DNA Fragments Found in mRNA Products Motivate Promising Political Moves in USA, Will NZ Follow Suit?

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An October 2023 pre-print paper by leading scientists, DNA fragments detected in monovalent and bivalent Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna modRNA COVID-19 vaccines from Ontario, Canada: Exploratory dose response relationship with serious adverse events, has prompted worldwide official calls for the products to be halted. We first wrote about the discovery of these contaminant DNA fragments in May 2023. We have written a number of times since, including a November 2023 letter to government officials requesting immediate cessation of the injections and investigation into their harms.

Internationally, meanwhile, this scandalous issue is gaining traction. Dr Joseph Ladapo is Professor at the College of Medicine, University of Florida, a Harvard University trained medical doctor with a PhD in Health Policy, and happens to be the Surgeon-General for the state government of Florida. He has called on the FDA to halt the use of these products which he states are “not appropriate for use in human beings“. In a 3 January 2024 press release he describes his concerns regarding the DNA fragmentation which “poses a unique and elevated risk to human health and to the integrity of the human genome, including the risk that DNA integrated into sperm or egg gametes could be passed onto offspring of mRNA COVID-19 vaccine recipients“. Read more about Dr Ladapo’s recommendations at Florida Surgeon General Calls for Halt in Use of COVID mRNA Vaccines.

It may not be a coincidence that Boise County, Idaho, USA – home of outspoken Mayo Clinic trained pathologist, Dr Ryan Cole – also has issued a resolution to remove mRNA platform technology “from the child vaccine schedule in our County, and in the State of Idaho, until a forensics investigation and a health audit of Idaho can be administered by qualified agents, as well as until transparent and accurate informed consent can be given to parents and families …“. Their list of reasons include post-vaccine deaths and harms, including to unborn children and reproductive health, laboratory-confirmed adulterated and sub-standard mRNA products and their clinical trials, excessive presence of DNA fragments and undisclosed SV40 ​​​​​​​enhancers/promoters known to cause cancer, the possibility of the human gut becoming a permanent spike protein factory due to these DNA fragments, the risk of auto-immune reactions and sepsis, and potential inter-generational alteration of the human genome.

Please note that these position statements by Florida and Idaho exclude the devastating confirmation that synthetic vaccine RNA does show up in the human genome, rendering some recipients genetically modified. The risk that this can happen in the presence of DNA is stated in Moderna’s own 2019 patent for RNA respiratory virus vaccines, and serious potential outcomes such as cancer and birth defects were summarised by Dr Robert Malone in a recent senate testimony.

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NZDSOS shared the multiple ways that the DNA fragments could potentially lead to cancer, and discussed the recent emergence of “turbo cancers” in our October 2023 article. There are many other risks to human health related not only to the DNA fragments, but also from the other ingredients (some of which remain undisclosed) such as lipid nanoparticles, and the resultant spike protein and other random ‘frame-shifted’ proteins. Evidence of substandard manufacturing including inconsistencies between different batches is also of extreme concern.

How Are New Zealand’s Regulators and Political Leaders Responding?

It is beyond our comprehension that these products continue to be used anywhere, given the profound population health harms occurring in direct association with indisputable manufacturer negligence which is no longer the secret they care to keep. Medsafe have admitted that they do not perform independent testing of the drugs that they approve, in the same official information act request response in which they refute the rigour of the science conducted which detected the DNA fragments, quoting the need for peer review and majority rule.

This completely ignores the fact that around 50% of all peer reviewed science cannot be reproduced, compared with the fact that multiple independent scientific teams around the globe have reproduced this experiment with the same results. Declaring full confidence in the peer review process overlooks the corruption of peer review as a corporate marketing ploy involving large sums of money, affordable only by corporate-sponsored science. Learn more about this from genomics researcher and study author Kevin McKernan in this interview on The Highwire.​​​​​​​

Medsafe also recently responded to an official information act request, that they do “not have a set ‘threshold’ where if reached, a particular vaccination approval will be revoked“. That Medsafe no longer work for the public health of the New Zealand population, due to criminal-level conflicts of interest, is now in plain sight.

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It is time for the New Zealand government to step up to the plate. NZDSOS call for mRNA injections to be recalled immediately and for an independent, urgent, professional and transparent investigation into the harms committed against innocent and coerced citizens, as promised by the new coalition. Cease membership of private unelected organisations such as World Economic Forum, World Health Organization, and the United Nations. Reinstate evidence-based public health systems with protections against corporatised corruption, and an expectation of high moral and ethical professional standards.

Expert Hearing on DNA Fragments in mRNA Products

Learn more about the DNA fragments and why they are so concerning for individual, population and inter-generational health, via the World Council for Health’s October 2023 Expert Hearing.

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  1. I am not a scientist so your science text is not only wasted on me but it clutters the take-home messages. I therefore tend to give up reading your articles before the halfway mark and scan the rest of the text for the meaning where more often than not I don’t see it. I suspect I represent the majority of the population in which case your articles will only be read by minority. If you want your message to reach the wider audience then you need to change the way you communicate. It is good that you present scientific evidence and legal arguments to science and legal experts, and I hope you continue doing that. But the battle you are fighting is largely political therefore it is vital that you also reach the non-expert politicians and voters.

  2. Think you would need one of those emails that keep repeating every day to the politicians.
    However with a WEF PM its probably more of the same as JA with maybe abit of watering down to look otherwise more like smokes and mirrors.
    Until the ones with the power to alter the situation ‘wake up’ and have some ethics we will have to keep fighting of course there are alternatives as history has proven.
    With hope and a prayer.
    Best wishes.

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