Lightning Strikes Twice at Baradene College

Look at the crest below for Baradene College of the Sacred Heart, a girls school in Auckland. Note the name, study the crest, and come back to it after the account that follows.
Baradene Logo
Image captured for criticism/review and reporting current events under Fair Dealing – The Copyright Act 1994

Sometimes, it seems like New Zealanders are unwitting bit players in a horror movie. But some unfortunates are given stardom in roles they never asked for, and from which their poor families will never recover: the jabbed then suddenly dead. 

Everywhere, people are dropping dead, getting turbo cancers, strokes and endless infections, covid and otherwise. We are losing at least 10 extra young and old daily compared to pre the jab rollouts. This is just fact. ​​​​​​​

Many people believe, still, that nothing bad is happening, whilst others, increasingly, work harder to actively deny the accelerated thinning of the herd around them. 

However, one place that will find it very hard to smile through gritted teeth and just carry on is Baradene College of the Sacred Heart, in Auckland’s top drawer suburb of Remuera.

In August 2022, 12 year-old Baradene pupil Celia Gatt collapsed in a running event, on the school grounds. Showing no heart beat or breathing, bystanders were giving Celia CPR as her distraught father arrived, until the paramedics took over and rushed her to ICU at Auckland hospital. She had sustained major brain damage through lack of oxygen and she died that night. She was double vaccinated. Her gymnastics club required her to be jabbed.

The school stated it was “saddened”, and providing wraparound care for the family and other pupils. Principal Sandy Pasley stated in the Herald report, with no hint of  irony or insight, that she “didn’t know the circumstances of the girl’s death. She told the Herald today she wanted to guard the family’s privacy, but she described it as “appalling” that people were speculating on social media about the cause of her death.”

Appalling? That the death of a fit and healthy child, given a known cardiotoxic foreign protein for a  condition her demographic was never at great risk from, should stimulate questions and concerns amongst thinking and caring people? Why are not many more people wondering? The Ministry of Health has known all along that the jabs can kill. They had the proof probably before we did.  Something bad has been done to our nation.

Perhaps Baradene College does not practice “enquiry” and critical thinking. Maybe a curriculum full of gender ideology, climate panic, sexualisation, and how to spot misinformation from non-trusted sources doesn’t leave time? 

Anyway, all would agree on the terrible tragedy that Celia’s death was – shocking, and to most, highly unusual.

Lightning strikes again …

Until January 11th, that is, when unthinkable news arrived. Another Baradene girl just died, this time in her sleep whilst away on the family summer holiday. Another vaccinated teen, slightly older at 13, in the peak of health and life expectancy, “taken too soon”, “from a sudden medical event”. 

Again, in an email to parents of the new year 10s, the school says it is saddened. No mention of this now being a double tragedy. Have we ever heard of such a statistic elsewhere, outside a war zone? Why isn’t the Baradene school board outraged, like we are? Demanding answers? Perhaps it is, and there is some sanity there. 

A health insider informs us that the initial autopsy was inconclusive but a heart problem is suspected. What a surprise. More tests are in progress, and perhaps the pathologist will refer to the Cardiac Inherited Diseases Group​​​​​​​ (CIDG) who will look and look until some wonky gene or other is found. Referrals to the CIDG must have increased dramatically in the past 3 years. We first wrote of them back in 2022.

Now, have a look at again at the Baradene School crest, in view of these two cases where the two young girls’ (yes, sacred) hearts simply stop. At casual glance the crosses could be swords in the two hearts, with a surrounding wreath. At least the girls can always be remembered this way. Unless they change it.

If the covid injections were safe, the chances of this double death occurence would be tiny. In whose experience have the current death rates ever been normal?

We may be utterly wrong here, and a proven clear-cut explanation emerges that exonerates the Pfizer products. And, unlike this new case, we have no insight into the findings into Celia’s death and do not know for sure why she died. But for an increasing number of other dead NZers, young and old, nor does anyone else. We have written to coroners about the rise of “no known cause of death” in general, and specific cases in particular. No meaningful response, the new norm.  

Sudden death in mRNA-vaccinated healthy young people – including professional athletes, the fittest you can get – occurs during cardiac exertion, or in the several hours before normal waking time. The reasons are simple and well understood – outside of the vaccines-cannot-be-questioned brigade. The scientific evidence is overwhelming and yet many doctors remain with eyes wide shut. In a nutshell, the rise in catecholamines (adrenaline) and/or fast heart rate at these times can act as a stimulus for a fatal heart rhythm usually out of blue, if there is prior inflammation in its electrical conduction system.

