A Powerful Response to Anke Richter’s Criticisms of the Anti-vaccination Movement as a Cult

Anke rebuttal
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**Long read**

Its literary conceit being a response to a barrage of nonsense reportedly from Anke Richter, a ‘researcher-journalist’, but which frankly could just as easily apply to many similar pieces of work dreamed up by the main-stream media since Covid. Consider it a blanket essay to counter common misinfo, disinfo, and in this case, a hefty dose of ‘hys-info’, excusing the terrible pun.

All of Anke Richter’s criticisms of the unvaccinated, and the necessity to refute them, are rendered moot by the fact of deaths in patients following the vaccine. It is lethal and has never worked to stop Covid anyway. EVERYONE is at risk from a legal, political and police system that turns away from this fact. We would prefer you stopped reading, despite our efforts, and devoted every further moment to decide how to protect yourselves and your loved ones.

For those that haven’t read or heard the above reductionist hit-pieces on us conscientious objectors, we would say don’t bother. We have chosen the lowest hanging fruit of this embarrassment of riches to refute below, with the media statements in bold and our refutations in italics.


Anke Richter, Weltreporter

Kirsty Johnston, Stuff reporter

Michelle Duff, Stuff reporter

Noelle McCarthy, guest

Dear Anke, Kirsty, Michelle and Noelle

This communication is in response to your article, The anti-vaccination infodemic ‘is a cult’ – researcher, which, to be honest, we really enjoyed. It was quite humorous with its colourful conflation of disparate ideologies. Well done. A great piece of reductive opinionated propaganda.

The podcast linked in the same report, Tell me about it: Women Talk Rabbit Holes, featuring Noelle McCarthy, is given the same level of scrutiny.

“I totally see it as a cult, even though there isn’t just one guru, or one group that you join.” said Anke Richter.

So why a cult then, Anke? A slavish adherence to a charismatic figurehead promising an end to all suffering? If only! You see what you see, we guess.

And she watched “friend after friend fall prey to the misinformation rabbit hole”.

Thank God, some got away, and with their children, hopefully; unlike the astonishing numbers we know of personally, who are severely vax harmed, their lives changed, maybe forever. This is not mere selection bias; it is actual confirmation. Real doctors, working in the real world, know-how rarely preventive treatments are supposed to kill and maim real people. And we know that misinformation refers actually to missing information, deliberately withheld.

“The anti-vaccine movement is clearly about power and money”.

Really? A quick straw poll of freedom groups leaves us all guffawing. To us, the battle seems to have to be against power and money, especially so for the vaccine injured who remain so inconvenient.  Oh hang on, we deserve to die as we reject science! No one deserves to die, not least for agreeing with Nürnberg, UNESCO, Helsinki, UNCRC, NZBOR and HDC codes. For God’s sake, woman, the injured and the dead took the shots!!  Again, perception is everything, isn’t it Anke?

And the vaccine industry is free from money and power imperatives? Right…

Later we are referred us as linked to the “racist, misogynist alt-right”.

Complete BS, Anke. Racist? We haven’t mentioned the “Good Germans” once; the French just did. This is a stunning article, with powerful lessons for all, especially the “lock-down, mask and mandate classes”.

We are disparate for sure, but do share some characteristics. These are being aware, cautious and experienced students of humanity, as well as those personally and professionally exposed to the burden of vaccine damage. In the podcast we are her patriarchy-haters (presumably none of us have resolved our daddy issues), and who are apparently organising “a pyramid scheme or a multi-level marketing scheme”.

Actually no, unlike even the latecomers to an MLM scheme, many of us have lost money hand over fist for actioning our principles; and to mention that it is all a conspiracy theory in the same sentence. Breath-taking lies.

These totally unrelated conflations are sadly hilarious, too. Anke, you are a true journo through and through, using woke buzzwords that catch the eye, catch the clicks, throw the sticks (and stones) and of course, make revenue for your own peculiar view of reality by hooking readers into totally unrelated ideologies that exist only in your mind. A pretty obliquely mis-informing Op-ed  wouldn’t you say?   

It is unclear where your sex link fits in. Could it be to do with the effects of the undeclared mRNA mutant gene instruction regarding CYP19A1 and CDKN1B included in Pfizer’s brew? These are the  genes that provide instructions for making an enzyme called aromatase, which in turn is responsible for the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. Now that wasn’t declared publicly by Pfizer was it? History will bear witness to the downstream effects on the human reproductive system as a result of this experimental injection.

Stuff is paid well by the New Zealand Government as part of their $35 million dollar propaganda campaign to nudge the sheeple into totalitarian compliance. So, maybe this is where your references to sex really best apply: presstitution.

Did they buy your conscience too, by any chance?

