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Covid Lies: A Formula For Corruption

Within three months of the Covid-19 pandemic being declared, Doctor Michael Yeadon describes recognising that something was disturbingly wrong. He has determined that rather than a long chain of well intentioned errors, the pandemic narrative is steeped in deliberate lies. He recently authored a brilliant review titled “The Covid Lies” to chronicle his argument. Many of us have endured similar experiences as Dr Yeadon, grappling with what we know of public health science and principles against absurd guidance and rules, imposed upon societies uniformly across the globe.

Doctor Yeadon is better qualified than most to analyse this situation. He has a PhD in Respiratory Pharmacology and a double first-class Honours degree in Biochemistry and Toxicology. He spent more than 15 years working at Pfizer in the UK, where he was the Vice President and international head of Allergy and Respiratory Diseases Research. When he left Pfizer he built his own start-up biotechnology company which had a profitable partnership with Pfizer for five years until he sold to Novartis in 2017. Dr. Yeadon submits this as evidence that he has no historical axe to grind with Pfizer. He now holds the title of Chief Scientific Advisor at both Americas Frontline Doctors and the Truth for Health Foundation.

The Covid Lies

Dr. Yeadon outlines twelve points of scientific contention relating to the global pandemic response. He suggests the role that each point appears to play in a deceitful political narrative, before providing quality evidence to support the counter-narrative. The twelve points he discusses are:

  1. The Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) is comparable to that of some seasonal influenza epidemics. The inference of extreme danger was never true and confusion was sown to justify an unprecedented response.
  2. Prior immunity is always present in populations even without known exposure to a specific virus. This is due to shared characteristics of viruses which we are exposed to frequently throughout life and the complex ways the human immune system responds. Claims that because Covid-19 was a new virus no one would have immunity were untrue.
  3. With the exception of people nearing the end of their life due to combined older age and health concerns, Covid-19 is of minimal risk to most people. This was well known from the outset, yet the risks were obscured in order to justify population-wide lockdowns.
  4. As with all respiratory infections, only those with symptoms of illness are able to infect others. Without the false claim of asymptomatic transmission, almost all of the measures are illogical.
  5. PCR tests cannot diagnose a clinical infection. Some of the multiple reasons as to why this test should not be used for diagnosis are summarised by Dr Yeadon.
  6. Face masks provide an illusion of danger and demonstrate visible compliance to authority. Blue medical masks do not act as filters and have only ever been used as “splashguards” in certain clinical settings previously. Quality evidence supports that masks have no effect on virus transmission.
  7. Lockdowns cause societal and economic damage whilst having no detectable impact on transmission, cases, hospitalisations or deaths. This position, well known to public health doctors and scientists, is also supported by quality evidence.
  8. Covid-19 is a treatable disease. Dr Yeadon argues that the witholding of known effective treatments and promotion of ineffective and harmful treatments have caused many deaths. He outlines some known treatments and offers references for further reading.
  9. Natural immunity acquired from a Covid-19 infection is complete, powerful and durable. Basic immunology, which had to have been known by those in advisory roles, is that T-cells and antibodies found in the mucous membranes rather than antibodies found in the blood, provide protection against repeat infection with the same virus.
  10. Evolution of new virus variants which become more transmissible but less lethal is a well known phenomenon. None of the variants to date are more than 3% different to the original Wuhan strain. Dr Yeadon argues that the Covid-19 “so-called vaccines” could potentially be preventing immune memory, leading to a form of acquired immune deficiency.
  11. Dr Yeadon argues that the pandemic would have ended faster and with far less destruction and death, had focused protection measures such as those proposed by the Great Barrington Declaration been implemented. Universal vaccination using a novel technology, as was insisted upon aggressively, was never necessary.
  12. The Covid-19 “vaccines” are neither safe nor effective and Dr Yeadon provides comprehensive peer reviewed references.

Political Incentive for Scientific Fraud

As well as a clear synopsis of these Covid lies, Dr. Yeadon asserts political motivations for, and social consequences of, this deceit. Senior professionals have behaved far more fearfully than seemed appropriate given the evidence available about the infection fatality rate and risk stratification. Severe measures were recommended and fear was instilled using media propaganda, mass testing, lockdowns and mandatory masking. The public were indoctrinated with a dominant pandemic narrative not to be questioned or criticised. Dr Yeadon discusses some concepts proposed by crowd psychology experts regarding the way this was incited and maintained.

Dr Yeadon also outlines historical evidence of rehearsal and planning regarding this deceit, citing informed experts involved in warning the public of high level corrupt activity as early as 2009 during the proclaimed Swine Flu pandemic. Mandatory digital identification systems (digital ID) and cashless central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) allowing a powerful minority to acquire totalitarian control over the majority appear, based on the evidence Dr Yeadon discusses, to be the objectives of those perpetrating these events.

Dr Yeadon acknowledges the tendency of humans to impulsively reject the idea of sinister motives attributed to the behaviours of others, as a coping mechanism. New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science identify this impulse as cognitive dissonance, which we define as the mind rejecting new information that would force it to change internal beliefs about one’s world (see our presentation Micro-tech in Comirnaty Vaccine).

The paper then offers evidence of deliberate dishonesty beyond the twelve central Covid Lies. A range of concerns are raised. These include, but are not limited to: the multiple pandemic rehearsals carried out over at least two decades and involving stakeholders coordinating the current response; the track record of some of these stakeholders; the way that autopsies (a valuable investigative tool during a pandemic) have been discouraged; the manipulation of public health definitions such as “cause of death”, “immunity” and “pandemic”; and implementation of dangerous hospital protocols.

Read Covid Lies

Dr Yeadon’s working draft paper The Covid Lies dated 10 April 2022, an extremely informative, thought-provoking and worthwhile read, is available here.

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