A Mind Control Expert’s Take On The Malevolent Narrative:

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Media Over Medicine

Mind control expert Jason Christoff is a mind control specialist from Canada. He made a short presentation to the Third International Covid Summit at the European Union Parliament in Belgium in May 2023. It was titled “Media over Medicine”. 

He asks at the start: “Was our covid response based on clinical virology or behavioural psychology?

The implication is that it was the latter.

In his presentation, he describes very succinctly and clearly various techniques around mind control acknowledged by psychologists that can be used to manipulate populations.  Many of these techniques appear to have been used during the covid years with the goal of making citizens comply. 

Plans are being put in place worldwide to manage the next pandemic. The mission of the NZ Government’s Royal Commission of Inquiry into Covid-19 is to learn how to do everything better, faster and more efficiently next time. (It is not to learn about the many New Zealanders who listened to and believed the propaganda and are now damaged or dead.)

It is highly likely there will be more use made of behavioural psychology. Forewarned is forearmed.  If you understand the techniques to be used against you, you will be able to make better decisions.

The following are some of the techniques:

  • Group pressure – people are more likely to go along with what everyone else is doing
  • Fear – shuts down critical thinking and increases compliance, daily case and death counts exacerbate fear
  • Isolation – separating people from their usual support mechanisms, friends, family, work colleagues, churches, and recreation groups makes them easier to manipulate
  • Confusion – ‘rules’ that make no sense and constantly change
  • Authorities behaving heavy-handedly – sets an example and deters other people from resisting e.g. police violence, MCNZ suspensions, or encourages Stockholm syndrome
  • Periods of intense attack and fear, broken up periods of peace and favoured treatment – lockdowns, then as a reward ‘freedom’, followed by an escalation of restrictions
  • Public exposure of a person’s vaccine status via vax passport – knowing people would comply rather than be outed as an ‘anti-vaxxer’ 

Jason concludes the presentation with:

Crimes were committed here. You cannot weaponise psychology against the population.  Criminal charges need to be laid.”

This video may be useful to share with those who may not realise how they have been manipulated.  The tools of behavioural psychologists can be invisible but are very powerful and will be used again. 

Make sure you and your loved ones are informed.

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  1. As a Psychologist I could see right through the government control throughout the covid response.

    One of my professors had warned us years ago that if anything like this ever happened, not to go along with it. This professor’s grandparents had been victims of the Nazi holocaust.

    1. Those of us whose families had to flee Europe to escape these horrors know these stories well. We will not put up with this in NZ which was supposed to be a safe and nice place to live.

  2. The entire messaging in NZ and elsewhere was unadulterated, orchestrated manipulation. As others have opined, the goal was the habituation of injections.

    Persuasive messaging to increase COVID-19 vaccine uptake intentions
    James EK, et al. (Yale study)….the lead author, Yale Institute for Global Health, New Haven, CT, USA and, b Department of Internal Medicine, Section of Infectious Diseases, Yale School of Medicine, New Haven, CT, USA.
    Note however, that the Corresponding author is the last listed contributing individual, and a member of the Department of Political Science, Yale University, New Haven, CT, USA E-mail address: [email protected] (G.A. Huber),

    Note the significant limitations: “First, we measured intentions to vaccinate at a time when a vaccine was not currently available and the effectiveness and side effects of potential vaccines were not known. This also meant that we could not observe actual vaccination behavior, which is ultimately the outcome of interest.”

    1. They wanted to sell a product and make alot of money. Those injections. By trickery or coercion. And they did. As evidenced by their methods above.

  3. The continued lies/obfuscation/ gas-lighting, perpetrated by ‘the usual suspects’ will only stop when the main architects of this genocidal exercise have extracted themselves quietly from ‘the murder scene’ and (one way or another) acquired a ‘supposed’ FREEDOM FROM PROSECUTION STATUS.
    We cannot let this happen. An early detection system must be devised to make future repeats of similar schemes impossible. But for now and without delay, those mentioned will have to be tracked down and UNFORGETTABLY dealt with if the human race is to remain with any sense of dignity……

  4. You can compare many parallels listed as what abusers do to their victims in for instance a domestic abuse situation. This is abuse and manipulation of the worst kind. Do not fall for it again. Protect yourself and your loved ones. Do not comply. Prosecute those in NZ govt who used this abuse against the people of NZ whom they were meant to serve not abuse.

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