War and Freedom: Dr. Rene de Monchy’s Perspective on Covid 

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This article is part of a series on doctors silenced by health authorities in New Zealand.

“We’re in an absolute war. And it is essentially a spiritual war, but it is for the soul of man.”

Dr. Rene de Monchy

While the focus of Covid has primarily been on the physical aspect, the psychological ramifications of extreme lockdowns, social isolation, and propagandised fear during covid are often overlooked. 

Psychiatrist and psychotherapist Dr. Rene de Monchy adds an essential layer to the discussion, bringing light to what freedom really means.

In a conversation with Dr. Emanuel E. Garcia on the ‘NewZealandDoc’s’ substack, Dr. de Monchy unmasks his take as a psychiatrist during the pandemic.

Dr. Cindy de Villiers speaking in October 2021
Psychiatrist and psychotherapist, Dr. Rene de Monchy, shares his unique perspective on the psychological impact of Covid-19 restrictions and the importance of freedom of choice in healthcare.

Integration of Conventional and Complementary Medicine

Dr. de Monchy’s strong moral compass was cultivated through a close relationship with his father, who during WWII created a secret hospital to treat patients who had escaped forced labour in Germany. 

Helping a fellow man was never a decision for either man, but rather an innate calling.

Dr. de Monchy worked as a GP/obstetrician in NZ between 1977 and 1996 after his immigration to NZ in 1975. Having trained for working in Africa, he went to Zimbabwe at age 50 and worked there for four years before starting his training in Psychiatry. At age 62 he started his career as specialist psychiatrist, after that unforgettable stint in Zimbabwe. His career as a skilled doctor took a spiritual turn when he specialised in anthroposophy, blending conventional and complementary medicine for 30 years.

Shaped by Experience

Working in an isolated region of Zimbabwe for four years deeply impacted Dr. de Monchy’s perspective. Embracing Umbuntu–the interconnectedness of humanity–he participated in a culture that accepted death and illness as natural parts of life. This contrasted greatly with the Western obsession to be constantly pain-free and seek immortality, and shaped his understanding that “Everything is related and nothing is for nothing. Everything has its plan.”

Rising Awareness

As Covid hit New Zealand, Dr. de Monchy’s intuition was thrown into overdrive. 

“I remember what my question was straight away…how can you have all these PCR tests everywhere in the world at the same time when this so-called virus coming from Wuhan has just arrived?…And immediately they could test everywhere… That is not possible. So there must have been some planning in this.”

He was further troubled by the segregation of people based on whether someone received an intervention–an intervention that was never based on informed choice so it couldn’t be made in freedom. This deliberate divide within the population was, to him, incomprehensible.  

Dr. de Monchy saw the corporate push behind the mandates and recognised that only one narrative was allowed to be heard, and it went against the freedoms of the people–free choice, free speech, and individualised treatment. 

“If they [the pharmaceutical industry] would really want to heal people, they’ll be bankrupt next year. So they will make sure that what they produce suppresses the symptoms but doesn’t actually cure people.”

If the truth could be prevented from being shared and the conversation limited to prescribed talking points, it could only mean one thing–war was being waged against the people. And he knew he was being called to help.

A Free Spirit

Like his father before him, taking action for what was good for humanity was a natural response.

Dr. de Monchy joined his voice with over 937,000 other signatories of The Great Barrington Declaration, which recommended protecting the vulnerable while advocating for natural immunity.

He started to speak publicly about freedom of choice, and how humans were being prevented from developing on their path. “They do it with our food, with our way of thinking, with consumerism. But also I think directly with influencing our immune system.”

When he was directly challenged by his hospital employer to take the vaccine, he declined. Within half an hour of that telephone conversation, his computer and swipe card were blocked and he was considered trespassed on the hospital grounds. 

For exercising the inalienable right to medical choice–a right he believes everyone should have–he was mandated out of a job.

Incentivised Medicine

As the covid narrative developed, he discovered a disturbing reality of the insidious influences of the pharmaceutical industry on medicine. 

Monetary bonuses were being awarded to Primary Health Organisations (PHOs) and General Practitioners (GPs) based on vaccine uptake. 

Bonuses ranged from $20 to $125 per patient based on the percentage of a doctor’s practice that had been vaccinated, an action Dr. de Monchy recognised as “a corruption of the medical profession”. When individualised treatment and patient well-being is sacrificed in favour of profit, the integrity of medical care is severely undermined.