Baradene College of the Sacred Heart is not alone

This school may consider itself highly unlucky. Indeed it is, and should not be singled out for any particular blame for the Pfoisting of mandated experimental immune-distorting injections, and it is by no means the only school to have lost pupils and staff, and seen hastily installed automated external defibrillators (AEDs) and resus training. MoH, MoE , MBIE, MoJ, Worksafe, Police and others must all be called to account to the parents and loved ones of the dryly termed ‘excess mortality’. These were real people, and we have informed authorities about dying jabbed kids since back in 2021

Post-jab lightning has struck more than once in other schools too. The Whangarei High School system has lost 3 teenagers in suspicious circumstances, and a Ngatea school has suffered 2 devastating cancer cases in 16 year old girls. 

Yes, correlation does not necessarily equal causation, but New Zealand blunders on, still encouraging kids from 5 to be jabbed, especially Maori and Pasifika children, unaware of larger and seemingly more caring countries recognising the harms and ceasing jabs in people under 50, or even 65 in the UK’s case.

If this provocative and ‘dangerous’ post does nothing else, may it get more eyes on our long list of letters and warnings to all the relevant regulators, ministers and crown agency heads in Wellington. 

We have posted again and again, with extensive references, on the rise of the ‘died suddenlies’ (and the death of the jab’s credibility) across all age groups, all since the rollouts started, and in all heavily vaccinated countries. There are as many ways to triangulate the fact of many more dead and damaged as you like. We are in no doubt of the cause, and nor are tens of thousands of doctors, scientists and, increasingly, politicians around the world. Do SOME sort of investigation, governments, and try to prove us wrong! Otherwise, the floor is ours…

Why don’t parents speak out?

Although most NZDSOS doctors are seasoned and experienced, a new and unique truth has emerged, unprecedented until this highly unusual situation that some have called a slow motion slaughter. 

When parents started losing their young to this abominable bioweapon we thought “Well, at least now it will end soon. What parents could tolerate losing a child to an obviously defective, deceptive and cajoled medical experiment without crying out for justice, and as a warning to others?”  The short answer? Almost all of them, but a compassionate and rational explanation exists, which we first posited in July 2021.

We did not understand that the pre-emptive  scare-mongering, and the nudging for everyone to protect grandma, and each other, would be so powerful and persuasive that subsequently bereaved parents knew instinctively that if they even questioned what the hell had just happened to them in any way, let alone roared in furious anguish, that their community support, the wraparound care the Baradene principal referred to, would shrink away, as the herd closed ranks. What traumatised parent, hanging on to sanity by their fingernails, could cope with that further axe of abandonment to the psyche? 

It seems to take around a year for the numb horror to abate and self-questioning to start. Obviously the first anniversary is a huge obstacle to get beyond. A few brave families did manage to speak out straight away though, eg those of  Garrett Utting, Rory Nairn, Louis Amos, and Liam O’Sullivan.

So it is left to a few of us, agonised practitioners and other caring humans, to advocate for all the parents, relatives, friends and colleagues of those swept under the carpet and to help strengthen and embolden the other casualties in all this – the vaccine damaged. In contrast, these injured people KNOW what happened, but the system further depletes and diminshes many to the point of incapacity. However some are slowly recovering, and looking for justice.

NZDSOS and others are fighting for all of us.

Far too many other people, who are currently well – although perhaps recurrently covid infected or ill in some other way – are hiding from their fearful suspicions that maybe, just maybe, they have made  hideous mistakes. Because plans are afoot at the WHO and WEF to do this all again, only better, please be brave and join urgently the visible groups trying to turn this around.  You know who they are: the groups and individuals criticised, scorned, persecuted and prosecuted by mainstream media and the professional bodies such as ourselves, Voices For Freedom, NZ Rising, Outdoors and Freedom, VIPS, and Health Forum. Please join them, get active and tell them what you expect. ​​​​​​​Upvoting other people’s comments is not activism!

As doctors we are calling for a discussion of the electrocuted elephant in the room. Of course we do not want any other parents to experience the loss of a child. 

For those who do realise that they have made a mistake, there is hope and treatment available. There is proof that only a few of the batches caused immediate harm.  We have discussed this extensively.

Defending ourselves together we can save our country, especially its youngest, to make a better world and stop the lightning altogether. 

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  1. I am so grateful that you continue to speak out against this hideous corruption against humanity .Keep it up !