How can the live streaming of actual videos of police brutality be “misinformation”? We are sure you saw the video of the naked woman being pulled out of the line of demonstrators and then her head kneeled on by police to subdue her? And what of the ‘toughest’ of our thick blue line seeming to pick out older men for special attention?

Yes, we agree it’s all about “power and money”. The trouble is that when a woman has lost her job and the income necessary to feed her children, by Government mandate – because she refused to be injected with an untested experimental drug – then that does cause “disenfranchisement“.

Kate Sheppard and Emmeline Pankhurst would spin in their respective graves if they saw how unvaccinated women are being treated. The patriarchy did not cause that. Our benevolent “kind” well-meaning Prime Minister caused that. The War of the Sexes: another fake division to split and distract society whilst the hand behind the curtain does its thing.

The real issue your infotainment Op-ed does not address is why the scientific medical evidence upon which informed consent can only be based, has been shut down by a politically motivated narrative that does not permit any dissent from the party line.

Even  this week  our ‘kind’ PM cannot be inclusive to the likes of government dissenters (remember them?) such as Louisa Wall. Ardern has announced she will be snubbing Wall’s farewell parliamentary speech. We await it with interest.

More From Anke to Refute

“If you look at, why does someone who’s a normal person who isn’t necessarily conspiratorial or into wacky beliefs for starters, get into this”?

“We think it’s more than the belonging side, it’s finding a home for people who’ve been disenfranchised.”

Maybe if they start off normal Anke, you should find out what they think and know, that you don’t. It is the deeply human paradox that we are born, then live in our own unique realities, and die, basically all alone; yet we have an intense need to relate, and co-operate, if only for our survival. So we occasionally clump together in the self-affirming confirmation bias of our ideological tribal echo chambers, thus proving to ourselves we are not bonkers in the process.

Does being a journalist, or a journalist married to a doctor, now provide an inoculation against free speech? Just like the old versus the new journalism, there are doctors and there are doctors. They have chosen between Hippocrates and hypocrisy, some certainly cheating the innocents of their non-politicised, uncommercialised right to health by giving in to their own fear. Physicians, know thyselves.

“The media is not lying to us”. Really Anke? We still can’t stop laughing at that one!  

“Shame and mock and blame”. You say you would not do that, but unfortunately, this is exactly what happened. Projection and Denial 101. Look it up.

“Forgotten, not listened to“. Yes, our taxpayer-funded PM would not meet us human filth at Parliament, even after three weeks of trying to be heard.

“The needs of the greater good have been met”. Yes, still Omicron wildfires amongst the 96% that are vaccinated.

Your science explainers ought to know by now that the unvaccinated are not harming others let alone themselves, despite the strident hysteria of Rod and his modellers.

According to the official narrative – vaccination and indefinite boosters (utterly untested, by the way) protect against transmission, sickness and death. How is that working out for you, the cheerleaders of scientism? Record covid cases in a heavily vaccinated population.

So who is under who’s ‘spiel’? The spell of the One Source of Truth has bewitched many people for sure. We, in contrast, remain fixated on any data that screams a warning.

 “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it quipped Joseph Goebbels, the author of your well-thumbed press playbook.

So, what is your problem with the 4% (allegedly) of the population that refuses to be jabbed for reasons that they know better than you do? We ask for explanations other than your participation in mass formation psychosis and the instinctive behavioural immune system-driven aversion to those you believe are a particular risk to your hard-won inherited and acquired immune memory?

You believe falsely in this risk to yourself. It is not your fault, as ‘social science’ doesn’t seem to include learning on much of this instinctive behavioural aversion. However, it is always useful for us to recognise the limitations of our scope.

In the end, shouldn’t all this just be about freedom of choice? As feminists, you should know that better than most. After all, you were once a despised minority too.

“How do we shut down what needs to be shut down?”  

We think you can get lots of advice and pointers from Hitler, Stalin, Mao and lately Ardern, who went to Klaus Schwab’s technofascist school for young budding tyrannists, along with Trudeau, Macron and other soft and cuddly foot soldiers of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Click here for the insane ravings of Schwab and his no.1 disciple Harari.

As best as we can tell, what the WEF wants to shut down is nothing less than Human 1.0. What could possibly go wrong with that? Who asked us humans, and how many of us in this conversation right now may not be here to observe the variety of harms in store and would have wished to awaken our fellows, rather than anaesthetise them with PR?

Regarding your accusations against violent protestors, is it only “not so shocking for you to be upset at the violence…”  because you are ancestrally descended from a genocidal regime in Europe?  Or is violence, including police violence, acceptable, to any right-thinking person? Even less acceptable is to be from a country that tried extremely hard to embrace it’s genocidal blind alley, and analyse and prevent itself from repeating it’s fascist past through education and reflection, only to fall headlong into the same propaganda traps that were used against your direct ancestors in the 1930s. The unvaccinated are the new “filthy Jews”. Can you simply not see this?  

