Everybody Knows Somebody Legitimately Injured.

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Recently on a TV debate, Chris Hipkins and Chris Luxon both said vaccine injured should not be compensated.  Hipkins implied that ACC was in place to compensate the injured, but our experience is that ACC is going out of its way to decline any claims for medical conditions or death related to the vaccine.

Following this, on Cam Slater’s show on Reality Check Radio (RCR), he asked his buddies whether they knew anyone who had been injured by covid vaccination and whether the injured should be compensated.  It was interesting listening, and their comments are probably representative of, or could be extrapolated to, the wider NZ population. 

Every one of his buddies knew one or several people with new and often debilitating medical conditions following covid injections. It is often said all Kiwis are connected by only a few degrees of separation, and this gives us sad hope that we will all realise very soon what a health and societal disaster interweaves us all. 

Below is a brief summary of their comments.


  • 66 yr old boss/workmate unable to carry on working two days after second jab,
  • drainlayer <50 yrs 3 mths after second dose has cancer, 
  • also knows another 3-4 people in 40s with recent cancer diagnosis,
  • another mate went into hospital same day with heart problems, advised nothing to do with vaccine he had in the morning
  • unjabbed friends no health problems
  • injured should be compensated, noted frustration of people chasing their tails re ACC


  • knows lots of people
  • old boss, second shot 11am, unwell by 4pm, 6pm in hospital with pericarditis, arguing with doctors re cause
  • 28 year old mate, athlete, died thickened heart walls
  • another mate, massive shingles
  • acquaintance’s 12 yr old boy now got a heart condition 
  • recommends holding people to account the people who forced the jab and coerced people


  • knows real estate agent who got first vax, heart swelled up, ended up in hospital, advised not to have second, could not get vax pass as didn’t take second jab, lost job, asked for exemption and was declined
  • injured should be compensated, mandating horrendous


  • 3 people including self
  • long term friend, former policeman, pericarditis, now on plethora of drugs
  • 40 yr person, gets covid, then got long covid, but vaxxed, convinced he has had/got long vax
  • not sure about compensation, probably not


  • knows someone who has a daughter in her 20s who was fit and healthy, but after booster, developed life threatening conditions, in hospital several times
  • compensation tricky, also need to investigate Medsafe and why vaccine has not been recalled

We would like to know just how many New Zealanders are suffering similarly – new pacemakers, odd neurological symptoms, stillbirths, heart attacks, multiple blood clots, strokes etc.  We think the numbers are vastly greater than what was recorded when Medsafe produced their last Safety Report almost a year ago.  The bivalent booster (tested on 8 mice) has been provisionally approved and in use since then, but we have not seen any post-marketing surveillance data to demonstrate whether it is ‘safe’ in NZ or not.

What we have seen – and reported on – is the conclusion by Rancourt et al, that the Covid-19 injections have caused one death per 470 living persons in the space of three years, worldwide, without measurably preventing any deaths. The numbers of injured survivors are exponentially more than those killed, as shown by the V-Damage Project at Phinance Technologies.

Phinance Technologies V-Damage Injured vs Death

The people injured and affected are the collateral damage…

…the ones who ‘took one for the team’, the fallen soldiers in the government’s war on covid.  They deserve and need to be acknowledged and cared for, rather than ignored and wished away.

As we have said before, until this topic which affects us all, can be freely discussed, those suffering will not be getting adequate or correct treatment.  Please continue to discuss what you are seeing with friends and family and encourage people to think very carefully before adding to their spike protein load (with a side of DNA contamination).

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  1. My husband and I know several people jab injured, and three deaths: First was a 53 year-old woman with no history of illness, who died of a massive heart attack the very day of her booster jab. The next was a 70 year-old whose cancer was in remission in December 2021, but who was declared terminal the following month and died early Feb 2022. The last fatality was our 42 year-old nephew, a normally fit builder and landscape gardener, and surfie, who died suddenly while walking his dog. He had been jabbed and boosted and had had a nasty dose of Covid, too.
    My own daughter (48) blacked out & collapsed while walking her dog on the beach. She is alive, but neurologically damaged. Her neurologist put down ‘concussion from fall’ on the form so, luckily she did get ACC, but nearly a year off work. Several friends have also suffered constant ill health since their jabs, lots of bouts of Covid, aches and pains, and menstrual problems, blinding headaches etc.

