutation that the vaccine was causing or contributing to the deaths of the named people we listed.

On 18 July 2022 our lawyer again wrote to the Director for Police Legal Services Mr Peoples to advise that his response was inadequate and did nothing to instil confidence in the Medsafe process or reassure the public of New Zealand.  She wrote a firm and thorough letter pointing out that there was a large disconnect between the numbers of dead on the Citizen’s Database (>300) and the numbers in the Medsafe reports (160) which was why we were requesting an investigation.  She also referred to Medsafe’s statement that 48 of the 160 deaths would not be investigated due to ‘insufficient information’.  She noted that the findings of unusual structures in the vaccines still stood unrefuted.  She asked for a statement from the police regarding how they consider they are protecting the public in the circumstances described.  The deaths of two more people were added to the database at the conclusion of the letter.

We received a response from the Deputy Chief Coroner, Anna Tutton on 25 July 2022. Although we had written as a group of professionals to another professional, Coroner Tutton pointed out that the Coroner’s Court was not subject to OIAs. She replied to various comments and questions we had made or asked but did not really provide the substantial answers we were hoping for.

For example, the coroner ‘may elect to obtain the vaccination records’ whereas in the current circumstances the vaccination status and details of every deceased person in NZ referred to the coroner must be considered.  She defended cancer being off the table as a possible post-vaccine death if a doctor signed it off as a natural death, but she didn’t address our concern that the vaccine could be causing the cancer.  She stated that coroners don’t have jurisdiction in the case of stillbirths but did not advise what should happen in the case where vaccination of the mother may have caused the stillbirth.

On 6 Aug 2022 we wrote a further Open Letter to all MPs.  This letter once again asked them to ensure an investigation into the deaths of named New Zealanders following covid injections was undertaken.  We questioned the role of the MCNZ and other regulatory agencies and contemplated whether a somewhat shadowy US organisation FSMB (Federation of State Medical Boards) was directing the actions of our Medical Council from offshore.

On 9 Aug 2022 we received a short email from the Ombudsman advising us that our complaint (reference 554238) about the MoH had been transferred to the Investigation and Resolution team and was currently awaiting allocation to an investigator as capacity allowed.  Once allocated, the investigator would be in touch directly.  We had already received an email on 23 Nov 2021 advising us that our complaint had gone to the Early Resolution Team.  Goodness knows what the time delay would be if it went to the ordinary Resolution Team!?  Is this as good as it gets?  Fourteen months after our first communication with the Ombudsman we get put on a list to get allocated an investigator. 

On 10 and 14 Aug 2022 we wrote a further two letters to Chris James manager of Medsafe and Andrew Coster Police Commissioner requesting that they investigate a number of suspicious deaths in children.  The details of 4 recently dead NZ children were attached and a second communication followed with details of a 5th child.  Further international information about potential contaminants in the vaccine vials was provided.  The Office of the Police Commissioner confirmed the emails were received on 15 Aug 2022.

On 25 Aug 2022 we wrote to Mr Peter Boshier the Chief Ombudsman and asked how it was that he could contact the Prime Minister’s office immediately with concerns about the transparency of OIA requests but had ignored our letters regarding the deaths of many New Zealanders for over a year.  We recapped 12 prior occasions we had either written to him directly or had included him in our communications.  We reminded him that he was the Ombudsman and as such the last bastion against deeds so terrible, that we could not have imagined them two years previously.  We continue to await a response.

On 31 Aug 2022 the President of the NZ Chiropractor’s Association wrote to the Ministry of Health with an assessment of the evidence about covid-19 and asked that an immediate and extensive review of the covid vaccination order be undertaken and vaccination mandates for health workers be ended.

On 5 Sept 2022 we received a vacuous reply from the Police National Headquarters stating that they would not be investigating child deaths and would not be providing further information.  It was suggested that a Coroner’s report would be forthcoming and that would be publicly available in due course.  We continue to be concerned about the length of time for Coroner’s inquiries and inquests to be held if their purpose is to prevent similar deaths occurring.

On 30 Sept 2022 we provided a submission to the Coroner’s Amendment bill.

On 20 Oct 2022 we wrote to Margie Apa CEO of Health New Zealand (Te Whatu Ora) congratulating her on her appointment and once again pointing out our many and varied concerns with the covid 19 response in New Zealand.  We requested that she reconsider the rationale for vaccine mandates imposed on healthcare workers by HNZ particularly with reports of the health system under intense strain.  We implored her to be a voice for all New Zealanders and we asked her to provide several pieces of evidence to back up the decisions of HNZ.  She did not respond to this letter.

