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Testimonials to Australia’s Latest Covid-19 Inquiry

Covid Under Question 2.0 : Opening Hearts and Eyes

On 23 March 2022 Australia’s first cross-party Covid Under Question inquiry heard testimonial evidence of the broad political pandemic response under the leadership of former Minister for Health and Aged Care, Greg Hunt, who took early retirement in May 2022.

Eminent Australian and international legal, medical and scientific witnesses and experts gave testimonial evidence to the second inquiry on 17 August 2022, Covid Under Question 2.0: Opening Hearts and Eyes. Introducing Covid 2.0, Senator Malcolm Roberts states:

The inquiry is deeply relevant to New Zealanders who are also being forced to participate in the same global experiment without adequate informed consent, in lockstep with citizens in almost every nation. We face enormous personal and societal expense as we experience our own tsunami of sudden deaths, physical injuries and disabilities and loss of livelihood, resulting from the New Zealand government’s politically charged pandemic response.

Context and Data

Testimonial 1: Brook Jackson
Employed as Regional Director of Ventavia Research Group who were contracted by Pfizer to provide three Phase III test sites in Texas, Brook had 20 years experience in clinical trial research. Upon commencing employment she immediately identified multiple conduct discrepancies and fraudulent practices. After being ignored by Ventavia and Pfizer she reported her concerns directly to the US Food and Drug Administration, assigned to regulate the pharmaceutical industry. She was dismissed six hours later.

Testimonial 2: Dr Peter Parry
Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Dr Parry set the tone for the day’s hearings. He outlines the nature of Covid as a disease with age-related risk stratification; and the harms caused by well-meaning majority compliance with authoritarian advice, leading to a resistance to consider alternative views. The facts now available, including harms and ineffectiveness of gene based vaccines and harms of lockdown policies, especially in poor countries with no financial support, warrant review with fresh eyes, which is already underway. He acknowledges the feelings this may elicit for those entrenched in specific views, and describes strategies – humility, calm, compassion – for managing conflicted emotions.

Testimonial 3: Dr Pierre Kory
Credentialed Pulmonary Disease and Intensive Care Medicine specialist and co-founder of Covid-19 Frontline Critical Care Alliance, Dr Kory’s presentation, Insights and Approaches to Spike Protein Induced Diseases is a must-see for all clinicians. This “spike-opathy” includes Covid Long Haul Syndrome and Post-Covid Vaccine Syndrome, both covered in our recent article Fundamentals of Long-Covid-19 Syndrome. Dr Kory describes concerns for patients who survive vaccine injury, many of them disabled; and for the deceased who are appearing in multiple data sources with mortality patterns mirroring vaccine rollouts. Clinicians working within the system are not taught that spike protein is a pathogen, and are therefore incompetent to treat patients with spike-opathy syndrome.

Testimonial 4: Suzie Pollock
Banking and finance lawyer, Suzie lost her best friend to a vaccine injury last year. She is involved in several non-profit projects providing medical and legal support to those with vaccine injury and to a rapidly growing number of traumatised health care workers and lay people. She outlines compensation options available for the vaccine injured within Australia. “Despite what the public health authorities and mainstream media are telling you, you are not an extremely rare side effect of a successful Covid-19 immunisation rollout“. Her Australia-specific information is of general interest and relevance for New Zealanders.

Testimonial 5: Dr Philip Altman (Segment 1 of 3)
Author of The Time of Covid, Clinical Trial and Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs Consultant, Dr Altman presents in this first of three appearances during the inquiry, on death data and fertility rates. He shows that the word “vaccine” is not synonymous with “safe” and lists the plethora of falsehoods sold to society as public health measures, before providing thorough, detailed industry insights and data as a counterclaim to the Therapeutic Goods Association’s (TGA) claims about vaccine injuries and deaths. The number of deaths associated with Covid-19 vaccines is “stratospheric”. He presents the data and argues that the Database of Adverse Event Notification (DAEN) system is dysfunctional with no accountability or transparency.

Testimonial Altman

Testimonial 6: Mary-Jane Stevens
De-registered due to an Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA) March 2021 directive, Registered Nurse Mary-Jane speaks of her experience in Queensland Health during the vaccine rollout including her own adverse events following two mandated inoculations. After her second dose, she started doing her own research and realised the trials were incomplete with no long term data available. Working in an Emergency Department, she describes the “carnage” she saw and heard about, after the “vaccine” rollout. Some patients knew their effects were caused by the injections whilst many have not connected the dots. “Thousands” of fit and healthy nurses are unable to work due to the mandates, whilst hospitals are close to collapse due to understaffing.