  2. “Why don’t parents speak out?”
    …indeed, this is one of many tragic questions that emerge from the observation of a State sanctioned parental betrayal of their off-spring across the West.
    Whether from medical tyranny that extends far beyond the unpredictable, negative risk benefit, potentially lethal or sickening shots, to the MAID scheme, or to late term abortions, or to gender assignment surgery https://ottawa.citynews.ca/2024/01/10/new-ottawa-gender-affirming-care-clinic-open-patients-now-welcome/ …or even to the UNICEF apical NZ youth suicide rate … the cult of death is all about us now. And those acquainted with this cult also know that WEF protagonists like Noah Yuval Harari cultivate their coinage by delegitimising the human soul while the BigPharma biotechnocrats ultimately aim to for a fusion of nano tech and mid-brain interneurons (limbic system, amydgala hippocampus) in their “redesign” of the 19th Century Company Store, the semi-sentient serf-human.
    But as to the question itself and the stage it helped cultivate in 2020, a supremely well designed and well funded study emerged in a timely manner from Yale University that answers (at least in part) the question: “Why don’t parents speak out?”
    The 10,000 participants of the 2021 Yale study provide an response to that question even before the “vaccination” was even available, an acknowledged “limitation” of the study (James EK, et al. 2021; Vaccine).
    ‘The most promising messages to emerge ~ “Persuasive messaging to increase COVID-19 vaccine uptake intentions” ~ were the, “Not Bravery,” “Community Interest,” and “Community Interest + Embarrassment,” messages.
    Moreover, their [observed] effects were always more than twice as large as the Baseline informational treatment and these differences were significant at p < .05 (two-tailed tests). The effects of the "Trust in Science," message and the "Personal Freedom," message were not statistically significant when compared to the Baseline informational message'.
    These behavioral subsets of conditioning were rammed home by blunt force fear, mindless repetition and frank coercion by the New Zealand government, by its acolytes in business and by State media, by academe and a swathe of willing nurses and doctors who abandoned ethics as rapidly as they abandoned critical thinking and Pfizer abandoned its rigged third phase "controls." And this was also when, "until proved otherwise," became an ethical clinical axiom rather than an experimental method.
    The "pandemic" was no more that than a "case based" orchestration to facilitate a social experiment, namely, the willing societal acceptance of an unethical, consent-lite, dangerous, uncertain, novel, negative-risk benefit experimental, synthetic polynucleotide / LNP injection.
    The three key effective messages to emerge in the Yale study were:
    "'NOT BRAVERY': Soldiers, fire-fighters, EMTs, and doctors are putting their lives on the line to serve others during the COVID-19 outbreak. That’s bravery. But people who refuse to get vaccinated against COVID-19 when there is a vaccine available because they don’t think they will get sick or aren’t worried about it aren’t brave, they are reckless. By not getting vaccinated, you risk the health of your family, friends, and community. There is nothing attractive and independent minded about ignoring public health guidance to get the
    COVID-19 vaccine. Not getting the vaccine when it becomes available means you risk the health of others. To show strength get the vaccine so you don’t get sick and take resources from other people who need them more, or risk spreading the disease to those who are at risk, some of whom can’t get a vaccine. Getting a vaccine may be inconvenient, but it works." [this was written BEFORE a "vaccine" was available a fact referred to in the paper as a "limitation."]
    "'COMMUNITY INTEREST': Stopping COVID-19 is important because it reduces the risk that members of your family and community could get sick and die. COVID-19 kills people of all ages, and even for those who are young and healthy, there is a risk of death or long-term disability. Remember, every person who gets vaccinated reduces the risk that people you care about get sick. While you can’t do it alone, we can all protect every-one by working together and getting vaccinated."
    "'COMMUNITY INTEREST + EMBARRASSMENT': … Imagine how embarrassed and ashamed you will be if you choose not to get vaccinated and spread COVID-19 to someone you care about."
    The lies on which the message is based and the dependent conditioning it instilled remain very strong 4 years on. For too many it remains well entrenched, while it also appears to provide emotional cover, a complicit cognitive dissonance that facilitates the obvious, a callous disregard of the bizarre, now labelled by colluding medical authorities, schools, parents and politicians as, "baffling."
    State sanctioned premature death may appear 'fashionable' for some and even an 'environ~mental' choice for others, but there are clearly a very, very large number of people who will neither stand in line to die quietly, nor allow their offspring to face a premature and threatening challenge.
    And there numbers are daily growing.

  3. The Baradene article was your best yet. I’d be interested to know the author. They excelled themselves , no more pussyfooting around the truth. Many thanks..

