C19 Emergency Powers

Watch: Covid-19 Emergency Powers

Jodie Bruning, sociologist, consultant and researcher discusses New Zealand’s use of emergency powers leading to arbitrary and unsupportable mandates. You can read her paper on the subject below the video.

This critical essay is intended to spur robust and healthy public interest debate. The author aims to draw attention to the difficult work that is required to make a safe space for the production of the often uncomfortable, independent information that can draw attention to harms from new technologies.

Jodie Bruning

Visit Jodie’s website, Talking Risk for thought provoking discussions on democracy, technocracy and thriving as humans.

Covid-19 Emergency Powers: New Zealand’s Arbitrary, Unsupportable Mandates

NZDSOS continues to draw attention to the possible harms of new technologies and have requesting meetings and discussion with the governments, police and regulatory bodies multiple times. Thus far, to no avail. Please join us in pressuring these organisations into sitting at a table with us. Here is one way you can do this; scroll to the end of the document.

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