black mark against your name

Black Mark Up Against Your Name

And They Only Speak in Whispers of Her Name

Guest Post by Cameron Slater, the BFD.

The views expressed are the writer’s personal views and not necessarily those of NZDSOS.

As you will recall, the most popular post ever on The BFD was the now infamous article called The Good, the Bad and the Ugly‘. It got David Fisher‘s knickers in a bunch so much that he singled it out as an example of a terrible thing that I had done for his hit job on The BFD and Voices for Freedom.

I made it abundantly clear why it was that I thought Jacinda Ardern was evil. I outlined precisely how she qualified for that descriptor. But news came yesterday that further built on that evidence, that she is evil.

Up until yesterday the most evil thing she did was create two tiers of citizenship and turn the majority against the unvaccinated.

Up until yesterday that was more evil than her vaccine mandates.

Yesterday Ashley Bloomfield fronted to take questions about the death of a teenager caused by the vaccine. The news of the results of the inquiry was safely published well after Jacinda Ardern had left the ‘Podium of Odium’ on Monday afternoon, and so it was left to the out-going Health boss to front media.

Asked to comment on a third death linked to the Covid vaccine, Bloomfield said the case involved a teenager and was a “very sad” matter.

There was still some doubt it was linked to the vaccine.

An independent board had reached the conclusion it was likely the death was vaccine-related but that health teams will never know this for sure.

The death was sudden and the teen had not suffered any previous problems, Bloomfield said.

This teenager had a very unfortunate experience because his symptoms were not diagnosed and the possible link to the vaccine was not diagnosed.

The death had become a learning experience and GPs had now seen a number of people with chest pains who are concerned it may be related to the vaccine.

There was now greater awareness of heart issues being a rare, but possible, side effect of the vaccine, Bloomfield said.

The teenager’s parents did not want his death to be used by people to promote anti-vaccine messages.

NZ Herald

If those statements don’t fill you with rage then you must be as cold-hearted as the woman who allowed this to happen.

Bear in mind that the incidence of death from Covid for the teenage brackets is so low that the Ministry of Health doesn’t even have a separate statistical group for them.

In the USA just 962 people aged between 0-18 have died from/with Covid-19, from a total of 544,694 deaths. In the USA the estimated Covid-19 risk of dying if aged under 18 is <0.1%.

This is not a disease a teenager needs vaccination to be protected from. Yet the leadership of this country authorised the vaccination of children from age 5 and up. Many schools and sports teams demanded that children be vaccinated in order to participate, and many children were subjected to cruel peer pressure to buckle and get vaccinated for a disease that simply does little or no harm to children under 18.

And now at least one of them is dead, and there are likely others, as well as those suffering from vaccine-induced harm.

The first rule of medicine is to do no harm. Yet the medical profession abandoned that as they silenced critics of the mass vaccination of children, blackballed the more vocal amongst the profession, and busily set about jabbing as many kids as possible.

Ashley Bloomfield describes a totally tragic and unnecessary death as “a very unfortunate experience”. I’m astonished!

But wait, the heartlessness is even worse. Bloomfield callously announces that “the death had become a learning experience“.

Bloomfield waited until questions were asked before addressing this issue. He was uncomfortable, tying himself in knots trying to describe how medical practitioners were ‘aware of the symptoms because they’re seeing them a lo… well, we can’t say that exactly, how can I wriggle my way out of this with some more word salad.’

That is despicable evil on his part. What is more evil is that he knows there are terrible side effects and has pretty much blanket rejected people seeking exemptions from the vaccines.

Exemption. Photoshopped image credit Boondecker. the BFD.

With the Pfizer Papers now revealing that adverse reactions and deaths were hidden and Pfizer has basically lied about the efficacy of the vaccine this evil poison should immediately be withdrawn, and a wide-ranging enquiry instigated.

People have been lied to. The vaccine is clearly not safe and effective if it kills a formerly healthy 13-year-old. That single death alone should see the programme halted.

And it is clearly not preventing deaths;

Deaths by vaccine status

Or hospitalisation amongst the vaccinated:

hospitalisation by vaccine status

Remember the Prime Minister told us that if you were vaccinated that you wouldn’t get sick, and you wouldn’t die:

She was either lying, or she was misinformed. If she was misinformed then those who were advising her were the ones who misled her.

Now it is apparent that the vaccines have failed to prevent either illness or death, and in fact, have actually probably killed at least three people in New Zealand, and made many more sick as a result of the jab. That should be cause for concern, yet the relentless propaganda continues unabated on websites, news channels, radio stations and from the mouth of those in charge.

In the face of all the evidence from around the world, that is building daily, of dreadful health outcomes that have materialised following the mass vaccination of a duped public, the Government, if it truly cares about keeping people safe, should be halting this dreadful experiment and starting wide-ranging inquiries.

The fact that it won’t just proves my point that Jacinda Ardern is pure evil. She sits at the top, she made Covid and the pandemic response all about her. She is the one responsible.

I think Ashley Bloomfield knows where this is heading, so he’s getting out of Dodge. Jacinda Ardern however, a narcissist and a clear cut case of the Dunning-Kruger Effect in action is too prideful to abandon ship, or even change course. She is literally steaming full speed ahead towards a massive iceberg of vaccine-related disasters.

She will go down in history as the worst Prime Minister in history, her name blackened by the evil she perpetrated against her citizens. She will not be remembered fondly. Her reputation will be worse than Robert Muldoon’s. No one in Labour will have portraits of her on their walls like they still have of Michael Joseph Savage or Norman Kirk. No, she will forever be that woman, the one who destroyed New Zealand.

Her actions remind me, and some of the lines are incredibly accurate about our current predicament, of the AC/DC song ‘Evil Walks‘.

Since April 2021 NZDSOS has repeatedly warned the government and health agencies about concerns regarding the Comirnaty injection. This is exactly what we were afraid of and it could have been avoided.

We also wanted to be sure that these actions were not committed in our name. That is why we spoke out often to our personal and professional detriment.

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