On 19 Dec 2022 we received a further communication from the office of the Ombudsman.  This told us that our complaint of 9 July 2021 remains a priority and is being actively monitored.  This was despite it being referred to the Early Resolution Team over 16 months ago on 21 Nov 2021.  Hard to take this seriously.

On 17 Jan 2023 we wrote to MPs about the proposed amendments to the WHO International Health Regulations.  We asked that they actually read the relevant documents and publicly state their positions in relation to these amendments.

On 1 Feb 2023 sent a letter to the new Prime Minister Chris Hipkins congratulating him on his appointment. We provided our evidence once again and asked him to engage in meaningful discussion with us.

On 17 Feb 2023 we wrote to the Taxpayer’s Union about their ‘Brief the PM’ campaign and detailed the serious issues facing New Zealanders that we thought were missing from their list.  These included the Therapeutic Products Bill, WHO actions, Twenty Minute Cities, infiltration of governments by the World Economic Forum, bodily autonomy and the Coroners Amendment Bill.

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  1. Thank you for remaining ethical sound, and believeable! May the Lord grant us wisdom how to construct an effective health service in the future that value and respect human life.

  2. Thankyou for keeping up the pressure on these bastards, it is important that you keep
    at them, they clearly have a twisted agenda but putting this in their conscience makes them scramble and lie harder, in doing so they will make mistakes, convict and expose themselves, some will crack or find their humanity or at the very least, they know we all know what they are doing and who did what and we wont forget.

  3. An excellent effort by those who are so qualified. For the record, the democratically inclined cannot do without the proper analysis and true testimony of those best suited to do this work, but, let us not forget, this response to the Covid saga is nibbling at the margins from a political and humanitarian perspective, and too great an emphasis on the medical and technical details is drawing people’s attention from the core issue, the which stands out like a dog’s balls and the public airing of which is denounced as conspiracy theories. There are people well-placed and well-qualified who have taken up the task of highlighting the core issue, or issues. There are many levels of society’s structure and equally many levels of interpreting events, however, from a democratic Western civilisation point of view, democracy is already lost. There was a world-wide coup. It has been successful. It will be some time before the doped-up peoples in the West wake up to the consequences and it will be after a huge inner and outer struggle that people in the West will start to formulate an answer to these events. The medical side of it is important, yet marginal.

    1. Could agree more. I suspect some organisations who we thought were helping were actually hindering in soaking up opposition. This is a classic tactic by them.

    2. Yes, the medical side of it is important, nothing teaches the value of Truth and Spirit better than death. Wait until the Medazolam/Morphine scandal breaks in to the mainstream and folks realise their parents and grandparents were euthani$ed with Mammon’$ cold eye on the bottom line.
      They are trying to teach us to return to Natural Law.

      One must decide for themselves if this is a good or an ‘evil’ universe. Reverse ‘evil’ and one gets ‘live.’ Everything is spelled out if one genuinely meditates on the truth.
      By following the Laws of Nature and not of the kings of illusion (merchant class) one realises it is benevolent. But if one clings to the old way of doing things and by this I mean the last 700-1000 years- they will go down with the Piscean ship like an encrusted barnacle.
      Find earthclinic for example and become your own doctor; meditate on the patterns that illnesses present. There is little information more valuable when illness strikes a loved one.
      These doctors here are good men and women, but they are so few.
      The internet is the new number eight wire.

  4. Thank you to all the members of NZDSOS for all your hard work and for having the guts to speak up and have our backs it is so appreciated!
    I am excited about holistic care being supported by the govt, that being my choice it has been very hard to find over the years as have had personal experience with a holistic doctor saving my life when mainstream were failing to find out what was wrong and heal me.
    We are living in very scary times of total control and we need to unite and stand together.
    Well Done

    1. Could agree more. I suspect some organisations who we thought were helping were actually hindering in soaking up opposition. This is a classic tactic by them.

  5. Thank you for the work that you do. Me and my husband have both been mandated out of our healthcare jobs. It would be nice to see justice prevail, and What Ora actually hire back the doctors and nurses that were fired during this atrocity. Instead, they fail to look at the “elephant in the room” – and watch many health care professionals move off to Australia or leave the field completely. Many have lost their homes, their careers, their families over this carnage. Yet still not acknowledgment of the many that are still jobless, and continue to be discriminated against to this very day.

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