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Many years ago, as a first-year student nurse in Christchurch hospital — known to be the strictest and ‘most English’ of all training hospitals in New Zealand — I became aware of a slight alteration to the feeling of the usual routine on the men’s orthopaedic ward where I was working. On this day, there seemed a slight ruffle of change in the atmosphere that was hard to define — it felt different. Curtains were then tightly closed around an older man’s bed and the Staff Nurse entered behind them and had not come back out. Moments later, a more senior nurse communicated in hushed tones that the man had just passed away and was being laid out. At 17, I had never seen a dead person. My work was up-to date, so I tentatively offered to help, for I was aware I would have to face this at some stage. I was ushered in and saw the Staff Nurse gently washing the body. I looked at the patient and realised that all that remained of the man was what seemed to be a hollow shell — the body — for he, his unique essential essence, that magical spark of life, had flown. He was no longer there, although it felt that his presence, now outside the body, was at that moment still hovering in the vicinity. But the spirit had definitely moved out from the body. The staff nurse removed his false teeth, deftly placed them in a nearby stainless steel mug and softly asked me to go and clean them. I did. Then we worked together, administering that last service of compassion and care that nurses are able to respectfully give a patient. Later that afternoon, in the Nurses’ Home — in those days it was compulsory to “live-in” for at least the first year— amidst the noisy background clatter and chatter of feIlow student nurses preparing to go out on their Friday night off, I poured a bath and, in the eventual silence, except for a dripping tap that would not turn off, I cried for a man I had never known, but whose teeth I had cleaned. I wished him well. Yet that day, I had seen, with my own eyes, the most profoundly important fact of life— that it is the spirit that is life, and it is the spirit that separates from the body when we pass on, and it is the spirit that continues on.

I observed this in my nursing career on every occasion where a patient, or dearly-loved family members, or friends, had— as we often say in the mountains — crossed that final Main Divide. But another deeply personal memory from those early years, stands out. Several years after the experience relayed above, I was in charge of that same ward as the staff nurse on night duty when a registrar wandered in giving news of an as-yet unidentified 22-year-old in ICU who had been brought in after an accident where a drunk driver had abruptly turned in front of him and his 750cc motorbike, on a sharp bend. Our hearts went out to this young man, and we kept up-to-date with how he was doing. A few days later I was shocked to learn that it was a high school boyfriend, Peter — a sensitive, gentle, wonderful young man and gifted artist, who loved nature. He remained unconscious, but I visited and talked with him every day, before and after duty. I felt he heard me. On a day off, I thought I would skip going in, but I had promised I would be there, so in I went. On this particular evening, immediately I entered that long hospital corridor I was struck, almost to a standstill, by the overwhelming sensation that the corridor was completely filled with light. It emanated freedom, release, and happiness. It was so uplifting. I told myself that Peter must be improving, yet deep within, realised he could have ‘crossed that final Main Divide’. Intuitively, I avoided the staff short-cut into ICU and went the long way around to enter, where I came upon his parents, in an embrace, sobbing — heart-broken. Peter had just left. I cried with them, as we stood there together, in a small embrace of three. Peter and his mother were very close, and a few days later, as she stood beside me at his graveside, a rogue and playful breeze suddenly rose up, dislodging her hat. “That’s Peter,” she said smiling widely, through her tears. I felt it was, too. We knew. We were very grateful for his beautiful parting gift that let us know he was absolutely fine.

And so, here we are today, where we astoundingly find ourselves in the midst of a global battle that is really one for the human spirit. The spirit, that spark of divinity ­– of God –  within each of us. That is the essence of who we really are and that is the shining, beautiful light that a few evil cabals wish to extinguish.

