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Urgent Letter With Update on the Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths to Authorities

The report of suspicious deaths following the covid-19 vaccine continued to roll-in. They were not appearing on the Medsafe Safety Monitoring page and we were growing more alarmed at the lack of response from the authorities with no indication that were even considering an investigation. We highlight that many of these deaths were not being report to Medsafe.

  • The Prime Minister
  • Chris James, General Manager Medsafe
  • Chris Hipkins, Covid Response Minister
  • Peter Boshier, Chief Ombudsman
  • Christopher Luxon, Leader of the Opposition
  • Andrew Little, Minister for Health
  • Morag McDowell, Health and Disability Commissioner
  • Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners
  • Maxine Leilua, Human Rights Commission
  • Ashley Bloomfield, Director General of Health

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12 December 2021

Dear Prime Minister, relevant Ministers and MPs and senior leaders of the named agencies, 

We attach the latest database of suspicious deaths post covid-19 vaccine. 

We are well aware that on many occasions these communications are ignored or not even tabled. This seems a grossly disrespectful response to the dead whose names comprise the database and their families, and these instances of (at best)  poor governance should appear in the public domain once properly collated. 

Yours faithfully


15 December 2021

Hello Dr Bloomfield, 

Our apologies, due to an admin error you were left off the send-out on Sunday. 

In your August email you have already indicated you will not respond to the ‘citizen’s database’ of deaths temporally related to the vaccine, but this information remains important for pharmacovigilance efforts (and to the  loved ones remaining, of course),  however much of these the Pfizer contract allows. 

Some important, and overdue, epidemiological work has now had to be done by ourselves, and we hope to present shortly. There is a significant association between the vaccine rollout and mortality rates that you may wish to investigate now rather than wait for presentation, assuming your own team have not found a relationship.

Yours sincerely


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