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A Thought-Provoking Presentation on Micro-Tech in the Comirnaty C-19 Vaccine

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This presentation is based on information that was given to the members of the New Zealand Health Select Committee and the New Zealand Police.

Feel free to print out or down-load this presentation to a USB drive and distribute. We are wanting to get this into the hands of as many police as possible. We have been told that the vaccine is safe and effective but what are these objects in the vaccine? Given the number of adverse effects and deaths, along with similar findings from other groups, we are calling for urgent investigation.

We want to remind the New Zealand Police that they have a duty to investigate evidence of harm and that following orders, protecting reputation and “sticking with the team” has never been an excuse to turn a blind eye.

The professionals at NZDSOS are risking their careers, reputations and incomes to honour our oaths and our callings. We call upon the rest of New Zealand Professionals to do the same.

Together we are stronger in truth and freedom.

The Presentation

Please note: if you have difficulty viewing the presentation, please refresh the page or click the download button underneath the presentation.

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