Moreover, Dr. de Monchy later raised questions about the surge in excess deaths coinciding with the mass vaccination campaigns, imploring science to explore this unignorable truth.

Knowledge vs. Knowing

Dr. de Monchy reminds us that knowledge is different from knowing. Knowledge is learned, but knowing takes time to be assimilated internally. Each of us needs to rekindle this distinction because “we have been so dumbed down in many of our perceptions… that we don’t even trust that inner voice anymore.”

In this time where manipulation and suppression are attempting to take hold, we must rekindle our trust in the inner voice that whispers the truth. And then ask ourselves what would happen if nobody stood up for the truth? 

Would censorship and manipulation continue until we no longer remember what is good?

We can’t let that happen. It would take a very small number of us to create change. Go with your knowing and share this story using the hashtag #stopthesilence. There is limitless potential for the human spirit. Let’s embark on that journey together.


This article is part of a series on doctors silenced by health authorities in New Zealand.

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  1. Yes, definitely a spiritual war. Their overall agenda is to forever sever our connection to the Universe, Source energy, God. Ironically this is to be their downfall. Universal Justice will be served. Its all part of a Divine Plan. Its a necessary right of passage to awaken and heal humanity. We are in the midst of a mass consciousness healing crisis. Justice is coming. Unconditional Love is always the answer to overcome any of problem, no matter how evil it is.

  2. I don’t want to be critical, but Dr Rene’s perspective is not unique. There are thousands of us who have had this view from the beginning. I definitely respect him for his integrity, principled stand, and being prepared to speak out, since he may be listened to more than “men in the street” like myself.
    There is a serious, tactical side to this as well. To promote the view as “unique” has the risk that the view will be characterised as fringe, or extreme, and be ignored or sidelined in discussion – or “cancelled” as a conspiracy theory. Rather, it should be put together with abundant other evidence of the pre-planned nature of the “pandemic”, and be promoted as a serious, well-founded perspective, as opposed to just one man’s unique view.

  3. Re Dr de Monchy: Who exactly demanded that he be jabbed? Who exactly mandated him out of his job.
    Using terms like employer is not helpful. These people need to be exposed and held to account.

    1. The govt did through peoples work places. My job was lost as govt ordered my place of work not to let me be on site without the jab. Govt is responsible quite clearly…. Did you not live in NZ at this time? If you did then you missed the mandates for some reason.

  4. There are a couple other tell tale signs that work to confirm the authors prognosis [IE: the PCR tests world wide] The aerosols in our breath travel 26 feet before dissipating but he spacing between people was required to be only 6 feet to prevent the covid spread by our breath. So what needs 6 feet – satellite immerge needs 6 feet spacing to distinguish if the object is one or two.

    Masks – starting in the late 1980`s masks studies were done every 2 to 3 years in an effort to determine there effectiveness. In every study it was determined that masks did not stop the aerosols that we exhale. The only purpose for a mask was to stop an accidental drop of saliva getting into an open wound or a patent being operated on. So why the masks – it was simply a fear being induced by the powers that be so they could determine how well their dictates were working.

    Darm Crook.

  5. totally inspiring to read it from this doctor’s “knowing” perspective as well as his background in medicine. thanks for sharing.

  6. I am especially impressed with the article quoting Dr . de Monchy
    As it exposes so clearly a monetary corruption of NZ’s medical system.
    I can share every article, but the skepticism amongst any of my contacts not yet aware that something was weird from a to z from beginning till now with the entire narrative about the pandemic & the so called cure/ prevention for The Virus inflicting Illness , is so high….. I just can’t understand that people are so content with the status quo or so ignorant about the far reaching aims of WHO or even aware of WEF & what their members openly speak about. …. the extreme opposition to want to know anything differing from that which mainstream has propaganded for so long seems for them impossible…” conspiracy etc” I’m fine leave me alone with making life on earth uncomfortable “ is the message i get
    Or it’s not possible whole government’s ;ministries of health or medical practitioners could be lying let alone so ignorant!
    Dr de. Monchy’s article needs backing up with hard see able evidence, if sceptisism is to be won over by those lacking intuition or spiritual awareness.
    But it is wonderful all that you are trying to warn humanity about.

  7. Hi Rene
    Wonderful to know that you are speaking out. We met in Selina when I travelled from Marange. And I did see your comments on VFF. God bless you
    Joan Crowe (Stevens) [email protected]

  8. Fascinating. The COVID cluster fuck must be one of the greatest Frauds
    inflicted on the public in decades. I too, correctly, signed The Great Barrington Declaration.

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