  4. My nephew goes to I think it’s Westlake on the shore. I heard through my mother a young boy had died in his sleep at that school.
    I know of many people that have had heart attacks, strokes, suddenly developed aggressive cancers and a host of other issues. They all say the same thing. They regret getting jabbed.
    Hopefully some day these criminals and all those complicit will be punished.
    Keep up the great work.

  5. Hi to all the brave Doctors at NZDSOS. I admire your work and have followed you from the start.

    Are you aware ( your training would not have covered this as the Cabal ( Rockerfellers ) who control what Doctors are taught would steer you well clear of this, and that is Black Salve or Bloodroot salve ( Sanguina Canadensis). This natural remedy kills only cancer cells and does zero harm to healthy cells. It has been curing cancer for 500 years or more. It can be ordered from alphaomegalabs.com and they deliver to New Zealand. Read the book written by Greg Caton ( who was allegedly murdered by the CIA in November 2022. He was gaining a lot of traction, letting the world know that cancer is nothing to worry about and this cheap freely available ( getting harder to get because it is often stopped at the border on the way in – just like the safest drug on the market – Ivermectin!

    Please have an open mind and do the research – a lot of info is available on gregcaton.com

    Not one person needs to die of cancer, ever single cancer is easily cured, as long as you don’t see a doctor, don’t let them take a sample for testing ( this causes it to metasticise and spread throughout your body. Just follow the directions quietly at home, and enjoy living a long life.

    It’s a pleasure


  6. Thank you doctors with a conscience. You are bravely standing up against the Psyops Machine, politicians and corrupt media/ journalists. This is the crime of the century which they are covering up.

  7. One of the major problems we all are facing in this wonderful country is that the Kiwi psyche is contaminated with the “always-be-nice” syndrome. In public situations one has to be polite, never disagree, never go against the public opinion, even if privately one has totally different ideas….. Kiwi’s mentality is more aligned with sheep than with bulls.

  8. Make sure these results are sent to NZ First Party, as there is to be commission of inquiry into the Covid jab fiasco.

  9. Thank you NZDSOS once again for your tireless efforts in trying to wake the nation up. Public and professionals.
    Dis – heartening I know.

  10. Written 26/8/2021. I feared the consequences of speaking “my truth” until now, even though AI can now be used to hunt us down easier than ever before.

    Firstly, I am not an anti-vaxer. Am I against the current vaccinations? Yes, especially the ones offered to Australians at the moment.
    I am not a doctor or virologist etcetera. Nevertheless, I am well-educated and I consider myself intelligent and experienced enough to see some of what’s going on. I don’t mean in the sense of a conspiracy theorist, but as a citizen that once enjoyed more freedoms. I can see the hype, read between the lines and tell when we’re being manipulated by exaggerations, misinformation, emotional blackmail and myth. The current situation reminds me of when you go to the supermarket. The music, the placement of products on shelves, the colours used, the ads that you remember and don’t remember seeing -all these things tell you what you “need”. You can end up coming home with so much junk if you’re not aware of these selling tricks.

    To make up your mind about things in a non-biased and informed way requires all the stats we are not privy to. If we stop for a moment and look at things logically, without of course losing what makes us human (our love, empathy, sympathy, tolerance and understanding) we may see a glimpse of the elusive truth.

    We shame the unvaccinated and call them selfish spreaders. Most of them are in fact unlikely to have COVID so far, especially due to all the lockdowns which are doing more long-term harm especially to our youth and our economy. (I can see the cloud of lawsuits hanging in the distance. There are so many other dark clouds as well.) In fact, correct me if I am wrong, everyone that has been vaccinated do now forcefully have the virus and are at least potential spreaders, yet when the numbers of those contracting the virus rise, the non-vaccinated are blamed and are shunned or treated more and more in a heavy-handed way. Does this sound familiar? Anyone with some understanding of history knows what I mean. I would hazard a guess that many of the vaccinated are doing it to save themselves first and foremost and we can see this as selfish in the same way that anti-vaxers are seen as selfish and uncooperative. At the moment, it’s all about perspective whether you mean well or not. It should be about reliable facts that comes out of unbiased research. That should be the yardstick for everything, whether it’s climate change etcetera. Instead, we are guided by “consensus” ( a fancy word for “conform or else…”) and by those that stand to lose a lot of power and wealth.

    Another thing I fear. As soon as we sacrifice our democratic rights, the chances of winning them back is very slim. Sadly, there are too many people about that love the power they have over others and will not be willing to let it go easily.

