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2nd Urgent Letter About Adulteration of Pfizer Vaccine

No action was taken on our first letter about possible adulteration of Pfizer vaccine and after seeing for ourselves, we wrote yet again to the authorities. We requested immediate suspension of the roll out of the Pfizer vaccine and an independent investigation into it. This email was sent to:

  • The Prime Minister
  • Chris James, General Manager Medsafe
  • Derek Fitzgerald, Medsafe
  • Samantha Murton, President RNZCGP
  • Andrew Little, Minister for Health
  • Chris Hipkins, Covid Response Minister
  • Medical Council of New Zealand
  • Human Rights Commission
  • Peter Boshier, Chief Ombudsman

The authorities cannot say they did not know of adulteration of Pfizer vaccine.

Read: Email With Images of Adulteration of Pfizer Vaccine

29 March 2022

Dear Prime Minister Ardern, Medsafe GM Mr James, Ministers Hipkins and Little, Police Commissioner Coster, Ombudsman Bouchier, Human Rights Commissioner Hunt, Medical Council Chairman Dr Walker, GP College president Dr Murton


Please find attached for your urgent attention some images of Comirnaty taken from the microscopes of NZ scientist and emulsion-chemistry expert Dr Robin Wakelin and others.

He has been interviewed on the matter, here.

He has control slides (normal) that validate his technique, and as you will see from the time stamps, the slides demonstrate a continuing evolution of self-assembling microscale artificial technology over several weeks. What is shown is in line with evidence from an increasing number of groups from within NZ (four, with rumours of a fifth), as well as overseas. You will recall we first notified you of the possible existence of nanotechnology in the injections as early as 29 September 2021. We will be hosting a compendium of the work of these groups shortly, which will be added evidence already submitted to Police also, as discussed below.

Since recording his presentation mentioned above Dr Wakelin has re-checked and clearly the structures have continued to develop. Two of his slides are below ( circular).

We note you have consistently refused to respond to our questions and concerns. These are not line-drawings, as will continue to be attested by sworn affidavits. To continue to ignore these findings, however preposterous your minds may find them, is becoming a national disgrace and an international scandal,

There is a substantial body of industry and ‘medical’ research, and interview evidence, validating ‘biohacking’ in the guise of ‘transhumanism’, and a move towards Human 2.0 with the use of graphene-based electronic structures.

Plainly there are unknown health risks, quite apart from the immorality of hidden experimentation on, or manipulation of, the public.

On the 17th March 2022 our lawyer Lisa Hansen received a response ( from ‘the OIA Request Team’ at the MOH) to an OIA request for the Pfizer contract with the government. The request was refused but it included the following statement:

“However, the Ministry can confirm that there is no clause prohibiting testing of vaccine batches or vials.”

Should this be true we can see no reason why you should examine the product for yourselves, and the public might be reassured by independent and above-board testing.

Plainly, independent and above-board testing is required. We understand vaccines were tested by ESR late last year following a cluster of young patients with myocarditis and the report came back as “normal”. Note Dr Wakelin’s comments re batch variability, and see How Bad is My Batch.

We understand there is a complaint to the Police alleging a breach of the Medicines Act and we are adding these images to that file number, 220217/0669. For the public record, Police Commissioner Andrew Coster ignored an Open Letter request last week to meet to be shown the evidence.

We would also draw your attention to this Open Letter from our Australian colleagues to their regulators and medical science chiefs.


Mr James, yet again in the strongest possible terms we urge you to fulfil your duties as a regulator and to immediately

  1. act to suspend the roll out of the Comirnaty vaccine, and
  2. initiate an independent investigation into Comirnaty, as we will continue to ask the Police to do.

Please find a small image selection – of many – from 4 different groups in New Zealand who have examined Comirnaty. There is a consistency in the types of abnormalities seen, and none belong in any medical product. Control slides have been taken and show no such contamination. There is substantial evidence available now, including videos, for instance on

Yours Sincerely


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