A few years ago, one afternoon in late summer, back in the amazing days of Camp Freedom in Wellington, I was talking with a wise Maori man who had travelled from the middle of the North Island to be there. He was a husband, father and grandfather, and had made the journey with one of his sons to peacefully stand for our freedom and human rights. I remember him quietly telling me that this global battle we currently found ourselves in was a spiritual war — one of the soul, the spirit. I agreed – for it was exactly how I felt, too. Dr Rene de Monchy, and many others also concur. We discussed it for some time, sitting there, on a park bench in the last rays of the afternoon sun, as we watched fellow-Kiwis from all walks of life working together in a world they were creating in harmony. A tidy camp had already been set up and miraculously, everything that was needed effortlessly arrived — either from each other, or from Wellingtonians and many other Kiwis all over the country who supported the cause. Everyone was cared for — and respected — and the essential essence of each individual was naturally acknowledged. It was a beautiful, peaceful, and loving gathering — until infiltrators were sent in and it was senselessly smashed. Yet, their attack only destroyed the physical structures, as the spirit of Camp Freedom lives on, more strongly than ever, within each of the souls who were there, and in all who supported that unforgettable national cavalcade, and the two Camp Freedoms, in Wellington and Picton. The loving, resolute spirit within each of those souls there — regardless of the attacks — and those supporting them and cheering them on, was what made that such a special time. Unforgettable.

Throughout history there are countless stories of heroes and those who have triumphed against all odds. Yet they are really stories of the indomitable human spirit — that spark of God — or however one may describe it — in each of us that, if we allow ourselves to be guided by it, ultimately wins through, despite what may seem at the time to be against insurmountable odds.

Remember when real heroes were knighted, before they were hijacked by some in power who sought to “award” themselves ­— and their obedient partners in crime — and where they loaded themselves with what many now regard as meaningless baubles? A time when we didn’t cringe and turn away from the parody of New Year knighthoods for some of the recipients?

Three examples of our many earlier Kiwi heroes include:  Charles Upham who refused several suggestions of a knighthood, although to many Kiwis, he had earned it through his courageous actions in WWII. At one stage during the war he festooned himself with grenades, ran across to a nest of fully armed Germans who had a machine-gun that was inflicting terrible damage upon his men, and lobbed his cargo into their shelter, instantly removing the danger, entirely against the odds. After this, and many other exploits, he was eventually captured, but later escaped so often that he was sent to Colditz Castle, an impregnable, “inescapable”, fortress that housed habitual P.O.W. escapers like himself. He immediately joined with fellow soldiers to plan their next great escape. Charlie’s courage under fire was recognised with two Victoria Crosses, although he was reluctant to accept any awards, as he didn’t like being singled out from other brave soldiers who were not awarded. Another hero, of course, was Sir Edmund Hillary — also very modest — who was the first to summit Mount Everest, and who, against all odds, made it to the South Pole driving a Massey Ferguson tractor, and later spent a lifetime dedicated to humanitarian causes, helping improve conditions for Sherpas and their families. The heroic New Zealand-born Nancy Wake is another. A former nurse and journalist, her legendary achievements working beside, and leading, large sections of the French Resistance are renowned. She helped hundreds of Allied airmen escape into neutral Spain and was such an effective member of the Resistance that she was soon on the most-wanted list of the Gestapo.

These are just three examples of many heroic Kiwis — most without awards —  who rose above the fear and achieved miracles in their various endeavours, regardless. Why? Because they imagined they could achieve the impossible and followed through with it and because their cause was so vital. Their achievements were magnificent, and their lives, along with the lives of many others — whether knighted or not — stand as fine examples of the extraordinary power of the human spirit.

We have amazing heroes, in the present day, too. They’re in the Freedom movement — the medical staff of NZDSOS, and others, who speak out to counter the lies with truth, regardless of the attacks. Whistle-blowers Barry Young and Dan Picknell, the Daily Telegraph, Liz Gunn of FreeNZ and NZ Loyal, The Health Forum, Voices for Freedom, Reality Check Radio, Dr Guy Hatchard, and Counterspin Media, and so many more here, and of course, off-shore as well.

Photo Credit: © Mary Hobbs

” The human spirit must prevail over technology”
– Albert Einstein

Today, obscured by an increasingly thin veneer of social discourse, many choose to ignore the war for the human soul waging across the world right now, yet all one has to do to recognise it, is to look at the chaos being caused by a pitiful group of corrupt, unelected, megalomaniac cabals working to achieve the despicable goal of total world control and enslavement. The enormity of evil within these cliques is enough for any of us to want to break all records racing off in the opposite direction, but we cannot — not if we care about a future of freedom for our children and grandchildren, and not if we want humanity and nature to survive. Earth is an exquisitely beautiful planet and deserves to be nurtured, revered and honoured. It is no place for tyrants and despots.