Testimonial 7: Alan Dana
A professional airline pilot representing Aussie Freedom Flyers, Alan talks about legal action underway against Qantas and the serious safety concerns of vaccine injury and mandate-related mental health issues in pilots controlling aircraft carrying hundreds of people. He reads a few examples from four pages of adverse events relating to flight crew in the last 18 months, including a pilot describing searing chest pains but not reporting it to avoid being grounded. “They’ve taken the injections to keep their job and if they have a problem they could lose their job … financially motivated to stay silent“. Industry medical assessments are insufficient to detect cardiac adverse events. Many more crew than the airlines admit to have been mandated out of work, contributing to flight scheduling issues and travel chaos.

Pfizer and the Vaccines

Testimonial 8: Christine Dolan
An investigative journalist and expert in human trafficking who trained as a criminal investigator, Christine gave powerful testimony beginning with a four minute video she produced in June 2021. She begs Australia to set up a Royal Commission to investigate high level crimes taking place in the name of pandemic response and recommends politicians demand to see Australia’s Pfizer contract. “Since January 2021 I have interviewed vax injured. I felt like I was interviewing [human] traffic victims for the first time. Many of them were health care workers. Many of them believed in the system. They didn’t want to be interviewed, they didn’t want to be quoted, they didn’t want to go on camera because they were afraid they’d be called anti-vaxxers“.

Testimonial 9: Warner Mendenhall
US lawyer representing Brook Jackson who spoke earlier, Warner has a history of representing whistleblowers and is part of a team of around 500 lawyers taking on Pfizer. He speaks about the purge from the workforce of those objecting to inoculations, cases his team have already won, corruption within the FDA as already described by Brook, details of Pfizer’s data fabrication, militarisation of public health and the legal perspective that this is biowarfare. “We are certainly seeing the most fantastic grassroots, crowd sourced investigation I’ve ever seen of a pharmaceutical company or anything else … It’s revealed to us in the United States, the entire regulatory capture of the system“.

Testimonial 10: Dr James Rowe
Dr Rowe is a scientist with over 40 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry and academia involved in novel drug design. He speaks of the known antiviral properties including safety and efficacy of Ivermectin and describes his concerns about the safety and efficacy of the “vaccines” as “alarming”. He talks about differences between trial and commercial vial batches and lack of evidence that TGA guidelines are being followed. There is clinical and chemical proof that batches differ, which he details. He postulates that the visible micro-particles detected in many vials, (as per concerns raised by NZDSOS) might be a result of an uncoating of the envelope around the mRNA.

Testimonial 11: Senator Gerrard Rennick
A Federal MP for Queensland, Senator Rennick questions the science behind the political response to Covid-19, including that used by the current and his own former government. He presents details from the TGA Nonclinical Evaluation Report for Comirnaty and outlines damning evidence against both TGA and the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI). Redactions to the document are pages long. He highlights the absence of studies for genotoxicity, carcinogenicity, human reproductive toxicity, immunogenicity, as well as poorly conducted paediatric studies. He translates scientific detail into lay terms, explaining why there are multiple concerns. “The concentration <of injected lipids> in the ovaries doubles from day one to day two. And then they stopped the trial … they should have run this trial until all of the lipids and spike protein had left the body. They didn’t“.

Testimonial 12: Dr Robert Brennan
Founding member of the Australian Medical Professionals Society (AMPS), suspended from practice as a psychiatrist for criticising governmental health policy, Dr Brennan speaks about the clinical severity of Covid and the disproportional response using fear and propaganda, such as claiming fatality rates of over 3%. This was shown to be wrong when the Diamond Princess cruise ship outbreak occurred and showed the Wuhan strain to be at around the level of a bad influenza (0.2%). He describes age stratified risk differences, geographical differences, exaggerated mathematical modeling and epidemiological evidence. “For children the infection survivability rate is 99.999% recurring, it is essentially a rounding error that there’s any deaths at all and the only deaths occur in very rare children who are extremely ill with comorbidities“.

The Doctor Patient Relationship

Testimonial 13: Dr Chris Neil
Founding member and incoming president of AMPS, Dr Neil is a Cardiologist with experience in post-doctoral research and medical academia. He outlines the scientific method which requires skepticism, critical thought and humility, as well as the research process that would normally be expected in drug development, but which was absent from the Covid-19 inoculations. These injections are an experiment, but this has not been mentioned to those being trained to administer them and he explains the implications of this for informed consent. Doctors are speaking up and AMPS are central to this in Australia. They have circulated a letter to health professional bodies outlining concerns regarding medical free speech and providing Philip Altman’s report The Time of Covid.