    History has shown that the Black Death, the Spanish Flu and a host of other pandemics were far worse. They took children as well in large numbers which COVID does not seem to do. We had no vaccinations for these and yet here we are still alive on a planet supporting about 8 billion people. Death is an inevitable part of life. So is survival of the fittest. So is sacrifice. If we try to mess with these things, the kind of misery we will impose on humanity in the future will be far worse. There are some necessary evils, like it or not, and the sooner we face up to this, the more resilience we’ll have ultimately. When the next plague comes, we may not be fit enough to face it as we are trying to prevent this one from following its natural course and purpose, even if indeed it may have had unnatural beginnings. The ones that would have been fit to survive it have already been weakened by man-made vaccinations that have compromised our blood, immune systems, even the brain. For the sake of profit and power, there are toxins in our foods and building materials, plastics everywhere and pills that are unnaturally concocted. The real plague is our selves. This is not a popular argument, so we continue to deny it. Fear determines all that we do now and the preservation of our lives to a very old age at all costs. Even if it means the next generations. Our moral compass and our beliefs and purposes have all been wiped out in favour of longevity, profit and entertainment. But I digress.

    Either way, whatever we do, nature will find a way to sort us out with the ultimate purpose of preservation. Even if that means you or I have to be sacrificed along the way. It is what it is.

    To have faith in any government and medical guidelines, certain criteria must be met. The main one is to be informed honestly about real research and fact gathering, not statistical manipulation and fake consensus. What are the actual, raw statistics on the following?

    Illnesses and deaths per age group by country and globally.
    Illnesses and deaths per haplogroups, blood types, predispositions and pre-existing health issues.
    Illnesses and deaths per previous vaccinations. For example, is it true as some researchers have been suggesting, that if you have had a TB shot, you are far less likely to get COVID and/or to be adversely affected by it even to the point of death?
    Can fibres in the masks we use and breathing in our CO2 because of the use of masks cause further complications?
    Are the vaccinated in fact the spreaders as well? Are they now the main spreaders?
    Do more people die of other respiratory illnesses during the year than from COVID-related illnesses? If so, why isn’t a big deal made of them? This shows we are used to accepting such things in the past. So what has suddenly changed?
    How does the proneness to succumbing to COVID differ from the fit against those who are overweight, genetically predisposed, heavy smokers or any other form where health is compromised? This question has nothing to do with agism, racism or any other ism, but seeks to elucidate who needs to be vaccinated and who is at greater risk. To vaccinate people for no real reason creates more spreaders and puts them at risks they may or would otherwise not have had. We really don’t know what the long term conditions vaccinations may or will ignite that modify DNA, how the blood and organs work or can cause new spikes in dementia.

    How can we know whether or not this is just a way for nature to deal with its abuse by humanity? The use and disposal of plastics, the use of chemicals to addict its users and preserve foodstuffs that have led to more health issues such as allergies, endometriosis and various cancers. If I am imagining these things, why aren’t the statistics on related studies made readily available to us to prove me wrong? Too much money is being made by companies for them to now get rid of the pills and plastics that are really making things worse for us. Prove to us that this is not true in plain language. Of course, it may not be about the money, but about power and other agendas we can scarcely imagine.

    These issues are not dealt with logically as logic is seen as cold, heartless and sterile. The trouble is, when we see things through the lense of emotion (which has its place since we don’t want to lose our humanity) we have a distortion of facts and Chinese whispers take over which leads to thoughtless actions based on fear.

    I want to make an informed choice within a democratic society. And if I was merely an anti-vaxer I would have railed against TB and other injections, which I did not do. These rushed vaccinations are obviously not working and we are now asked to have a third. When does it end? When will we realise and accept that the way we want things to go is never going to be sustained?

    When I cannot express these thoughts and have freedom to speak in a so-called democratic country without consequence, I make no apologies for starting to believe that we are truly in the middle of a great reset. There is no other explanation for those that see.

  11. My daughter goes to Baradene and the weird thing is that Celia Gatt and Sara Hepple were both in the same year with her. There is another girl in that year group who had serious heart issues last year and missed a lot of school due to the severity. It has rattled a lot of the students who are wondering what is going on, but of course, noone is willing to question the jibby jab!

  12. NZDSOS you are all hero’s for the stand you have taken and the work that you do. Many of your fellow Doctors still within the system should hang their heads in shame for what they have allowed to happen in NZ. Doctors coerced into a standard approved narrative are protecting their back pockets, not the good of the people. Had they all had the courage that those involved in NZDSOS had, and stood up and said NO to this requirement, they could have stopped this disaster inflicted on us all by Labour. Instead they have destroyed the overall trust and respect many of us once had in the Medical Fraternity. That trust and respect will not return until honest professionals from NZDSOS are in charge of the whole system.

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