The WHO, the UN, and the WEF, along with their puppet servants, have proven themselves evil through their actions, and it is clear from what they say that they seek to extinguish the human spirit. They are aware that the attributes and capabilities of the spiritual nature of living beings are far superior to them, and would thwart their intention to set up a totalitarian one-world government.  They cannot control the world when free spirits exist.

The WEF member, Schwab’s side-kick, Harari, was frank about this when he disclosed in an interview that we can “forget about the human soul, that’s over, that’s finished”. It isn’t. But that is what they intend, and they plan to do it by hacking into human beings. All so they can control everything — all life. He said this, and added that they want to replace God with “their science”. Don’t take my word for it, listen to this short clip linked above, where he informs his audience of how they intend to re-engineer the body, brain and mind of human beings, and that “how this will be done”  will be “decided by the people who own the data”. He goes on to say that the idea that humans have a soul and free will and the ability to choose is over, and that surveillance under the skin may be the most important development of the 21st century and that once they can hack humans and combine A.I. and biotechnology that will “give us a God-like ability to re-engineer life and even to create completely new life forms”. He adds, “We are about to enter a new era of inorganic life shaped by intelligent design. OUR intelligent design.”  The human soul may well be over for people like him, along with their partners in crime and their genocidal agendas, as they have so solidly aligned themselves with such evil that they appear to have already lost their souls.

But it is not over for those of us who haven’t lost our souls.  Never.

It seems they plan to gain world control through the unelected WEF, UN, and WHO. The World Health Organisation — although it is debatable as to how they define health — currently has around 194 member nations who are required to sign ‘The Pandemic Treaty’, and amendments to the International Health Regulations. It is understood that major alterations to these documents will not be disclosed to the member nations until it is too late to make objections, but they want each nation to cede sovereignty to the WHO, allowing that corrupt organisation power over every living soul in their respective member countries. Electronic strait-jackets.  They are ignoring objections from the people, which this link by NZDSOS clearly shows. This seems to be one of their main ways to fraudulently and illegally usher in a “One-World” government — in collusion with the WEF and the UN —  something they, and their controllers behind the scenes, have worked towards for decades. They are trying to grant themselves the power to remove basic human rights — such as freedom of choice, freedom of speech, freedom of movement, and the ability to retain the sanctity of one’s family, and to own one’s property. Details on that are well described here, here and here.

In short, these unelected would-be dictators want full control and ownership of everything. Totalitarianism. They want the ability to drug anyone with anything — including shots contaminated with DNA — and to  lock nations down on their whim, repeatedly using fear as a weapon, with the overall goal of depopulation, control and trans-humanism. Harari (WEF) alleges that they already have the ability to merge humans with machines and they appear to want to bind them in a slave-type existence. They are attempting this through gene-altering injections falsely labelled as vaccines, combined with A.I. (Please, don’t despair if you have had some of these injections. Link up with the clinic at www.nzdsos.com and eminent international doctors as well who can offer solutions that may be of enormous assistance in helping to keep you healthy. Seek out those who stand by the Hippocratic Oath, who have been brave enough to speak out and genuinely care about your health. Decide what is best for you.

An update on the proposed WHO Treaty can be seen in an interview that  Dr John Campbell had with James Roguski, who has also been studying the detail of this so-called “Treaty” and the International Health Regulations (IHR) for several years. His findings on the draft Treaty and IHR exposes corruption and subterfuge, yet he remains optimistic about us being able to put a halt to it, if we urgently speak out. (Just one small point: James suggests in the interview that the “disciples” of such a Treaty, planted in governments around the world by the WEF may genuinely not be aware of the dangers of the so-called “COVID vaccine”, but with over 11,000 exemptions granted to MOH staff and others, including MPs, by the previous NZ government, and the plethora of evidence that was sent to them, the Ministry of Health and the Police, with no resultant action, that tragically seems far from the case.)

The solution is simple. The member nations should simply end their membership of the WHO, or, at the very least, end any involvement with the WHO Pandemic Treaty and the International Health Regulations document, as it would be treasonous to sign something that has been amended without at least seeing it, and fraudulent for any member nation to sign away the sovereign rights of living souls within their respective countries without individual permission. They have no mandate to do that. It would surely count as treason.