Testimonial 14: Julian Gillespie
A lawyer involved in a federal court judicial review of Australia’s vaccine mandates, Julian puts forward a case against the illegal gagging of practitioners in a March 2021 AHPRA statement which has had a disastrous impact on the Australian community. Legal analysis of the AHPRA statement suggests it has resulted in tens of thousands of practitioners repeatedly and grossly breaching national law by removing the ability of patients to perform independent risk-benefit analyses prior to giving informed consent. Practitioners are personally and professionally liable to actions of medical negligence. “Pfizer provided a cumulative adverse event report up to 28 February 2021 looking at 44,000 initial vaccine recipients. Of that cohort, 3% were dead. Our TGA got that information …“. AMPS are seeking to amend relevant laws so that recent history is never repeated. This is a copy of the published legal opinion.

Testimonial 15: Dr Duncan Syme
AMPS member, GP and hospital-in-the-home consultant with varied experience including corporate pharmacovigilance and medical research, Dr Syme is suspended for providing vaccine exemptions. Many well-informed Australians have been denigrated and dismissed by ill-informed clinicians, whilst other clinicians refuse to address patient concerns for fear of disciplinary action. “In the case of Covid vaccination both doctor and patient are often under fear or duress“. Dr Syme details reasons for ongoing breakdowns in the doctor-patient relationship and the resulting harms caused, being: regulatory interference, intimidation and threats, disempowerment of doctors to practice their profession independently, a collapse of ethical behaviour in relation to Covid management, cognitive dissonance, reliance on guidelines and protocols replacing critical thought, and lack of insight by authorities into their policy failures. More doctors are starting to wake up and speak out.

Testimonial 16: Dr Gary Fettke
Dr Fettke is an orthopaedic surgeon and proponent of nutrition in disease prevention and management. After speaking on social media against processed foods he was targeted by the breakfast cereal industry who contracted with the Dietitians Association of Australia leading to disciplinary action, harrassment and bullying from AHPRA based on charges of being unqualified to give advice about nutrition. He describes the AHPRA process, which assumes a practitioner to be guilty until proven innocent. AHPRA was established in 2010 as an amalgamation of 15 National Boards. Dr Fettke outlines the law as it pertains to the role of AHPRA, the way AHPRA is structured, and asserts that it is set up to fail. He provides examples of health practitioners being targeted erroneously, with over one third of appealed cases overturned.

Testimonial 17: Peter Fam
Human rights lawyer and journalist, Peter argues a case for government as prison officer and citizen as convict. He describes shocking examples of medical abuses towards those choosing against experimental inoculations contracted between the Australian government and foreign pharmaceutical corporations. “In Australia today in response to a virus we are locked in our homes, we’re forbidden from exercise, we’re forbidden from human contact, we are tracked and traced and digitised, we’re forced to accept invasions of our privacy that will never be regressed and injections into our body that cannot be reversed, if we want to remain a part of functioning society. Even our breathing is restricted. But luckily Liquorland remains open“. He details multiple legal protections which exist for Australian citizens. “If all of the doctors presently dissatisfied with the current state of affairs stood up in unison, then the whole thing would change immediately … There are a lot more convicts than there are prison officers“.

Testimonial 18: Julian Gillespie
Julian’s second testimonial outlines background to the Australian government public health response starting with increases in governmental powers since 1992. In 2007 they signed onto the World Health Organisation International Health Regulations 2005. “WHO is a body that receives most of its funding from private sector groups, most of whom have extraordinarily deep connections and investments in big pharmaceutical companies“. A complex and sophisticated biosecurity network has been established to control the population. Scripts authored by WHO are spoken in lockstep by Chief Health Officers in every state regardless of local context or supporting evidence. Several leading Australian bureaucrats took part in Event 201 in October 2019, which planned a response contravening public health science. As the last line of defense doctors had to be gagged, and this was done via the March 2021 AHPRA statement.

Testimonial 19: Julian Gillespie
Julian then moves to detail new legislation amendments, referring to documents published on the AMPS website signed by over 450 doctors and public health, regulatory affairs and clinical trials experts with experience dealing with the TGA. They propose to rectify public health mismanagement by returning clinician rights to practice without political interference and guaranteeing adequate clinical trial reporting and safety mechanisms. Whilst politicians call new gene therapy drugs “safe and effective”, doctors expressing concerns about them are called “anti-vaxxers”, despite historically unprecedented reports of associated injuries and deaths. An absence of autopsies hides the extreme and lethal dangers. “I emphatically implore all Australian health practitioners and health scientists to please … appreciate that the only way to prevent a repeat of the recent past is to change the laws that enabled Australian health authorities and complicit politicians to unleash the greatest iatrogenic catastrophe Australia has ever experienced, and is still experiencing“.

