Australian COVID-19 Royal Commission 2024: Our Statement of Professional Concerns and Recommendations

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NZDSOS has made a brief statement to the Australian government committee that is receiving submissions from the public and interested groups for it’s intended  COVID-19 Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI).

Further, we have signed the expert collaborative document lodged last week by the Australian Medical Professionals Society (AMPS), an indemnity insurance group providing advice and support to its members. Read more here.

In 2022, we collaborated with work on a comprehensive terms of reference (TOR) document for New Zealand’s own Royal Commission that was being set up.

It was lodged on parliament’s website in December that year. Predictably, the NZRCI’s final terms of reference avoided examining vaccine safety and effectiveness, and anyway these exclusions had been long telegraphed by Jacinda Ardern’s government. We are hopeful that the Australian RCI allows the very likely devastating results of their very similar response to be investigated openly and honestly.

Our own already convened Royal Commission of Inquiry, largely hidden from public scrutiny and avoiding questions of death and injury, is in limbo now as the new coalition begins deciding how to make good on its commitments. A broad-ranging and transparent inquiry is essential for many reasons, and the new parliament should not throw any more good money after bad in trying to rehabilitate the last government’s RCI which was, in our view, a blatant attempt at not only deceptive window dressing but also an investigation of how to better coerce the public in the future.

As our statement to the Australian parliament alludes, we are highly concerned that pushing on with dangerous medical products, despite clear evidence of many deaths and injuries, requires investigation for criminal level culpability.

Read and download the document below.
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