The hallmarks of operation from the cabals include, but are not limited to, a series of created catastrophes that frighten good people. Harari commented in an interview that one shouldn’t let a good crisis go to waste as it provides an opportunity to put in “reforms” that people would never agree to in normal circumstances. “The sky is falling” scenarios like a “pandemic” or “climate change” are created. We all know the climate is changing, as it has done for millennia, but their spin is to make it such a calamity that we need to lock everyone up and senselessly remove all of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere while alleging that there are “too many humans”. (Except for them of course.) It is not necessary to be a scientist to see that if there is zero carbon-dioxide there would be no food, as plants and trees breath in carbon-dioxide and exhale oxygen. Humans do the opposite. A perfect symbiotic relationship where one benefits the other. But their plan is to rid all living souls of good food and control “food” for humans through their ghastly lab-created Frankenstein alternatives (again, except for them) that further controls and kills.

According to the WEF, humans are little more than “useless eaters” and Harari ponders “what to do with them”, but eventually settles on “drugs and video games” as a solution for those not exterminated. In short, they see themselves as replacing God. He actually says that.  

Another tool of their trade, as shown in the links above, is trying to make beautiful, living souls feel useless, degraded and good for nothing. Their sneering disregard for human life is also made clear in the most repugnant evil footage of war as they maim and kill precious lives on both sides of whatever war it may be. They show such footage in attempts to de-humanise and to falsely make them look as if they are worth nothing. They seek to divide us through race and culture and try to merge everyone together without their exquisite differences. They also seek to divide through war — while creating it — playing both sides and profiting from it. We must remember that and always look behind the story they seek to tell through their paid-off media. The only “winners” are those creating and profiting from war behind the scenes, yet they are not winners at all, for their souls are surely lost as a result.

And in their deranged discussions about creating human bodies and minds, and being greater than God, they portray a description of their version of a slave planet. One that they have entrapped themselves in, not us. For they know they cannot create what IS life — that miraculous individual, spiritual, spark of God that is eternal and can be perceived in each of us, is demonstrated and seen in our love for one another, in our compassion, care, laughter, joy, loyalty, purpose, innovation, creativity, imagination, courage, adventure, tenacity, and in aesthetics— all of it emanating through that precious spiritual essence.

They also apparently intend to strip us of what we own. Remember Schwab and his “you will own nothing and you will be happy”? (While they dine on prime steaks and take private jets around the world?) A recent book, The Great Taking explains in depth how they intend to do this. Written by David Webb,  a money-man who seems to know his subject, its message is so important that the author has made it available as a pdf, free of charge. It is worth reading so you have prediction, and ensure, of course, that you do not consent.

WEF’s Klaus Schwab wrote the book “The Great Reset”. To reset anything you have to first destroy what is in place, and they have been working hard at that. However, the WHO “Pandemic Treaty” is one of their key cornerstones for world control, and an intended depopulation plan through the declaration of artificially created “pandemics” that require everyone “to be injected for their health” — while doing their best to destroy it — along with the demolition of good businesses and livelihoods all over the world that are not owned by these megalomaniacs and their partners in crime. If the WHO Treaty is given the power to lockdown various parts of the world because they “think there may be a pandemic” or a “global crisis”, and if those throughout the world obey, then that would be a major step in allowing evil to triumph.

 But their plans are not going to happen. Not if enough of us actually stand up and say NO. Peacefully of course. But unequivocally, NO, we do not consent. And we never will. To make fraudulent contracts as though the world has agreed, but is not privy to, is surely a violation of all law and human rights. Such despicable, fraudulent words on a scrap of paper cannot stand.

We won’t allow it.

Photo Credit: © Mary Hobbs

” Remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time they may seem invincible but in the end, they always fail, always”
– Gandhi

To not consent may feel like living remotely for months in a severe climate; taking a dive into a river from a cliff too high; rafting a rapid too rough; going for a dive on a shipwreck too deep; climbing a mountain too formidable, or taking a step into a blank future where you cannot see the road ahead.

But if you remain true to that inner goodness; true to that light and magical essence within, true to that which is you —  your soul —  you will always find sunshine ahead.

Of that there is no doubt.

