Courage Required: Time to Speak Out. To Those Who KNOW And Remain Silent.

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If you don’t speak out now, who do you think will speak up?

There are increasing numbers of people who know and understand that what has happened these past three years, and what continues to happen, is wrong and unethical, criminal even.  This includes people in positions of power and influence with the ability to change things if they speak out – doctors, dentists, nurses, midwives, police, lawyers, coroners, media, actuaries, funeral directors, journalists, politicians…

Many of these people know that this has not been about protecting health but rather has been about something far bigger.

They are aware of the carnage being visited upon the population.

Doctors are seeing a tsunami of sickness that is overwhelming our hospitals – heart disease, rampant infections, strokes, neurological conditions, skin rashes, auto-immune disease, galloping cancers…

Dentists are hearing the stories of new illnesses and death and seeing changes with the clotting process, dry sockets, gingivitis…

Nurses are tending to the sick and maimed as best they can, while many are injured themselves, the unjabbed ones who could relieve them are cruelly dismissed…

Midwives are delivering stillborn, premature and malformed babies, and seeing abnormal placentas among other things…

Police are aware that sudden deaths are not being investigated properly and that there are many more of them than usual and good cops see seniors refusing to act on complaints that the public is in danger…

Lawyers know the letter of the law is not being followed, and authorities are acting outside the law…

Coroners know that the legislation they operate under has been watered down, death can be due to ‘presumed natural causes’ and circumstances don’t need considering if there is ‘no public interest’ in doing so…

The media know they are lying to us and are ignoring the many elephants in the room – from a medical point of view, the vaccine-injured New Zealanders are the largest…

Actuaries are calculating the value and length of human life and realising young people who don’t normally die are dying, and more people are making cancer-related and other medical claims than ever before…

Funeral directors are aware of an increase in business…

Politicians are actively complicit, wilfully blind or just absent, though some know constituents, family and friends who are badly harmed…

You need to speak out.

The following is one small discussion between medical professionals in the UK. 

The discussion refers to a neurologist admitting that he is seeing “weird and wonderful neurology” and is quietly telling his patients not to get any more vaccines, but he is not reporting the injuries and is not speaking about what he is seeing.  Also an oncologist admitting to patients that the vaccine is “causing loads of lymphomas” but again not saying anything publicly about this.

That short conversation clip illustrates that the doctors know what is causing the growing disease burden in society but are choosing not to speak.  The full discussion between the orthopaedic surgeon and the oncologist is here.

These questions are for all of you who know and remain silent:

What do you think this is really about?

Do you think the history of tyrannies is repeating yet again?

What sort of future for this country and this world do you want? 

When and how do you think it will end if we don’t individually and collectively take action? 

If you don’t speak up now, who do you think will speak up?

What is the point of having a job, a mortgage, or a house if you and your children and grandchildren are dead or disabled due to adverse effects from mandatory toxic gene injections, or locked in a digital prison?

When you get to the end of your life will you regret not having said anything, will you regret knowing you had the power to do something, and you didn’t use it?

You can’t take money, material possessions and prestige with you when you leave this earth, but your conscience will go with you and your legacy will live on. 

Speaking the truth is liberating, whereas living within a lie eats away at the soul.  Yes, there may be consequences for speaking up and challenging the narrative but the rewards for doing so are far more valuable.

For us, the consequences of not speaking are far more frightening.

Join us in shining a light on what is really happening.  We implore fellow health professionals to tell New Zealanders the truth about what is going on in our health system.

We’re on a path to digital enslavement.  It is only when enough people understand this and collectively say NO, that we will be able to change the trajectory.

Contact us, or make a submission to The Truth Project, if you have something to share and are not sure how to speak out.

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