Curing the Pandemic of Misinformation on Covid-19 Vaccines: Critical Analysis By Renowned Cardiologist Calling for Vaccine Program to be Halted

Pandemic of Misinformation
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After realising the true extent of misinformation being promoted by authorities and sections of the medical profession, renowned British cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra has written a critical analysis of the risks and benefits of Covid-19 mRNA “vaccines”. Titled Curing the Pandemic of Misinformation on Covid-19 Vaccines Through Real Evidence-Based Medicine, the two-part article is published in the peer reviewed Journal of Insulin Resistance. The benefits and potential harms of these substances are outlined in Part 1, whilst Part 2 explores the root causes underpinning this ‘pandemic of misinformation’.

Dr Malhotra chose this journal in part because it receives no funding from the pharmaceutical industry. Although he sits on the editorial board of the journal, Dr Malhotra had nothing to do with the peer review or editing process.

Dr Malhotra is no stranger to contrary views, having spoken often of the pointlessness of the pharmaceutical “war on cholesterol” without considering powerfully negative lifestyle factors. Nevertheless he had been a strong vaccine proponent. He received two doses of the Pfizer injection himself, and worked in a Covid vaccination clinic during the UK rollout. When his elderly but very healthy father, also a medical doctor who had been vaccinated, suffered a fatal heart attack last year Dr Malhotra was left to wonder at the cause. He spoke to academic scientists, investigative medical journalists and Pfizer whistleblowers, and spent months critically appraising the evidence, before reluctantly concluding “that this vaccine is not completely safe, and has unprecedented harms”.

Curing the Pandemic of Misinformation: Part 1

Part 1 can be downloaded here. This article discusses the historic successes of vaccination programs; Dr Malhotra’s personal experience with the Covid-19 mRNA vaccines; a case study of his father’s unexpected death; various questionability of the data and the ways in which it has been dishonestly marketed to the general public; and evidence of the harms that these products are causing.

Curing the Pandemic of Misinformation: Part 2

Part 2 can be downloaded here. As NZDSOS recently reported on, Dr Malhotra identifies corporatised funding and control of regulatory agencies as one of the driving forces for the misinformation of both the medical profession and a “misinformed and unwittingly harmed public”. He also discusses failings within the medical profession with regards to abiding by basic principles such as informed consent and interpreting scientific data; institutional corruption; research misconduct; media bias and censorship; and the failure of public health messaging. Finally he offers a range of realistic solutions, beginning with an immediate suspension of the mRNA vaccination program until the raw data has been independently scrutinised.

Watch: Evidence Based Medicine and Covid-19 mRNA Inoculations With Dr Aseem Malhotra, Dr Tess Lawrie and Dr Ryan Cole

World Council for Health hosted a press conference with Dr Malhotra who presented on his research findings on Tuesday 27 September. The press conference begins with an introduction by Dr Tess Lawrie at 11 minutes. Dr Malhotra’s presentation begins at 13m40s. Pathologist Dr Ryan Cole’s presentation on the harms caused by these products begins at 1h25m. Dr Tess Lawrie presents at 1h57m, sharing concerns about process issues in the authorisation of Covid-19 vaccines, suspicions of research fraud, and the deliberate obstruction of safe and effective treatments. She calls for an urgent investigation.


Bombshell is an oft-overused word to describe powerful and incontrovertible truths when they appear suddenly, but the evidence keeps piling up. Media commentary and journal articles such as these must be digested by any ‘splainers, talking heads and influencers who claim a certainty of knowledge that there are no issues with the jabs. Many people who have taken their advice are no longer with us. 

Doctors, especially, must reclaim the responsibility for informing themselves, and do what Dr Malhotra has proved can be done – namely, recognise the massive forces that were arrayed against conscientious medicine, study the scientific data, change his mind, and tell the truth. 

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