Photo Credit: © Mary Hobbs

“Few will have the greatness to bend history itself, but each of us can work to change a small portion of events. It is from numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped. Each time a man stands for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centres of energy and daring those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.”
– Robert Kennedy

Think of your life. What are those parts of it that make you most proud? Did you ever stand up for someone against a baying crowd? Did you ever speak out when no one dared, as those who did were ridiculed and punished? Did you ever speak out for what was right, while knowing if you did you would lose your livelihood and career? Did you ever make a career move where you could not guarantee the future ahead and not know how you would pay the bills if it didn’t work out? Did you ever change the direction of your life as you knew it was not the right route for what you are here to do, and where your own unique gifts would not be used? Did you ever stand up against injustice meted out from a corrupt government, organisation or group that had limitless funds to squash you, but you did it anyway and won through in the end? Those were all challenges for the human spirit, and were there to be overcome. Mistakes may have been made along the way, where you may have taken a wrong turn or where you didn’t do what you felt in your heart you should, yet you acknowledged that, kept going and did not give up.  That has made you what you are. Stronger, and with that inner essence shining more brightly.

We need you now. We need you to use your amazing gifts and your intuition and imagination to stand with those of us saying no. Everyone is different. We can all do it in ways that best suit our gifts. You’ll have incredible abilities that others don’t, and that are desperately needed. Help take action in a way that works best for you and that you know to be right.

One of the most urgent things we need to do is to peacefully insist the government stop lying to New Zealanders about the COVID injections and withdraw them from the market before anyone else is maimed or killed. The rapidly escalating death rates  and the shocking injuries and trauma from the “COVID vaccines” cannot be ignored. And continuing to lie that those injections are “safe and effective” while the opposite is true is an enormous betrayal. Ironically, while alleging there are too many of us, the cabals also appear desperate to “save us all” with their jabs. Their plans lead to a global depopulation that is being carried out in plain sight —aided by an equally corrupt and complicit media — regardless of how many of us try to warn others and highlight the issues.

Please, do what you can to let MPs know that we must immediately withdraw from any unelected quasi-one-world organisation, like the WHO, that seeks to strip the sovereignty from all living souls in our country. We need to let the government know that if it goes along with that it does NOT have our consent, so it will only apply to those MPs who have signed such a damnable document, as it is not us they represent.

One of the excellent policies of political party, NZ Loyal , a Party that was represented in New Zealand’s recent election, was to remove NZ from the WHO, the UN and the WEF.

Also, New Zealand First member, lawyer Kirsten Murfitt, has done excellent work on this issue. She wrote an Open Letter to MPs urging the government to opt out of the amendments, and created a petition calling on parliament to reject the Treaty. This petition attracted over 26,000 signatures in just a few weeks. The recent change in the New Zealand government, with New Zealand First as part of the coalition, has resulted in the very welcome news that the government immediately moved to reserve its decision on the WHO Treaty and IHRs, but we must continue to keep this subject front and centre.

 We say no. Unequivocally. No.

We don’t trade our souls. Not for anything. For they are eternal.

If the map of what is true and good is followed by each of us, of what is true to our hearts, then we are in alignment with that spiritual essence of who we really are. Conversely, if one is led to believe that it is “unsafe to say no”, that one’s job or livelihood may be threatened, that one “doesn’t want to cause a fuss”, so it is better to stick one’s head in the sand and “go along, to get along”, then one day you’ll find yourself in a world that has entrapped you and changed beyond all recognition. Don’t go there, for they intend for you to lose everything and to only be manipulated and controlled. It is not worth it, for you may well lose yourself in the process — that wonderful, indescribable, magical, essence of YOU.

And, to repeat, because it is so important: There is no doubt that if you remain true to that inner goodness; true to that light and magical essence within, true to that which is you — your soul — you will be on the right path and you will have helped to create a better world ahead.

Thank you.

Photo Credit: © Mary Hobbs

“There is something in the human spirit that will survive and prevail. There is a tiny and brilliant light burning in the heart of man that will not go out no matter how dark the world becomes. “
– Leo Tolstoy

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  1. Love this article. All the people and organisations such as NZDSOS, Voices for Freedom, Reality Check Radio, mentioned in this article, have generated so much hope for so many of us who, before the Convoy and occupation of Parliament grounds, thought we were few. Thank you to all of you cos every day I have the courage to speak to others and ‘wake them up!’

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