Further, and to paraphrase you slightly here, we do NOT believe any doctor is out there willingly “intending to kill” by mis-information or the refusal to provide the actual medically proven and peer-reviewed facts upon which “Informed Consent” can be based. It has to be said, that is a very low bar for health workers to exceed, and we emphasize the word ‘willingly’.

The problem is that the Ministry of Health and the Institute of Environmental Science and Research (ESR) have not done due diligence to prove the safety and efficacy of this experimental vaccine, but instead dictated to the medical profession that they must instead comply with the politicised official narrative.

“When does the victim become the perpetrator”?  Certainly not in our case. Human folklore, indeed history (for those refusing to learn from it), does consistently celebrate the archetype of the oppressed and the brutalised little David taking on and defeating bullying Goliath, while a cowed and compliant population often stands mute, abused and blinking in the headlights.

The NZ Government is the “perpetrator” of the tens of thousands of adverse reactions and deaths that far outweigh the relatively few deaths from the co-morbidities triggered by the “virus”, or whatever is waiting to be finally demonstrated.

Yes, Mass Psychosis IS playing out. As touched on already, please enlighten yourself on the work of Mattias Desmet and other European experts.

In New Zealand we have not had “two covid free years”. Another clumsy disinfo morsel.

Yes, it is impossible to stop the mis-infodemic, on this, we agree. However, we say it is bought and paid for by Government. It has gone too far, so let’s hope the 96% (really?) wake up before it is too late for us all. How intoxicating for you all to be part of such a large moral majority! Such validation and self-fulfillment.

“Is there a way out” of the rabbit hole?

Yes, just ignore 4% of the rabbit warren and get on with your life. Now that you know why you are so fixated with a tiny fragment of society, you can choose not to dance to that tune. That’s what the educated, self-aware, compassionate ‘good Human’ ought to do, surely?

The 4% can form their own little rabbit warrens and live happily ever after. Leave them alone. You don’t have to bully them, or is that a femdom thing? Why are you bothering, apart from the obvious answer, $alary? Write about gardening, or even stick to sex; you do not need to go down their burrows, so get life in yours, and see where it leads.

As you say, the best strategy is to stay offline. You don’t have to read their information and they will not read yours. “Stupidity” and “wrongness” are very subjective, especially in hindsight. The majority of Germans in the 1930s were “doing the right thing” –  by definition as they were the majority – as were the eugenicists of many nations at the time; but they were all dead wrong, no? Sorry to harp on about Nazi Germany by the way. It is not personal, but very powerful lessons were certainly learnt from this era, which have now seemingly been forgotten.

Yes “everyone is watching everyone” for sure. This is the New World Order, thanks to Klaus Schwab and friends having “hacked the human animal”.

Are we really all doing a “public service by debunking those views”? We do not agree with, on principle, nor are we contributing to potential pending atrocities. Don’t say it could never happen. It bloody did. Rory Nairn did not die alone. Hundreds joined him.

“What would you need to believe Pfizer is not out to kill us?”Another good question,  Anke. Here’s an idea. Proof. Though you are up against it, as one is anyway when trying to prove a negative. But we know Pfizer is a slippery snake.

Examine the Pfizer documents, particularly the last 9 pages of the Cumulative Analysis of Post-authorization Adverse Event Reports, for the horrendous roll call of side effects. Here and here are good summaries of the Pfizer documents, released only after court action against the FDA. Pfizer’s criminal history is outlined here for your perusal and education.

Oh dear, the parliamentary protest was not an ”assault on democracy”; it was democracy in action; a lesson to those inside cowering from accountability! Those of us who spent time at the camp need no better proof of the abject surrender of your business than the spewed lies trying to hide from everyday Kiwis, the truth and beauty, intention and togetherness. Really, you give prostitutes a very bad name.

The “Information war“ only exists because there are powerful interests who want to keep the majority of sheeple ignorant so they are forced to comply with the official narrative.      

Your quotes about us lauding “natural immunity” and “yes, your body can do it “ are spot on. Even Dr. Fauci knows this. Please also read The Molecules of Emotion, Candace Pert’s seminal 1960s text on psycho-immunology.

How on earth do you make the link to “social Darwinism” and “underpinning eugenics”? If you learn nothing else, know that we are fighting the eugenicists. Microtech in the vax isn’t there to increase the human population, surely?!

Yes, Anke, Michelle, Noelle and Kirsten, compassion is indeed the only probable way through this myriad of rabbit holes, where we might one day even all hang out together.   

Oh yes, please tell the truth – as cold, hard and verifiable as it is.

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