Testimonial 20: Dr Robert Brennan
Dr Brennan returns and gives an intelligent insight into issues of public health. He describes Mao’s approach to public health such as the Four Pests Campaign, which involved killing off swallows, rats, mosquitoes and flies. The campaign succeeded but at the cost of an ecological imbalance resulting in a famine killing millions. “Our public health policy across the globe this past couple of years has been Maoist“. Dr Brennan uses examples such as the unrealistic application of mathematical modeling, focusing on the theoretical concept of the R0 number which has limited practical use, and herd immunity as a key target which ignores different viral characteristics including natural prior and cross-immunity. He profiles the conflicts of interest and political agenda within World Health Organisation and the tyrannical ways in which this is being implemented. Jacinda Ardern features as a practical example. The solution involves nations divorcing from supranational organisations such as WHO, WEF and the UN, and returning to individualist ethics.

Conditioning and Ethics

Testimonial 21: Dr Peter Parry
Dr Parry’s doctoral research explored a two decade period of over-diagnosis of bi-polar disorder in young children, resulting in the deaths of several thousand children from inappropriate drug protocols. Influence from big pharmaceutical infiltrates academic centres, conferences and leadership of paediatric psychiatry as companies understand the psychology of “groupthink” and use it to their benefit to promote drugs. Dr Parry details criminal convictions of various pharmaceutical companies prior to and during Covid-19, including for safety violations, fraud and bribery. He shows evidence of the reluctance of researchers to report on negative trial results for fear of losing funding. Groupthink serves an evolutionary / survival purpose but can also be harmful. “Obedience is considered a virtue in times of crisis and we feel good by following the narrative. The key issue is, how correct is the narrative? But asking that question when time is of the essence threatens coordinated response to the crisis. Instinctually then, humans have an aversion to listening to those dissenting from the mainstream narrative and will react hostilely to them and try to suppress them“.

Testimonial 22: Professor Iain Benson
Professor of Law and author, Benson argues that whilst legislative responses are necessary to correct the problems highlighted during Covid-19, civil society responses to alter the cultural paradigm are equally important. He covers misconduct of AHPRA towards both patients and practitioners, removal of individualised risk assessment, imposition of absurd, cruel and undignified rules, lack of informed consent, use of manipulation and coercion, adverse effects of inoculations not reported or acknowledged, and conflicts of interest. Pandemic responses must always be proportionate and ensure minimal impairment of rights, as set out in the Siracusa Principles. Professor Benson states the need for legal domestication of Australia’s international obligations as a matter of urgency, including a health rights charter and he highlights the compromised behaviour of Australia’s judiciary. He notes the pandemic response meets the very definition of totalitarianism.

Testimonial 23: Carla Mardell
Teacher and educational psychologist, Carla presents on the manipulation and conditioning of belief systems. She explains the way belief systems work, and how this impacts the behaviours we choose or feel we have to choose from. This includes beliefs about Covid-19 and ways in which society was manipulated to follow a single narrative including via “fact checks”, warning labels and omission of information as well as the role of Australia’s Behavioural Insights Team. Whilst treatments for Covid-19 have been denied, Carla highlights the treatment database which has always been available. Would people still have the same beliefs if they knew these studies exist? She defines various terms including misinformation and gaslighting, and describes the way in which fear was used to control the population.

Summary and Solutions

Testimonial 24: Dr Gary Fettke
Dr Fettke argues that poor metabolic health rather than Covid, is the major problem. 93% of the American population are estimated to have poor metabolic health, especially obesity, which is mimicked in Australia and caused by processed food. Beneficiaries are the food and pharmaceutical industries. Public health barely focuses on the problem. Highly processed foods appear in Australia’s Healthy Eating Guidelines, which are currently under review. Dr Fettke highlights the inappropriate health star ratings in use on processed foods. Throughout the Covid pandemic liquor stores were considered essential services resulting in poorer health outcomes. He shows that these things are easily addressed, with change of diet and alcohol reduction changing metabolic health overnight. “Until we address metabolic health, everything else is a joke“.

Testimonial 25: Dr Philip Altman
Dr Altman summarises the day. He identifies the macro-level problems as: censorship, health regulator control, ignorant leaders who defer to experts without any semblance of curiosity, big pharma entanglements causing conflicts of interest with major health agencies, and a globalist control agenda. The micro-level problems include: lack of informed consent, abuse of the provisional drug approval process, failures of adverse event reporting systems, legal indemnity from harm given to pharmaceutical companies, lack of political accountability for harmful decisions, and obstruction of useful, cheap and effective drugs. Solutions are finding ways to disseminate information effectively, overhauling provisional approval regulatory and adverse event systems, requiring “experts” to declare their conflicts of interest, removing indemnity from pharma companies, eliminating mandates and holding doctors accountable for informed consent. He acknowledges the ongoing harms, and that ultimately everyone will understand what has gone on, which will eventually wake most up to what is going on.

Malcolm Roberts Concludes

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