  2. I comented earlier but would like to add. I was diagnosed with mycarditis. Had strong heart palpitations. And ended with requiring a catheter. This was supposed to be removed after 3 months. I had it for 18. Surgeon very apologetic. Said could have been very serious for me. Had opp to prostate. 100 % success. Restored to full health at 88+. I have heard that the body is cleansed of toxins after 2 yrs or so. I had 2 jabs. A 85 yr old friend had 3 jabs. Had bad attack of shingles. Has not recovered full health.

  3. My son (aged 30’s lives in Melbourne) jabbed to come back to NZ in March 2022 (rules changed in April) ended up with Pericarditis. He sounded like crap on the phone. Imported a decompression chamber from China for $6,000 and now sounds a lot better. He had researched the covid vaccine and had earlier decided not to get it. I still have no idea why he wanted to come back to NZ or who he needed to visit. He is now very knowledgeable about vaccines and the treatment for vaccine injuries.

    An elderly (90’s) friend, full of life, had to forgo her freedom of a 4ha block and go into a care home at Kawerau. This required the jab. She was dead within a few months. It wasn’t the unsynchronised nappy-changing that killed her.

    A business colleague and a person I have known since 1991 when we lived on the same road, but since moved to Waikato, died after the shot to go to Australia for his son’s wedding. He said before he got it that he would sacrifice his life for his family. He was diabetic and ended up with a turbo cancer. We spoke several times at length by phone when he was hospitalised. Death came quickly. He was 9 years younger than I.

    Our Business accountant’s (Te Awamutu, I’m near Whakatane) twin brother, died after the shot, quite a while ago, maybe 2021 or 2022.

    A friend since the 1980’s and business owner I dealt with had blood clots in his upper legs. He showed them to me. His son had tried to warn him not to get the clot shot.

    My next-door neighbour (About 55) and her daughter (about 9 yrs) have had covid at least 3 times, maybe 4 since being vaccinated. My wife and I remain covid and vaccine-free. We are in or 70’s.
    She phones the supermarket for groceries and my wife picks them up.

    Another acquaintance is on a clandestine committee that collects data on vaccine deaths. Last time we spoke earlier this year, the total was over 800. When I checked, none of the above were on their list.

  4. My wife only had one jab but became so ill that she opted not to have any more. She has never regained full health, has shortness of breath and frequent severe headaches which is totally out of character. I refused any jab. My wife is 59 and I am 61. Both fit and active before the jab so it is hard seeing my wife like this. We live a very healthy active life but even more so now to try and get my wifes health back to normal. Our trust in society now is practically zero as a result!

  5. Im 66yrs, were healthy, not one drug taken,blood pressure under 140,walked up to 30kms. I had 4 jabs,doing the right thing. 6 wks later i forgot everything day by day,went to hospital and had a scan, i had inflamation of my brain,it took 3 to 4 wks for the specialist to tag a condition to me, i had blood test after test. I have what is very rare LGI-1 encephalitis ( so they say ) the strange thing is its the most mild case the specialists have seen,and rare,and i were fit as a fiddle. Now im forgetful,have skin cancer popping up daily,over weight mainly due to the 200mg per day of predizone. I were still working as a project manager and loving it, now i cant function anywhere near what i used to do. Im trying to get my cardio back but it feels like i cant get past a certain level, my lung capacity has also dropped. Im not blamming the doctors and specialist for trying to find a sympton,it was a year ago not,the closest to my condition was as mentioned,except its very rare and my case is mild,i firmly believe its from my 4th jab,not to mention my skin cancer and general health is shocking.
    I have a claim in to ACC but its already been suggested im dreaming,

  6. I’ll never be able to work out why many people voluntarily got this particular injection. Voluntarily excluding those who were mandated into them or else face job loss and destitution. It wasn’t tested over the long term, it radically deviated from traditional vaccines in using MRNA technology and basically there was no evidence it would work. Crazy bullshit I’d rather not dwell on or think about now. People with injuries, I’m sorry for your suffering. There will be more suffering regarding the future fertility of the children possibly sterilized as a result of these injections. why would any parent knowingly have their child injected with a substance clearly stating the long term impacts on that subset of age were unknown.

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