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Open Letter to MPs and Government Agencies re Cataclysmic Child Deaths Post C-19 Jabs

Coroner Letter
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Despite ongoing silence, we were compelled yet again to write a letter to MPs. This time we highlight deaths in children following the roll-out of the C-19 jabs to under 18 year olds. These MPs have their own children. Were they not concerned?

We refer to the incidence of myo-pericarditis in VAERS, German pathologist findings and many other international experts. Read the information in the document below.

We sent the following email, with an attached formal letter to MPs to:

  • The Prime Minister
  • Chris James, General Manager Medsafe
  • Chris Hipkins, Covid Response Minister
  • Peter Boshier, Chief Ombudsman
  • Andrew Little, Health Minister
  • Ashly Bloomfield, Director General of Health

Read: Email and Open Letter to MPs

Monday 8 November 2021

Dear elected representatives and unelected bureaucrats and press,



1. The vaccine has killed and maimed children 11 years + already

2. In many countries, the vaccinated are the bulk of covid-19 deaths and hospitalisations.

3. Early treatment with safe and effective repurposed medicines saves lives and is being denied in NZ.

4. Evidence for lockdowns and mandates is lacking.

5. Cruelty and apartheid are now a feature of NZ life.

6. Evidence emerges of poor data quality in Pfizer trials, and batch mortality differences.

7. Criminal and civil prosecutions are pending.

8. Many people are suffering from an induced trance state called mass formation.

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